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What is Skin Detox? How to do it?

a girl drinking water to detox her skin

Skin Detox 

Everyone loves to have soft glowing skin to flaunt. But this fast-paced lifestyle, makeup, sun exposure, chemical exposure, and pollution can clog your pores and makes your skin dull. For healthy and soft glowing skin, you need to take care of your skin and body. Detoxing your skin is essential for the recovery of your skin.

To detox, means to remove toxins from the body that comes from the environment, diet, and lifestyle choices. Detoxing your skin means removing impurities, toxins, pollutants, and dead skin cells. It cleanses, brightens, hydrates, and soothes your skin back to its good condition. It is the best thing to detox your skin and incorporates them into your daily routine as skin is the largest organ in your body and plays a significant role in regulating various body temperatures. It helps protect the body against excessive water loss and infection.

Skin detox is to protect your skin from the outside elements on the surface of the skin more than clearing out what’s on the inside the skin caused chemicals in water, makeup, dirt, pollution, and unhealthy diet that contributes to substance. Your skin clears out the impurities by restoring its pH levels and undergoing many beneficial things required for things.

Here are a few clues that indicate you need to refresh or detox your skin:

  • When you have oily skin
  • When your skin is dry and sensitive
  • When you have dull and sallow skin
  • When you have dry or sensitive skin
  • When you have a skin tone that is patchy or uneven
  • When you have sagging and wrinkled skin

How To Do A Skin Detox?

There are many ways when there is time to detox your skin that is from dietary changes to skincare products, many ways help your body to eliminate toxins and impurities from your skin. Skin detox is a crucial way to get rid of these contamination caused by impurities, pollutants, etc. There are many simple ways that need practice daily to detox your skin that can work wonders for you. These simple steps are:

  • When showering, try turning the water from hot to cold which helps push out toxins from the pores.
  • Always wash your face after exercise as no one likes sweat sitting on the face for longer making it dull.
  • Avoid repeated touching on your face with your fingers that carry bacteria on your skin and face.

1. Facial treatments

Facial treatments are an excellent way for detoxification. A facial can clean out your pores by distressing your pores and skin. 

2. Having A well-balanced diet

If you want to have a clear skin detox, then you should have to incorporate a proper diet into your routine. You have to keep yourself away from excessive sugar, fried foods. Instead of this, you must make fruits and vegetables a large part of your diet. Foods like bananas, pears, avocados, and watermelon will give you glowing skin by detoxifying your skin.

3. Double cleansing your skin

Detoxing requires double cleansing using high-quality cleansing cream, hence cleansing should become a habit and a daily skincare routine. Double cleansing requires a pre cleanser and cleanser that removes any impurities left on the surface of your skin. You should use an oil cleanser in the morning and a foam cleanser at night if you have dry skin. Detoxify your skin as per your skin type by choosing the right product for your skin.

4. Exfoliation

This is important in the detoxification of skin as a gentle exfoliator can make your skin baby-soft. It can remove dead skin cells and makes skin brighter.

5. Toner

Pore tightening face toner balances the pH level, removes excessive oil, reduces pore size, and is an excellent thing to use after serums or moisturizers.

6. Skin hydration

Make sure that you hydrate your skin with a moisturizer at least two times a day or with a serum. Serums are one of the best ways to hydrate your skin. Start your day with water or juice. Having a balanced diet also helps in skin hydration, and hence detoxification. Drinking a glass of water also helps in proper digestion and makes the liver detoxify all bad toxins

7. Avoid smoking or alcohol

As smoking damages collagen, fastens the aging process, and alcohol makes it looks old, increases dehydration, hence both these things should be avoided as much as possible.

8. Get adequate sleep

Getting adequate sleep is one of the most important factors for healthy skin. As your body needs time to repair, so does your skin (from daily damage). If you don’t get good sleep, your face starts having dark circles, which become prominent with time.

Benefits of Skin detox

  • Skin becomes brighter and healthy as detox removes blackheads, dark circles, and pores
  • It makes the skin firm and tight which makes it look younger
  • It hydrates your skin
  • It makes skin healthy from the inside out
  • Skin looks fresh, radiant, glowing, and hence detoxification evens out skin tone

Take Away

We all want clear skin and beyond that, applying skincare products on clogged pores can induce breakouts. Our skin is unable to absorb the product and this can make the skin unhealthy by damaging it and clogging it.