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Top 10 Reasons to Apply Sunscreen

sunscreen helps protect the skin from harmful uv rays


It is important to apply sunscreen daily for your skin's youthfulness and natural glow.  Most of us even from our childhood learned the importance of applying sunscreen, what it does to our skin, and for many other reasons. Still many of us are unaware of the major reason that it is essential to apply sunscreen whenever you go out. 

Reasons to Apply Sunscreen 

No one wants to get tanned or would want to damage his skin due to overexposure to the sun or for the overall health of his skin. Also, there are many other reasons that your sunscreen does for your skin that you should be aware of. 

Here are some of those:

Protect Against Sunburn

Sunlight apart from its nourishing value also contains some harmful rays like UVB and UVA rays. Long-term results in causing some types of skin cancers. They can also make your skin wrinkled. While the UVB rays of the sun which cause sunburn on the skin are also responsible for causing most types of skin cancers. You should not consider sunburn as a common skin disorder, it is very much responsible for increasing your chances of having skin cancer.

All this happens because when you overexpose your skin to the sun it causes sunburn in which your skin absorbs the harmful UV radiation from the sun which damages the genetic material present in your skin cells. So sunscreen is something that plays a very important role in protecting your skin against the harmful effect of UV light. 

Prevent Fine Lines And  Wrinkles 

One of the most effective formulas to tackle fine lines, wrinkles, and even crows feet is to apply sunscreen. When you expose your skin for long to UVA rays it will age your skin prematurely which starts giving results in the loss of collagen and a decrease in skin elasticity. In studies, it has been pointed out that approximately 90% of aging visible signs are caused by sun damage. So just by protecting your skin by applying   SPF 50+ moisturizer, you can effectively delay the sign of aging.

Prevents Premature Aging

Everyone in all circumstances desires radiant, youthful, and healthy skin. So this is one of the most motivating reasons to start your day with sunscreen. Sunscreen helps you in shielding your skin from

  • Wrinkles

  • Fine lines

  • Aging 

  • The sunspots

  • Skin pigmentation

  • Dry skin and 

  • Photodamage.

Many studies that were conducted on the benefits of sunscreen reveal that there are approximately 24% fewer chances for people aged less than 55 of developing any aging sign who were regularly using sunscreen than the ones who were occasional users of the sunscreen.

Stop Your DNA Damage By Sunscreen

Many Scientific studies conducted have claimed that UV rays to sunlight can severely damage your DNA which ultimately starts skin photoaging and skin carcinogenesis. It has also been mentioned in several reports that various health hazards that occur due to the harmful UV rays of the sun are a series of events that begins with the damage of the DNA. 

Protection Against Hyperpigmentation

When a part of the skin becomes discoloured it leads to uneven skin pigmentation. The reason for  Skin pigmentation can be hereditary or the other main reason for this is sun exposure. So due to excessive sun exposure severe dark spots start appearing on your hands, face, and on various parts of the body.

Avoid Inflammation & Redness

If you overexpose your body against the sun you will reward yourself with sunburn. Which if worsen will cause skin inflammation or redness of the skin. The UV rays of the sun when sunburn turn your skin red and the body pump more blood towards the damaged skin parts 

Safety Concerns

We all by now are aware of the tons of benefits of using sunscreen but there is also the associated risk we should never forget about. We should always read the label to get information about the ingredients. As sometimes people with sensitive skin do have some allergies to some of the ingredients. Still after considering everything the benefits of sunscreen outweigh any possible minor allergy associated with it. 

Burning red skin

It is also very important to apply sunscreen every time you step out in the sun like going to the beach or playing some sports. In absence of sunscreen, your skin will become tan, become some layer darkened, burn red, and with rashes. Will also cause skin burns, burning red, and rashes on your skin.

Reduce The Risk Of Skin Cancer 

With the application of sunscreen to your skin, you can diminish any chances of developing skin cancer. So applying SPF with some other sun protection products like dark goggles and clothes can shield you from the harmful effects of sunburn.

Does Sunscreen Barrier You Against Vitamin D?

It is a complete myth that people who apply sunscreen will receive less amount of vitamin D as compared to those who don't apply it. The only difference lies in the fact that people who avoid applying sunscreen will also get sun damage as a bonus.

How Often Should You Use Sunscreens?

It is very much advisable and has been claimed in various studies that you should apply a thick layer of sunscreen whenever you step out in the sun. Its benefit will get noticed in the long run when you look much younger than the ones who avoid using sunscreen for years. So reapply it after the gap of 2 hours to make a strong shield against sun damage.

Take Away

It is a known fact that every person is born with its distinctness. So whichever skin type you are blessed with it is always best to use sunscreen to protect your delicate skin from the harmful UV rays of the Sun. So if you are planning to enjoy the sun do not need to step back but step out with the constant use of sunscreen.