Do acne patches actually work? Know more

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What are acne patches?

Acne patches are small semi-transparent stickers of various shapes. It is one of the most trending products going on right now among many youngsters. They reduce acne and blemishes on the face. These stickers are like bandages that are stuck onto pimples and dry them fast. Pimple patches are also known as zit stickers in the market and bigger versions of these acne patches are known as blister bandages. The main purpose of these zits stickers and blister bandages is the same remove dirt from the pimple, remove fluid and dry the pimple and soothe the skin by removing acne and its blemishes.

These acne patches or stickers are made from hydrocolloid material. Hydrocolloid material consists of gelatin and pectin in it. The acne patches are also made from pimple-reducing ingredients like salicylic acid

These acne patches are small and circular and of many shapes in the market. They are like bandages that absorb oil, dirt, and dirty fluid coming from pimples and thus drying them up and also helping in avoiding touching the face again and again.

How do acne patches work?

These acne patches are the best spot patches for the treatment of acne. They reduce the appearance of pimples followed by healing acne wounds. The acne patches are effective and they absorb extra fluid and remove any dirt and oil that creates acne. These patches have a vacuum-like effect. The removed dirt known as impurities acts as a gel-like substance that is stuck to the patches and thus closes the acne on the face. 

These patches help prevent bacteria from entering the pimple that causes inflammation to the skin. Acne patches contain ingredients like salicylic acid that help reduce or treat the pimple breakout and remove the dirt and bacteria out of that acne pore-clearing the blemishes and pimple out.

How to use acne patches?

If you are the person who is troubled by looking at your zits and wondering to remove them by popping them out then acne patches are best suitable for you. But these patches are for smaller pimples and breakouts and are not meant for cystic acne.

Wear these acne patches at night which can treat the acne for a long time. First, wash your face, moisturize it, and then apply these patches to your pimple overnight. As these acne patches are waterproof you can use them during your shower too. And after removing this patch wash your face gently in the morning.

Who should not use pimple patches?

People with the following criteria should avoid using pimple patches:

  1. Sensitive skin
  2. Allergic reactions
  3. Open wounds and cuts
  4. Deep and cystic acne
  5. Underlying skin conditions

How do acne patches help remove pimples from the face?

Acne stickers or patches are the most effective way of removing pimples from your face and they can be used only for normal zits rather than cystic acne. These patches are made from hydrocolloid material made of gelatin and pectin which removes the dirt and bacteria from the pores of the skin and thus drying out pimple and clearing it. They can be applied overnight or during the daytime. But it is more effective during the night as they get a long time to act on that smaller breakouts and clear the blemishes on the face.

The acne patches are only meant for spot treatments that are for smaller acne and not cystic acne, and also for whiteheads removal and acne that causes pus but not blackheads.

Take Away

If you have cystic skin or red inflamed skin it is better to consult a dermatologist and take better treatment. For most people, these acne patches make the acne even worse so it is always recommended to take a piece of advice from your skincare expert to ask the type of acne spot to use. If you have red bumps and more acne it is better to get treatment from a doctor instead of using these patches and these patches only receive smaller zits rather than cystic acne.


How long do pimple patches take to work?

Pimple patches are usually known to work for 6 hours, but then it depends on the brand you are using.

Do pimple patches actually work?

Yes, pimple patches do actually work, but to an extent, and work on small acne only.

Do pimple patches speed up healing?

Yes, it is observed that pimple patches speed up healing time, and work best when worn overnight.


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