Menstrual Cycle: What's Normal & What's Not?

a woman holding a calender and tracking her periods

What Is menstruation/period?

Menstruation or period is the vaginal bleeding that is normal and occurs as part of a female monthly cycle. Period or menstruation is different for every female. Every month your ovaries release an egg and that egg helps your body to fertilize the egg and get pregnant and your body does not shed the lining. If your body does not fertilize the egg, you don’t get pregnant and the body sheds its lining. 

The normal duration for the normal period is 28 days. The menstrual cycle of a woman says a lot about their health. And also it is very important to note down what is normal and what is not normal. To understand what's normal for your menstrual cycle is to track your menstrual cycle. There are many menstrual issues that can lead to some serious problems. Some face period cramps and heavy flow. Period pain is the worst thing women face.

What's normal related to menstruation?

The duration of the menstrual cycle counting from the first day of the period to the first of the next is never the same for all women. The period cycle or menstrual cycle is counted as the first day of one period to the first day of the next period. But this duration of the cycle is not the same for every female. The Menstrual cycle generally occurs between 21 to 35 days. Some have long cycles while some have short cycles. The period in some women lasts between 2 to 7days. 

The menstrual cycle in some women may be regular and the cycle length for all the periods is the same while some may have irregular periods and the periods may be heavy, painful, and pain-free, some may have boobs sore after periods or periods can be long period or short period. But all this period or menstruation can be considered normal. If you have this as normal then you can call or consider this as normal.

The menstrual cycle or its length can differ due to certain contraceptive pills. For this, you should always consult a doctor. Usually, the menstruation cycle becomes irregular when the woman is close to menopause. This is the risk factor that is caused due to menopause hence asking advice from a doctor is safe.

Tracking menstrual cycle

As you know everyone considers their periods routine as normal, but to confirm the normal period you must always start tracking the details of your period and you will is normal or not. Always start tracking your cycle by marking on the calendar the start date of periods of every month to verify or identify the regularity or irregularity of your periods. If you are worried about your periods whether it is normal or not, then start making a note of them.

  • Mark start date to know when your periods start.
  • Mark the end date to know when your period lasts. And also to know whether it is for a long time or a short time.
  • Notice or observe the flow of your periods whether is lighter flow or heavier and how many sanitary pads you need to change per day and after how much time you change the pads. Also, verify that do your periods flow with blood clots.
  • Notice your pain whether you have your periods without pain or with pain. And also mark whether the last period's pain was more or the current period's pain is more than usual.
  • Also, observe your behavioural changes or know whether you have feelings of mood swings, or observe yourself whether you have some unusual things going around with you when are around your periods.

Causes of menstrual cycle irregularities

There are different causes for the menstrual cycle that can cause irregularities like pregnancy, infections, hormonal imbalances, or certain medications. Here are some causes described below:

  • Pregnancy can be the cause of irregular periods. When you have missed periods then that could be the sign of pregnancy.
  • Breastfeeding delays the period cycle after pregnancy. It delays the return of the menstruation cycle.
  • Menstruation can also be disturbed by physical activities and diet. When you do heavy exercises it can also lead disturb the menstrual cycle and the period's date can change from too early to too late. Even your menstruation is also dependent upon your eating habits, having weight loss, or gain. All these factors are the reason for menstrual irregularities.
  • Hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism can also lead to menstrual irregularities as it causes hormonal imbalances due to increased or decreased secretion of thyroid hormones.
  • Some women face hormonal imbalances disorder affecting the endocrine system that affects your periods too that can also cause early period or delay in your period cycle.
  • Infection in reproductive organs also causes irregular periods.
  • Some noncancerous growth of the uterus can cause heavy bleeding in your periods and it can be for too long. This noncancerous growth is known as uterine fibroids.

How to prevent menstrual irregularities?

As you know there are many different causes of irregular menstruation, there are birth control pills that help to prevent or regulate period or menstrual cycles. 

To prevent the menstrual cycle caused by diet or physical activities can be changed and can prevent the irregularity of the period after taking proper treatment for the same. Always seek a doctor's help whenever you notice your period is irregular as there can be many more causes that can be more serious for your health.

Here are some period symptoms that can help you identify to consultant a doctor or when to see it. 

Always consult a doctor:

  1. When you miss periods for more than three months and you are not pregnant.
  2. Having too much or too little blood flow during periods.
  3. You have bleeding for many days.
  4. You get a fever you use periods-related things like tampons.
  5. You have much- troubled pain when your periods have come in less than 21 days.

Take Away

You better know if your period is normal or not by observing your period routine and everything related to menstruation. Always consult a doctor whenever you observe any abnormalities in your period cycle when you are monitoring it and take proper treatment for it.