Anti-Acne Drinks

Anti-acne matcha tea

Anti-Acne Drinks

Many of us think of getting fabulous and clear skin but always have junk foods and aerated drinks. People have always been waiting and wanting to have clear skin that whatever has been advertised for any skin disorder like acne scars, cystic acne, acne marks, pimple marks, or even dark spots never hesitate to experiment with anything on their skin. But people hardly were able to achieve any satisfying result. So maybe one can treat the skin concerns like acne scars or cystic acne internally rather than keep using some cosmetic products like acne face wash externally.

What Is Acne?

It is a common skin condition that usually occurs when your hair follicles get clogged with dirt, sebum, and dead skin cells. This further leads to the outbreak of acne, pimples, and other common skin disorders.

Having acne is not a big issue even if you can deal with it by giving it a try to some home remedies. But sometimes it takes time to deal with, for instance, cystic acne, it may be indicative of some other health concern and takes time to deal with it. For acne treatment, we need to consider many things it can be an inflammatory condition due to your immune system or some gut problem, or maybe some hormonal fluctuations can be a reason for your acne. There are many anti-acne creams available in the market that prevent the formation of sebum and also prevent triggering acne breakouts.

So here is the list of some anti-acne drinks that can be able to deal with your acne or acne scarring more effectively from the inside out.

1. Spearmint Tea

Spearmint does a variety of good things to your body. It not only has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties but it can also balance out your hormone levels. If we use it regularly then we can reduce the acne occurrence from 40%-50%. So by having a cup of spearmint tea in the morning and a cup in the evening you can provide your body with a complete shot of antioxidants.

2. Turmeric Latte

Turmeric has been known for centuries for its immense health benefits, skin is one of those. Curcumin is the active ingredient found in turmeric which is loaded with anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. These properties keep the acne, cystic acne, pimples, dark spots, and other skin concerns away from your skin. As well as away helps to keep acne at bay.

Just add a teaspoon of organic turmeric powder and a pinch of black pepper to the warm water or you can take it with milk in place of water. Add sugar according to your taste. You can also add some ginger or cinnamon to make it tastier. Now sip it every morning.

3. Matcha Tea

Most of the available green teas are packed with a bunch of antioxidants but matcha has the biggest booster dose of antioxidants. Besides being rich in anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties matcha tea is also rich in anti-aging properties. So you should regularly have a cup of matcha tea to have magical acne and pimple-free skin.

To prepare it, in a cup of some warm water add a teaspoon of matcha powder. Now add this mixture to a cup of warm milk, add some sugar to taste. You can also add some cinnamon for more taste. Now have a sip full of antioxidants.

4. Kefir

Kefir, which is a fermented drink, is very rich in probiotics. These probiotics are friendly bacteria that keep harmful pathogens in control. Whenever you are filling your stomach with anti-acne antibiotics this drink is very much useful in such conditions as they keep the healthy gut bacteria well maintained. There is lactoferrin that is present in kefir which boosts your immune system and helps fight against germs.

There is a variety of kefir available, you can choose from it like plant-based or lactose-containing kefir. If you regularly consume a glass of acne, for about three months it can reduce your acne by 35%-40%.

5. Dandelion Tea

The roots of dandelion are very rich in vitamins, iron, zinc, and potassium. A study conducted at the University of Maryland, US found out that the roots of dandelion can help you in detoxifying your kidneys and liver. It can also help in maintaining hormonal balance which gets disturbed due to adrenal malfunction which in turn reduces the inflammation in the body that can flare up your cystic acne and acne scarring.

Add a tablespoon full of dandelion tea powder to a cup of boiled water. Let it be like this for 15 minutes and then drink it.

6. Neem and Honey

You can think of it as a drink that may not be palatable to have but its benefits push you to have as many cups as you can of it.

Neem tea acts as an antidote to acne marks, pimple marks, and blemishes. Neem is known and is widely considered quite effective in many ayurvedic medicines for acne, pimples, dark spots, and other skin disorders. Drinking neem tea can detoxify your body and flush out the harmful toxins that enter the body. It can also help in purifying your blood. As they are bitter you can add some honey to add more taste and antioxidants to them.

Drinks To Avoid In Acne-Prone Skin

Drinks that have a high quantity of processed sugar and packet with unhealthy carbohydrates, in turn, can spike up the level of the glycemic index of the blood. This increased blood sugar level can fluctuate your hormonal balance and can increase the oil production level of your skin. Carbonate drinks, coffee packaged juice, alcoholic drinks are some drinks that must be avoided for those who have acne-prone skin.

Take Away

To get rid of your acne, you should consider many aspects and change your lifestyle accordingly. Apart from your daily skincare routine, you should also be very cautious in your drink and food. Also, get enough sleep of about 6-8 hours a day. Meditation should be on your priority list in your daily routine as it can considerably decrease your stress level.