Why Japanese Skin is Flawless? Beauty Secrets You Have to Know

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Why Should You Consider A Japanese Beauty Routine?

There are a lot of new beauty products that are launched every season and we see a huge number of advertisements for that product. Those ads usually try to convey how this product will change your life completely, how it will make you look so younger, and how Mr. Right will come to you after using this product. 

We’ll try to understand a few good habits of Japanese women, their lifestyle, and some secrets to their beautiful skin. Amazingly, all these secrets or lifestyles are not expensive at all, so focus on, reading these Japanese women’s secrets, and getting this wonderful skin you’ve always thought of.

Japanese skin care

Japanese skincare regimen is very unique and involves different kinds of practices, following are some easy secrets that are practiced by Japanese women and have long-lasting effects on their beauty:

1. Exfoliate with azuki beans

Since the period of Nara (710-794), this red bean has not only been a part of Japanese women’s diet but also has been very effective for their healthy-looking skin. Azuki Beans, made into a fine powder, is a great natural solution for those who have acne or blackheads or have fine lines. These beans are rich in antioxidants and contain a natural foaming agent called saponin that makes the pores tight and clean. It’s effective immediately and helps to remove dead skin cells, radiates the skin, and removes dirt by increasing blood circulation.

2. Follow a conventional balanced diet

Whatever we take inside our body, is directly proportional to how we look outside. A conventional Japanese meal has one soup, rice, fish, and three vegetable items to have a well-balanced diet. All these mixtures have very high vitamin quantity and omega-3 fatty acids which decrease the toxin production inside the body (responsible for skin inflammation and aging).

Other things which are rich in keratin and iodine (like kelp and seaweed) are also there in every Japanese diet, both of them make skin healthy, and make nails and hair shinier. As fish is there in their diet, it’s richer in protein and has low fat as compared to red meat and this small diet of mixed vegetables gives them essential minerals and vitamins. 

3. Skin nourishment with rice bran

For many years, the Japanese have appreciated rice bran and its amazing benefits. As it’s rich in antioxidants and other important minerals, rice bran is used in facials, body treatments, and scrubs to reduce premature aging, reduce acne, and make skin softer and even-toned. Rice bran has been famous for centuries and is easily available at pharmacy shops. One can even make it easily at home. It helps in keeping skin moisturized, increases blood circulation, and reduces sun damage and dark spots.

4. Probiotics for skin health

If one asks you how Japanese habits toward their healthy lifestyle make their skin better, the simple answer is “Probiotics”. Your gut health is directly proportional to the health of your skin and the best part is Japanese women know this. Hence, they have made probiotics a big part of every Japanese diet. 

Every person has natural bacteria that improve their immune system and reduce bad bacteria. If this sensitive balance is not maintained, colon inflammation increases triggering acne and skin inflammation. This is where probiotics help. They can balance skin and bacteria inside. They are very useful in damaged skin barrier repair which might have been started because of excessive bacteria

5. Matcha tea for radiant skin

Matcha is very famous in Tokyo. It’s served as hold or cold in almost every store and restaurant there. You can also find a lot of flavored snacks with matcha. Matcha is considered an essential thing in Japanese culture, and they even have some ceremonies in which they mix & have matcha in a traditional style. 

In the Japanese daily lifestyle, one can easily find matcha an important part, and this is one other thing that is giving Japanese women glowing and radiant skin. It also has anti-inflammatory things and hence can reduce the redness that comes with acne. It also has chlorophyll and antioxidants that defend against UV rays and protects the skin. Japanese skincare routine is such that it contains all these things in their daily things. 

Japanese Diet For Healthy Skin

Following is the Japanese diet for healthy skin:

  1. Fish
  2. Green tea
  3. Seaweed
  4. Pickled vegetables
  5. Fruits

How to get clear Japanese skin?

Follow their daily routine to achieve clear skin like Japanese skin, the daily routine of Japanese people includes

  1. Double cleansing
  2. Gentle exfoliation
  3. Hydration
  4. Sun protection
  5. Facial massage
  6. Balanced diet
  7. Stress management
  8. Consistency

Take Away

Taking a well-balanced diet that has high nutrition, minerals, vitamins, antioxidants can easily improve overall body health and hence the health of our skin. The best things to skin happen when you take care of it, and incorporating all these Japanese things in your daily routine definitely can help.


Is Japanese skincare better?

Yes, Japanese people are very particular about the skincare regime and that’s the reason they have good-looking skin.

What is the secret of Japanese skin?

They eat low red meat, less fried foods, sugar, and salt, and in return these help in the reduction of inflammation and creating a youthful look.

Why does Japan look so clean?

Not only they are particular about keeping themselves clean, but they also keep their habitats clean as they believe cleanliness is a necessity everyone should have.


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