Dark Spot Removal Kit
Dark Spot Removal Kit
Dark Spot Removal Kit
Dark Spot Removal Kit
Dark Spot Removal Kit
Dark Spot Removal Kit
Dark Spot Removal Kit

Dark Spot Removal Kit

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Saturn by GHC skin combo contains foaming face wash, 3% niacinamide face toner and 2% alpha arbutin serum for skin. Saturn foaming face wash for women can help remove facial impurities, clean your pores and leave your face feeling smooth, fresh and squeaky clean. Saturn face toner can refine and control oil production, leaving the skin hydrated and healthy. Saturn alpha arbutin serum prevents skin darkening by slowing down melanin production.


  1. Saturn foaming face wash for women has highly potent ingredients like aloe vera extract, tea tree oil, orange peel extract, lemon extract and rose oil. These active ingredients help fight off any breakout or blemishes you might have recently experienced.
  1. Saturn face toner for oily skin contains niacinamide, PHA, amino acids & hyaluronic acid. Skin toner provides a cooling effect that tightens pores and minimizes oil production. Saturn toner is the best face toner that can remove dead cells from pores to prevent clogged pores from developing. 
  1. Melanin is a skin pigment responsible for giving you a tan in the sun and dark spots on your skin. Saturn alpha arbutin serum for dark spots on the face is a powerful blend of alpha-arbutin, kojic acid, hyaluronic acid and aloe vera. Saturn by GHC alpha-arbutin dark spot remover serum prevents hyperpigmentation & targets stubborn dark spots.

How to Use:

  1. Clean your face using foaming face wash & pat dry.
  2. Spray a cotton pad with saturn face toner & apply it all over your face.
  3. Apply 2-3 drops of saturn alpha arbutin serum.
  4. Massage gently till the serum is absorbed in your skin completely.

Side Effects:

Saturn by GHC products are dermatologically tested and are safe for all skin types, therefore it shouldn't lead to any side effects.

However, if you suffer from any skin condition or if you’re allergic to the ingredients used in the product, refrain from using it, consult with a doctor before applying.

In the unlikely event, it comes in contact with the eyes wash immediately with cold water.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 51 reviews
"Budget friendly"

Purchased a day ago.. I started using face wash and it made my skin smooth supple and bright... loved the face wash..

Kajol sharma
Nice product

I’ve been using this product since a month and I love it. so affordable.

Love it

It removes tan efficiently and makes skin glow and clear.


Great product for reducing dark spots. it's amazing and wonderful.

Dark Spot Removal Kit

This combo is great because i really loved it using since long and no side effects

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