Skin Whitening Cream VS Alpha Arbutin Serum

a woman suffering from hyperpigmentation


If you’re concerned about your uneven skin tone or hyperpigmentation, then this article might help you. You must have heard about various products that claim to add glow to the skin, improve skin tone, and improve skin radiance. But how can one know that all these products can be safely used? Don’t be stressed as alpha-arbutin for skin is one ingredient which is safe for the types of skin and the best part is one can find it very easily in numerous cosmetic and skincare products. In the article, we have explained further how alpha arbutin can be effective for the skin if compared to skin whitening cream. 

What is Alpha Arbutin?

Do you have acne scars? Are you worried about your dark spots? This ingredient is a perfect solution for you. A derivative of hydroquinone and a naturally occurring ingredient, alpha arbutin is something that is taken out from dried leaves of various plants like bearberry, cranberry, and blueberry. It is considered an effective skin-lightening ingredient and can help reduce spots and fade pigmentation caused by sun damage or breakouts. Do you wonder how it does all this? 

The colour of the skin is dependent on the amount of melanin one has, and this is controlled by one enzyme known as tyrosinase in these melanocyte cells. Whenever one’s skin gets in front of UV light, this enzyme gets activated. This is where alpha-arbutin comes into the picture. It blocks tyrosinase activity by reducing the speed of pigmentation activity or process. This as a result keeps your skin away from tanning and dark spots. If one compares the best skin whitening cream with alpha arbutin products, alpha arbutin could be much more effective due to all the above-mentioned reasons.

Benefits of Alpha Arbutin

As mentioned above, there are numerous benefits of alpha arbutin, some of them are as follows:

  1. Reduces pigmentation and dark spots

An enzyme named tyrosinase limits the production of melanin in one’s skin and alpha-arbutin basically inhibits the activity of tyrosinase. If the amount of tyrosinase is lower and melanin is lower, it results in lower dark spots, lesser pigmentation, and a better skin complexion. Be it acne scars, age spots, or redness, it can reduce all of these. Moreover, it is also good in reversing a few issues such as liver spots and freckles.

  1. Helps in skin brightening

Alpha arbutin, by lowering the production of melanin, can also help in the reduction of one’s skin tan. This naturally occurring ingredient can be effective in the treatment of melasma, i.e., tan, or dark discolouration of the skin.

  1. Makes Skin tone even

As it can reduce the amount of production of melanin in one’s skin, it can reduce the sunspots’ appearance and patches discolouration. This results in an even skin tone, a brighter complexion, and a healthy & vibrant look on your skin.

  1. Safer than hydroquinone

When compared to an alternative of alpha-arbutin (which is hydroquinone), alpha arbutin is much safer. Hydroquinone basically kills the cells that are responsible for melanin and pigmentation production, and alpha arbutin, as discussed above, works by inhibiting tyrosinase which stimulates the cells producing pigments.

  1. Gentle on skin

While skin brightening cream or other agents can irritate your skin or make it dry, alpha arbutin is gentle on the skin. The reason is the presence of those active components in it and these components are released gradually.

How to use alpha-arbutin?

One can find an effective Alpha arbutin serum here and it can be used two times per day. For effective results, it can also be used combined with skin lightening creams, gels, chemical peels, masks, and face toner. Good Health Company’s Saturn and Mars skincare serums also have alpha-arbutin present in them. These function by lowering the production of melanin and hence brightening the skin texture. To have more benefits, you can use alpha arbutin with Vitamin C, or post exfoliation process with AHA to improve the absorption. Also, one needs to ensure that they apply this to dry, clean skin and pre moisturized face. Always remember one needs to be consistent for best and effective results as it takes around 1-2 months of continuous application of alpha-arbutin before one start seeing improvements.

Who should use it?

While using alpha-arbutin, it doesn’t matter what your age or type of skin is, it’s very safe to use alpha-arbutin for anyone’s skin to treat tanning or pigmentation or acne scars. It is safe for use topically in 2% concentrations in skincare products. There are other skin lightening creams or agents that might cause skin harshness or skin irritation, but alpha arbutin, as discussed in this article, is quite gentle and can be a lot less irritating than others. Obviously, one should have a patch test if one is using it for the first time.

Take Away

In brief, alpha arbutin is one ingredient that works and is very effective when it comes to reducing acne scars, pigmentation, or tanning. Due to all its components, it inhibits an enzyme responsible for the stimulation of melanin, and hence reduces melanin production. As it’s a safe ingredient, hence can be used by anyone at any age with any type of skin.