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What Foods to Avoid to Get Clear Skin?

a woman with a clear face

How to Get Clear Skin?

Three much-underrated conditions that could be reasons to start acne on your face include air pollutants, mood swings, and seasons. These breakouts are painful & awkward, can arise out of nowhere, and sometimes stay for a few days. And the worst and frustrating part is that you don’t have control over it, not like you can eat some food and this goes away like your hunger.

But there is one big thing that you can control which is your food or diet. We reached a lot of top skin experts/ dermatologists and explored that whatever foods you take, have a big impact on how you look and how your skin health will be. These experts clearly said “The skin is what you take or eat”, hence one should be aware of all his/ her dietary foods as it has the biggest impact on the largest organ we have.

Foods to Avoid to Get Clear Skin

When we decide what to eat in lunch or dinner, we always think about the effects of that food on our heart or blood pressure, or we think about how it will affect the health of the gut, and how many calories it has, but we don’t think about how it is going to impact our skin health. According to experts, here are some foods or toxic foods that are not good if one wants glowing radiant skin:

  • Alcohol

In order to be warm this winter, one can go easy on alcohol and hence protect his/ her skin (obviously liver as well). It is very essential to minimize or even avoid alcohol in the winter season (as per experts and dermatologists) as alcohol increases heat extraction much faster by dilating blood vessels. Hence, skin health is compromised if you use alcohol as a blanket against cold weather. It results in dehydration which makes skin dry and dull. It could also lead to frostbite in some cases.

  • Deep-fried food

Deep frying can definitely make any food taste better, but very few know that it also reduces your skin complexion. Deep-fried or oily foods can cause excessive oil production in the skin and very obviously, no one wants that oil to be reflected on their face. Additionally, the ill effects don’t just stop with face oil. All these deep-fried food has hydrogenated trans-fat that reduces the complexion drastically.

  • Cow’s milk cheese

Cheese has a yummy & unique flavour which when added to any regular food, it makes that food much tastier. Many people have this weakness that they can’t resist themselves if they see cheesy spreads or sandwiches. But cheese specially made from the milk of cow can cause a lot of skin issues (especially acne). The reason for this is it’s naturally filled with some hormones that can result in the formation of acne (hormones from lactating cows).

  • Fruit Juices

Many know fruit juices as one of the healthy things for the body, lauded as one of the best alternatives for kids, and a cleansing supplement for adults. But very few know that due to its overloaded sugar, it has a very high glycemic index (as it’s a beverage from plants) and these glycemic diets cause acne. The fiber is extracted from the fruit when juice is made that leaves it with only a thick concentration of sugar (insulin increasing sugar). 

  • Low-fat yogurt

Milk and dairy products with low fat have been a big complaint from many. Those who are more prone to acne or have acne tendencies should avoid these low-fat milk products. These foods can intensify acne and have negative effects on acne. Many experts also say that low-fat foods have high sugar content and as mentioned above, sugar increases the chances of having acne. 

  • Milk

Some experts have explained the dangers of milk for skin complexion. Milk has testosterone precursors & some androgens that can cause acne (as it affects the receptors hormone present in the skin). This link has a presence of insulin-like factor which is known as a usual stimulant, balanced by milk steroid hormones. This whole mechanism is very unclear, but there is a clear correlation between acne and milk (especially skim milk). This is more pertinent who consume greater than three portions in a week.

  • Fast foods (Pizza or pasta)

Fast foods like pasta and pasta are also a clear no to maintain skin health. Pasta has a high glycemic index which makes it difficult for the body to counter the bacteria that causes acne, hence pasta is a big no if one is prone to acne. Similarly, one should also avoid eating pizza too often if you don’t want a pizza face. There are many better and healthier ways to eat tasty food than just stuffing it with butter, cheese, or parmesan. As mentioned above, glycemic content can result in breakouts and acne

Take Away

To have better skin, one should always avoid greasy food as taking a lot of fatty acids makes the skin oily and increases acne. As we said earlier (quoted by experts), “The skin is what we take or eat”. Hence, don’t think that if you have crossed your puberty and you’re an adult now, you can’t get breakouts or acne, the chances of having acne increases with these oily fast foods and baked foods.