How to get periods immediately? Check out these effective Home Remedies

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How to get periods immediately

The menstrual cycle usually starts at the age of 12 to 17 and for some women, it may be later than that. A typical menstrual cycle happens between 21 to 35 days and the average menstruation cycle is 28 days. And these menstruation cycles can be accelerated or decelerated using various remedies and medicines. However, there might be various reasons for you to induce periods faster like a trip, event, function, or any special occasion. Read more to get your periods overnight.

How to get periods immediately? -Naturally

Vitamin C:

Even though there is no scientific proof, most people believe that Vitamin C and foods that are rich in Vitamin C contain ascorbic acid, which helps in inducing periods.

Ascorbic acid helps increase oestrogen levels and decrease progesterone levels, which makes the uterus contract and aid in the breakdown of the uterus lining.

This method thus no harm, and can be done easily at home. Vitamin C is rich in our regular food supplements like lemon, citrus, spinach, tomatoes, oranges, and berries. But keep in mind that excess usage of anything can bring chaos.


Papaya has been believed since ancient times to accelerate periods. Papaya stimulates uterus contractions thereby tearing the uterus lining and causing an early period.

Papaya is rich in carotene which helps in increasing oestrogen levels, which plays a major role in causing periods. Papaya can either be consumed raw or in the form of juice around the menstrual cycle to get better results.


Although there is no scientific evidence that ginger induces periods. It has been traditionally practised to prepone periods. Ginger has many anti-inflammatory properties which help reduce stomach pain and menstrual pain.

Ginger is considered the strongest emmenagogue, as it increases the heat around the uterus and also helps in treating vigorous pain and bleeding. As ginger is hard to consume raw, it is often consumed in tea or any other juices.


Many believe that herbs help in inducing the menstrual cycle. Herbs such as celery, pomegranate, Black cohosh, and Parsley are widely used for this purpose. Dong Quai is a popular Chinese herb that is widely used and is also believed that, it helps in treating menopause, and other menstruation-related problems.

Note: All these periods preponing remedies are not suggestable to use during pregnancies, as they may lead to miscarriage.

Scientific reasons why periods are delayed?

There might be many reasons for delaying the periods. The delay in the periods is also called amenorrhea.


It is a known fact that during pregnancy, the menstrual cycle stops for a while. If the periods are continuously paused for three times straight then it can mostly be pregnancy.

Thyroid problems:

Females with hypothyroidism tend to have delays in their periods & usually experience scanty periods. Hypothyroidism affects the body’s functions and restricts the production of the thyroid hormone, which further leads to weight gain, fatigue, and then a disturbance in the oestrogen levels too. As a result, the delay is observed.

The same occurs with people facing hyperthyroidism, here more thyroid hormone is generated again leading to hormonal imbalances that directly affect the menstrual cycle.

Ovarian-related problems:

In this condition, the body cannot produce enough ovaries which leads to a delay in periods. Usually, these ovarian-related problems occur at the age of 40 which leads to menopause, but due to advanced culture, work stress, habits, and diet it is also observed in young individuals. 

How to get periods immediately in one day:

Although people hate periods, because of the pain, mood swings, and stress it causes, most of them want it earlier so that they can continue with their workflow, like any special event, holiday, etc. Getting periods overnight is not as easy as it sounds, but we can prepone the periods using various techniques, where periods can be observed in a day, two, or even a week but earlier than the actual date. By following the above homemade remedies, you can induce your periods.


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How to get periods immediately: Lifestyle and Habits

Apart from homemade remedies, we have other remedies that can induce periods. Periods are based on our everyday lifestyle and habits like diet, sleep, stress, work, etc.

Most of us want to know whether it is possible to get periods in one hour. The simple answer is no unless you are on the verge of getting periods. It is sometimes the urge for us to get the periods and be done with them for a while, so that we can carry on with the rest of the work.  Unfortunately it’s not possible to get periods in an hour. But we can prepone our periods following some lifestyle activities.


Being overweight or less than the required is also a reason for the delay in periods. Staying fit, eating healthy, and doing regular physical activity, can help periods come on time.


Everybody needs to be relaxed. Most of the internal organs process their work while we are asleep and relaxed. Irregular sleep patterns, stress, and an urban lifestyle affect the hormones that regulate the menstrual cycle.

Sleeping on time for 7-8 hours a day, doing yoga, doing your favourite hobby, and spending time with family and friends relaxes the body and helps it function normally.


Having regular sex with the partner can release hormones that induce periods. And also relaxes your body too.

Is it safe to use tablets to get periods earlier?

It is understandable the periods come in between important chores, and we want to either prepone it or postpone it for various reasons. And using tablets for this is a risky process. In the short term, it doesn’t show any effect but considering the long-term facts, it causes severe problems. The most common tablet used to induce periods is Progesterone. However, doctors never recommend them unless we have specific health issues related to oestrogen levels.

Using Progesterone causes headaches, bloating, nausea, breast pain, constipation, and muscle pains. The long-term effects include heart attack, blood clots, and pregnancy-related issues.

Risks or side effects of inducing periods:

As mentioned earlier, not only do the tablets cause health issues but excessively inducing periods can lead to hormonal imbalance and serious health issues.

Gynecologist suggestion on a healthy menstrual cycle:

Staying fit, hydrated, stress-free, and happy are the main recommendations of any gynecologist.

Apart from that, changing sanitary pads every 4-6 hours, taking care of the rashes, reducing caffeine intake, proper sleep cycles, and regular exercises can give a healthy menstrual cycle.


It is understandable that we want to prepone or postpone periods for various reasons. But doing such activity regularly can cause severe health issues.

For more tips, talk to your gynecologist today.


How to get periods immediately to avoid pregnancy at home?

By using the above-mentioned natural remedies, periods can be induced and pregnancy can be avoided.

Is it possible to get periods in one hour?

It is impossible to get periods in an hour but can be induced using progesterone tablets and other natural remedies.

Can papaya induce periods?

There is no scientific evidence to prove this, but many still believe and use papaya to prepone periods.


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