What are the Benefits of Using Jade Roller on Skin?

a woman is using jade roller on her face

What is a jade roller?

Many of us have seen a trending face roller called jade roller in the market that claims to slim the facial area of the body and can help in skin brightening. It is trending and many types of facial rollers are present in the market and available in every store. The well-known facial roller known as jade roller has been used for centuries and has many benefits to the skin. The stone called jade is used to draw out negative energy and balance ‘chi’ that is known as ‘life force’ in Chinese medically. 

Jade roller is is still in trend due to its ability to stay cool even when it comes in contact with the skin. And this cooling causes skin brightening and gives you a good skin complexion and gives blemish-free skin as a jade roller is rolled on the face in a circulation motion providing you blood flow in the facial area.

This is the little gadget made from jade or rose quartz having two rollerballs on each end with a rolling pin attached to it. The jade face roller has many benefits to the skin from reducing stress to providing glowing skin. This jade roller has tons of benefits which are available by Saturn by GHC in a combo with gua sha stone and can be used for gifting purposes to your lady love on any occasion and she would love it.

Do jade rollers work?

The benefits of jade roller are limitless as there is a number of benefits to the skin from eradicating those puffy faces to having flawless skin. This is the best skin tool one can have a must-have in their skincare routine usage.

  • Jade roller improves blood circulation in your face and stimulates blood flow.
  • It helps in decreasing puffiness of the face and eye area.
  • It helps in facial massage thus improving mood and reducing stress levels.
  • It helps in removing fine lines and wrinkles from your skin and thus gives you an anti-ageing effect on the skin.
  • As the jade roller has a cooling effect, it calms down the skin and provides a soothing effect.
  • You can apply skincare products evenly on the face by using a jade roller that helps in moisturizing your skin.

How to use a jade roller?

Jade roller uses are vast and the correct technique of using it will help you give your skin a natural flawless skin and beautiful skin.

Always start with a face serum whenever you are using a jade roller on your face.

  1. Always apply face serum or facial oil or any moisturizer that can help slide those jade rollers on your face.
  2. Start sliding from your neck, rolling it up, and then to the jawline area to your ear on both sides using gentle pressure on the face.
  3. Roller the jade roller from your forehead towards your hairline in an upward direction and then roll flat over your eyebrows horizontally giving you relief from stress and headache.
  4. Always roll the jade roller with gentle pressure with your hand on the face.

Note: the facial roller is not for everyone, if you have any skin condition and skin rash avoid using a jade roller as it may cause further skin irritation. Always sanitize your jade roller after every use.

How long can you roll the jade roller on your face?

You can use a jade roller even if you have a few minutes in your day, generally rolling a jade roller on your face for 10 minutes can help your face increase blood flow and help in de-stressing your tired dull-looking puffy face. only the thing is to be gentle to your skin, if it hurts stop using it.

There are many myths about using a jade roller like it can slim your face, but this is not true, as only face yoga and exercises can help you lose weight from face to your whole body. Although jade roller can not cure any skin condition it can just help blood flow in your facial area that prevent your skin from looking dull.

How can you identify a fake jade roller?

Nephrite and jadeite are the two types of genuine jade stone. As jade rollers are trending in the market for facial massage, it is made up of jadeite stone and is more expensive than nephrite stone. Hence most jade rollers are made of nephrite stone as it is less expensive and is a less precious stone.

Some rollers are not made of actual jade and are made up of other stones and have been chemically dyed and treated to look shiny. Hence it is better to do some quality checks before buying a jade roller for your skin.

Here are some ways to verify whether your jade roller is real or fake:

  • Tap the roller if it sounds like a plastic that is possibly the fake jade roller.
  • Real jade rollers have some irregularities and marbling on the surface.
  • A real jade roller feels cool to the skin when you touch the skin.
  • The real jade roller will not have marks if scratched by fingernails.

Take Away

Using a facial jade roller gives your face a relaxing sensation and might have many good benefits to your skin. There are many types of facial roller or jade roller in the market but it is important to find and verify the real one that provides a cooling effect on the skin. Roll on your face and have a relaxing feel!!

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