The Ultimate Haircare Checklist for Thick & Long Hair

a woman with long and thick hair

Thick & Long Hair

Everyone wants their hair to be healthy and lustrous. However, ageing, extreme pollution, and dangerous UV rays all have an impact on the health of our hair. And someday, our hair will lose its allure.

There are several techniques to restore lustre, but none compares to the value of Biotin. Biotin is also known as Vitamin H. The word "biotin" is derived from the Greek word "biotos." Biotos is a Greek word that signifies "life."

Biotin supports the health and operation of all of our body's systems. As a result, it is life to us. Biotin is also beneficial for embryonic development, according to new research. Well! Many foods contain biotin.

As a result, eating certain foods may help you grow your hair. However, I feel that tropical application is also important. As a result, you should include a Biotin shampoo in your hair care regimen.

How Does a Biotin Hair Growth Shampoo Work?

Well! If you combine the intake of Biotin-enriched meals with the use of a Biotin shampoo, your hair growth and shine will undoubtedly reach new heights.

The issue now is how effective this Biotin shampoo will be. Keratin is the essential structure of our hair, as we all know. A Biotin-fortified hair development shampoo aids in the improvement of Keratin's infrastructure.

If a person consumes Biotin on a daily basis, the issue of hair thinning is greatly reduced. Hair also grows quicker than usual. Now that you've learned about the advantages of Biotin Shampoo, it's time to discuss the definitive list of the greatest Biotin shampoos of all time.

Steps for hair care routine

It’s every girl’s desire is to have a thick mop of hair. However, doing this may not always be straightforward. A poor diet, pollution, a sedentary lifestyle, and the use of improper hair care products may all contribute to dull and lifeless strands. If you're having trouble with this, the first thing you should do is adjust your everyday hair care regimen.

Steps to follow in a daily hair care regimen

- Massage with hair growth oil

- Detoxify

- Situation

- Use a hair mask to restore your hair's health.

- Apply a hair serum

- Use a leave-in conditioner as it protects your hair.

- Use SLS free shampoo 

- one can also use biotin supplements to have long and thick hair.

Massage with oil

Massage your hair with a little amount of oil to deeply moisturise and condition your strands. If you have dry, frizzy hair, this is a very essential technique to include in your regular hair care regimen. The oil moisturises hair, lubricates the outer cuticle, and eliminates frizz. Oil massaging helps in promoting healthy hair and reducing greying of hair. If you have a dry, itchy scalp, it will perform wonders for you. However, if you have severe dandruff or other scalp diseases, you should wait until they've been treated before using the oil.


Cleaning your hair is the next step. It's important to use a shampoo designed particularly for your hair type while shampooing your hair. Wash your hair and scalp two to three times a week with a mild sulphate-free cleanser. It's critical to maintain the scalp clean. In addition, the temperature of the water has a significant influence. Make sure the water isn't too cold or too hot, since this may strip the moisture from your hair and cause it to dry out.


Conditioning your hair after drying reduces frizz, combats dryness, and makes your hair much more manageable. Conditioning also works effectively to decrease breakage and preserve healthy hair since well-conditioned hair does not tangle as much. 

When conditioner is applied to the scalp, it causes product build-up and weighs down the hair. It's essential to rinse it off with cold water since it helps to seal the cuticle and provide shine.

Make repairs

It's critical to replace your conditioner with a hair mask every two to three weeks to minimise frizz, add shine, and heal damage. The combination of pollution and heat causes your hair to seem very dry and frizzy. Using a hair mask to restore moisture and make hair smoother and shinier is a good idea. Masks hydrate and nourish hair while also increasing its strength. Although store-bought masks are more effective, using homemade hair masks two to three times a week is also good."


It's essential to apply a hair serum after every hair wash if you want genuinely healthy hair that shines and doesn't seem frizzy. Hair serums are filled with active compounds that, when combined with the lightweight structure of the serum, penetrate deep into your hair and scalp to protect, treat, and mend your strands, much like effective serums for your skin.


Protecting your hair is the last but most critical step in your regular hair care process. Because of pollution, environmental aggressors, heat tools, food, and general lifestyle choices, our hair sustains a great deal of damage during the day, making it seem dull and frizzy. Applying a leave-in conditioner is a simple yet effective technique to avoid this damage. This product forms a protective coating over your strands to keep them looking smooth and gorgeous while preventing environmental harm.

What are some essential elements for hair that is excessively dry and frizzy?

Because this kind of hair is prone to breakage, caring for dry, damaged, and frizzy hair may be challenging at times. As a result, some substances may assist to alleviate this problem. Olive oil, eggs, bananas, aloe vera, fenugreek, and yoghurt are all high in hydration as well as vitamin E and antioxidants. They also include vitamins K, B6, and fibre, all of which help to alleviate dryness and make hair silky and conditioned.

The fundamentals of an effective hair care regimen

Allowing your hair to air dry and then towel drying it is the foundation of a healthy hair care regimen. Every time you wash your hair, avoid using heat to dry it. Apply heat styling equipment only when your hair is totally dry, and remember to use a heat-protective spray before and after.

- Remove knots with a wide-tooth comb or your fingertips.

- For the hair, use a decent leave-in serum.

- Trim your hair on a regular basis to avoid split ends and hair damage.

- If dandruff, scalp itching, hair loss, and other issues persist, see a doctor as soon as possible.

- Take nutrients to keep your hair healthy.

Take Away

It is very important to maintain a proper hair care routine by inculcating the above hair care steps to get long, thick and shiny hair.