Optimal Wellness Combo
Optimal Wellness Combo
Optimal Wellness Combo
Optimal Wellness Combo
Optimal Wellness Combo

Optimal Wellness Combo

Optimal Wellness Combo

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Experience the power of dual support with our Optimal Wellness Combo. It has ACV gummies for weight management & multivitamin gummies for overall wellness. The combined benefits of this kit address gut health & provide complete nutrient support as a comprehensive solution for a healthier you.

ACV gummies help you take better control over your insulin spikes, gut health, diet, digestion & appetite.

Multivitamin: It promotes overall wellness & improves energy levels. Vitamin A provides protection against illness & infections by improving immunity. Vitamin C helps maintain healthy bones & cartilage. Vitamin E enhances skin & hair texture.

Zinc: Zinc is vital for bone health in adults as it promotes bone regeneration. This mineral is also a component of superoxide dismutase - an enzyme that prevents cell damage.

Folic Acid: Excess homocysteine in your body may damage the lining of your arteries. Taking supplements fortified with folic acid is an excellent way to regulate homocysteine levels in your body.

Biotin: Biotin promotes metabolism, supports healthy blood sugar levels, and maintains normal skin & hair. It is also necessary for the normal function of the nervous system and in the biosynthesis of fatty acids.


Take 1 ACV gummy and MultiVitamin gummy after any meal


Follow the recommended daily limit


For best results, use daily for 3 months

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The startup provides a full-stack solution for patients with conditions like hair fall and weight loss, amongst others.

The start-up provides a full stack solution for patients with hair fall and weight loss.

one of the few Indian brands that offer free consultations ... health and wellness issues.

Got featured in Pitch Book as one of the leading wellness and healthcare brands.

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Priya, 27

After coming from a trip, I got acne & pimples on my face that weren’t going even after trying the skincare available in the market. I was unaware of the reason. After several trials, I consulted experts online at Saturn and the products they prescribed me suited my combination skin really well. Now, I’m back with my clear and healthy skin.

Ankita Joshi, 32

The wellness category of Saturn is just outstanding. It has so many products and I use a lot of them. It has helped my health in an extremely positive way. If you want to be on the safer side with your health and yet get the healthiest state of your body, go for it.

Niharika V, 21

I absolutely love the biotin gummies from Saturn. It has transformed my skin and hair health from dull and lifeless to bright & healthy. I never thought that such amazing gummies existed that took care of your skin, hair, and health all at once. Now I know why it’s known as a “bestseller”.

Manisha, 36

The haircare range of Saturn is so wide. Variety of products to choose from and the best part? The ingredient list is to die for. It’s good to see such ingredients that our grandmothers used are now being used. Half of my routine is from this brand and I’m gonna continue it this way

Customer Reviews

Based on 83 reviews

Apply cider vinegar gummies Very good for fat burn.and the taste of its is very amazing & I started using Multivitamin Gummies results are really impressive

Divya Khanna
A good product

Very nice product with sweet and tangy taste. The nutritional values are also good.

Best one

nutrients your body needs. nice kit

Good flavor

Love the flavor in these gummies

Easy to consume..

Its so amazing. Never tasted anything like that. I have recommended this to all of my friends for this Optimal Wellness Combo..


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