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Stop Believing These Period Myths NOW

a woman holding her stomach

Stop Believing These Period Myths NOW

Menstruation in India is the most shameful thing people think (of course not as it’s a natural phenomenon). They hesitate to talk about this with each other and women try to hide them when they are on their periods. There is a lot of misinformation about menstruation (mostly famous because of some myths as well).

Women, especially girls, only know that period is something very important to know and also is one of those things which should be hidden from everyone (obviously wrong again). Hence, it is always necessary to get complete information about periods from our gynaecologists as they are the only ones who can clear the misconceptions and misinformation about periods

If people do not have complete knowledge, they end up passing misinformation and misconceptions to other people that everyone thinks are true. And hence it should be openly discussed as a health issue amongst everyone so that they can share or speak about periods and teach younger girls the truth about it. 

Although there are a lot of myths that have been just famous because the female ancestors thought it’s true, if seen biologically, are not correct.

Here are a few myths that everyone believes and follows as our ancestors taught us:

  • There is a problem if the period does not arrive every 28 days of a month!

The interval or duration between periods is usually  21 to 45 days in teenage girls and 21 to 37 days in adult women. This time interval is normal. This is usually counted from the first day of your current period date to the first day of your next period date.

Getting periods every 28 days or within 35 days is considered as the normal period duration. But you get beyond 28 days are called abnormal or something good is not happening. Sometimes it goes beyond 35 days and is also considered abnormal and they think that there's something. But the truth is if periods extend or come after 35 days then there isn't anything wrong, it just might be due to hormonal fluctuations, Environmental factors, stress, diet, etc. But if it actually comes after 37 days, it can be a sign of some health-related problems.

  • You should not wash your head during menstruation

During menstruation, it is highly recommended to maintain personal hygiene by cleaning the intimate and private parts and also taking regular showers. And hence it is the myth that people should avoid taking a head bath and washing their head, as it has nothing to do with taking a head shower. You can use makeup products, or maintain hair care and skincare during menstruation. 

  • To say period blood is impure and dirty

This is absolutely wrong whoever says it as period blood is not the same as normal blood, it contains mucus lining, bacteria, and uterine tissues this makes the period blood different from the normal blood. Although periods do not contain any impurities or toxins. In fact, women should be proud to be near such pain and should not be ashamed to go anywhere during their periods.

  • Periods should last only for 4 to 5 days

The normal menstrual cycle lasts for 3 to 8 days and if your period lasts for less than 3 days or more than 8 days then it's the signal to show to the doctor. The period of cycles varies from person to person and depends on their body. Hence, just a myth and one should not be worried if their periods last more than 5 days.

  • You cannot do sex during periods

Of Course wrong! You can do sex during periods and even you can get periods when you are menstruating. Sex during menstruation helps in reducing and relieving period cramps and period pain.

  • Eating sour food items during this period is not good

Eating healthy and having a healthy diet is always recommended during menstruation days. And avoiding sour food items does not have any proof related to menstruation. Hence, this is just a myth that one cannot have a sour food diet during their menstrual cycle and there is no proof regarding this as well.

  • Period pain is normal stomach pain

Period pain is the muscle cramp that develops during menstruation and is different from normal stomach pain. Stomach pain has many different reasons. Women feel irritated and anxious due to period cramps as the pain is a bit unbearable for them to bear. Though the pain might be for a few seconds, it is very unpleasant for women.

Take Away

Stop considering period as something shameful and impure instead start spreading information that is true rather than spreading myth. Start spreading awareness about periods' true and their myth. The period is nothing but is related to women's health and everyone should have knowledge about it and help women to open up themselves about period-related issues.

Maintaining hygiene during this period is also necessary like taking shower, using shampoos. If any questions arise related to your menstruation cycle and health issues, always open yourself to see a gynaecologist. Never think that period is taboo, never hide your unpleasant feeling during periods because those are normal.