Saturn, For the Modern Diva!

Our Story!

Women are the caregivers, nourishers and the foundation of any society. But, they often neglect their health, menstruation, menopause, pregnancy, and motherhood for the wellbeing of their family. This often has an impact on their personal health and wellbeing.


With the success of Mars, we had a lot of queries coming from women across the nation and that’s when Saturn was born, to address the personal healthcare and wellbeing needs of women! We want you to meet the real Goddess with you! We want you to experience life to the fullest!

Who are we?

A one-stop digital health and wellness platform catering to the personal and wellness of a woman!

Why Saturn by GHC?

We understand the importance of accessible, affordable and precise healthcare solutions, hence, we ensure the highest quality in all our products and services.