Best yoga poses for PCOD

Best yoga poses for PCOD

6 Yoga poses for pcod

Yoga has been now widely practiced for its greater benefits. From a gentle flow of postures to advanced levels of poses reserved for experienced practitioners, this ancient practice of yoga has something for all people at all levels. That said, some yoga poses may be a better fit for finding relief from the problem of PCOD.

1. Supta Baddha Konasana

This is one of the best yoga poses for PCOD problems that stimulate your ovaries to the required level and also encourage blood circulation. 

2. Dhanurasana 

When you search for the best yoga poses for PCOD, this pose will definitely make its place there. It helps stimulate your reproductive organs and provides great relief from menstrual cramps. Also, it provides your body with a great stretch!

3. Chakravakasana 

When it comes to yoga for PCOD issues in women, asanas such as Chakravakasana are perfect for beginners to practice with.

4. Bhujangasana 

Bhujangasana is one of the most effective yoga asanas for PCOD issues. It stretches down all your abdominal organs and encourages your ovaries to get fully functional. 

5. Setu Bandha Sarvangasana

When it comes to yoga for PCOD issues you should practice a lot of yoga poses that help in regulating the function of your thyroid problem. As you know that your thyroid problem is significantly connected to PCOD. So in treating these connected issues the best yoga pose is the Setu Bandha Sarvangasana.

6. Naukasana

Another good and popularly practiced exercise for PCOD is naukasana. This is also known as the boat pose and helps you in maintaining good strength in the middle part of your body. Naukasana is a very good yoga pose for PCOD that helps in strengthening the core abdominal muscles and helps in healing your organs from within.

5 Yoga asanas for pcos

A healthy lifestyle is very essential for tackling the problem of PCOS, and hence yoga can help you in managing the related symptoms. Here are some of the common and effective yoga poses for treating the problem of  PCOS symptoms.

  • Sun Salutation or Surya Namaskar

  • Surya namaskar helps you in balancing the doshas present in your body, which is Kapha, Vata, and pitta. It is a chain of ancient yoga asanas with a particular breathing pattern that massages your glands and balances the level of hormones

  • Reclining Butterfly Pose or Suptbandhkonasan

  • It stimulates your abdominal and pelvic organs which in turn stretches your inner thighs and the groin. It relieves you of any of the stress symptoms associated with having any menstrual irregularities.

  • Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana):

  • It makes your body much more flexible and relieves you from any stress. In addition to this, it exerts a bit of pressure on your abdomen and boosts ovarian functions.

  • Bow Pose or called Dhanurasana

  • It stimulates your reproductive organs, helps in easing down any menstrual cramps, and regulates the menstrual flow. In addition to this bow pose increases the blood circulation to your pelvic region by releasing any tension from your abdominal organs. 

  • Lotus Pose or called Padmasana

  • This particular yoga pose provides relaxation to your body by easing the stress level. Lotus pose also helps in reducing the abdominal cramps that occur during the period of the menstrual cycle. It stretches your inner organs and regulates any hormonal imbalances. As a result of this, it reduces menstrual discomfort to a greater level. It also helps in easing the hypertension situation and relieves your mind. 

    Can yoga help with PCOS?

    Women having polycystic ovary syndrome that is PCOS are encouraged to engage in daily exercise to help in balancing the hormonal level and the blood sugar and insulin levels also. Both aerobic and weight resistance training exercises have been shown to benefit a lot of women with PCOS problems. Recent clinical evidence has challenged this perspective of the suffering from PCOS by showing great health benefits that yoga provides in improving hormones, anxiety, menstrual cycles, and other important metabolic parameters among women who are having the PCOS problem more than conventional exercise.

    Reduces Anxiety Level

    Those who practice it regularly know about the immense benefits of yoga for reducing the level of anxiety and stress. Yoga offers calmness to your mind and there is clinical evidence that shows that yoga helps in greatly reduces anxiety and stress levels by affecting the activity level of sympathetic nerves.

    Improves Hormones

    There is also clinical backing that suggests that the benefits of doing yoga regularly go beyond reducing the anxiety level for women suffering from PCOS issues to improving the level of sex hormones and regulating the menstrual cycles.

    Improves Your Metabolic Markers

    It has been witnessed that yoga can have a positive impact on your insulin level and cholesterol in women suffering from PCOS issues. Yoga was found to be more effective than the conventional physical exercises that people used to do in order to ease the symptoms in improving your lipid, glucose, and insulin resistance values mostly among the adolescent girls with PCOS symptoms who practiced different asanas of yoga regularly.

    5 Best yoga pose for beginners

    There are many good reasons to add yoga asanas to your daily exercise routine. Yoga improves flexibility, muscle tone, and balance, and it helps you to relax your body and reduce the level of stress. Research has also shown that many yogic practices also help in reducing the level of depression, stress, anxiety, and other chronic pain which in turn help you to sleep better; and enhance your overall well-being and quality of life.

  • Cat-Cow Pose to Awaken Your Spine and In Easing The Back Pain

  • Cat-Cow helps in stretching and awakening your spine, which helps to ease your back pain. It also opens up and increases the flexibility of the whole spine, chest, neck, and shoulders. It is recommended to repeat this pose about 5 to 10 times or more.

  • Tree Pose — Vrksasana — to Improve Your Balance

  • This pose really helps to stretch your body long enough, right from your heels to the tips of your fingers.

  • Child's Pose — Balasana — to Help You Relax and Unwind

  • The child’s pose is one of the most effective healing yoga poses. It makes the connection much stronger between your breath and the body much and sends calming energy through all of the muscles in your body. Child’s Pose is a tried and tested way to take a break and relax your body during these yoga practices, or anytime you feel tired or exhausted.

  • Mountain Pose Or  Tadasana Help To Improve Your Posture

  • This mountain pose or tadasana will get you aware that you have any bodily imbalances in your shoulders and give you certain signs about what you really need to work on. 

  • Easy Pose — Sukhasana — to Relieve Stress

  • This is actually a great pose for beginners to use as an assessment. Just sitting on the floor gives you a perfect way to feel the external rotation of your legs. This pose also boosts back bodily flexibility and can help relieve stress at a greater level.

    Best time to do yoga for pcod

    Some women wake up quite earlier in the morning to do their regular workout or try to fit that exercise schedule during their lunch hour or after completing their work. There is no perfect time that has been devised by any fitness expert till now or backed by any fact that claims that this time helps you in gaining all its benefits. The most preferable time to do yoga is only when you can make your yoga work consistently.


    While this form of exercise like all these mentioned yoga poses helps manage the PCOS and PCOD problem, you should not turn to yoga to cure these PCOS and PCOD problems. This is because exercising is just one part of this bigger problem that includes just a smaller part of this larger treatment plan. You must consult a professional doctor to know about all those things that you are about to do to cure your problem. These professional doctors will be able to give you detailed information about yoga poses for the treatment of PCOS or for PCOD problems.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Is yoga a good workout for PCOS?

    Yoga and other regular exercises prove beneficial in minimizing the risk of PCOS problems, as reflected in their risk assessment score.

    2. Which exercise is best for PCOS?

    CARDIO is actually a moderate exercise like jogging, brisk walking, cycling or even swimming are all great and effective activities that can help you deal with PCOS. These types of exercises help in increasing your sensitivity to the body's level of insulin, which helps in reducing the risk of various cardiovascular diseases and also type 2 diabetes.

    3. Which yoga is best for hormonal imbalance?

    There are certain yoga poses that help you in maintaining a good hormonal balance.

    • Bhujangasana or known as Cobra Pose
    • Shalabhasana is also known as Locust Pose
    • Setu Bandha Sarvangasana also known as Bridge Pose
    • Ustrasana is also known as Camel Pose


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