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Signs That You Need to See A Skin Specialist Immediately

a woman suffering from skin problems

Skin Problems

Skin concern is one of the most important issues among everyone whether it is a hidden mole that doesn't go away or any skin rash. Your skin reflects the health of your inner body. The changes that occur in the body are always reflected by the appearance of the skin. But this appearance of symptoms that goes for long on the skin is ignored by many of us which show the sign to meet the dermatologist.

Mostly every skin specialist suggests that there are some signs that shows need to see the skin specialist  or dermatologist:


Acne is a common skin problem that generally occurs in teenagers or people with oily or combination skin. Some skin problems like persistent acne that is for too long can be due to hormonal imbalances. Some hormonal balance disorders in women are PCOS and PCOD. These hormonal imbalances can also lead to developing thyroid disease. There are face washes available in the market that treat mild acne, one is available by Saturn by GHC.


Generally, dryness of the skin can be caused due to changes in weather or season. but extremely dry face skin problems can be due to disorders like diabetes or thyroid. Dryness of the skin for a longer time can also be due to some skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis. Dry skin can cause itching, redness and some painful and scaly skin. So talking to a dermatologist helps to determine the skin problem for the treatment.

Hidden and suspicious moles on the skin

Some moles are suspicious and this is the most important reason to see your dermatologist. If The moles change their colour suddenly and change their shape then it's time to check the doctor as it can be the signs of melanoma or skin cancer. So it's better to talk to a doctor before it develops into serious skin cancers.


Itching on the eyes or skin may be the cause of conjunctivitis or diabetes. Conjunctivitis causes pink, itchy eyes. Itching or infection on the skin can be due to high levels of bilirubin that may cause warning signs of liver or kidney issues. Both the skin problems can be due to severe skin concerns that need to seek help from the dermatologist. Conjunctivitis may cause eyes tissue to destroy soft delicate tissues around the eyes.

Skin rashes or skin allergies 

Some skin rashes and allergies of the skin may be due to sunburns or any bacterial or viral infections. But rash on the skin can be due to some serious health issues which must not be ignored and must be checked by a doctor.

Underarms and neck darkening

Darkening of underarms and neck can be the signs of insulin resistance. Most people think that it might be due to the disposition of dirt and allergies on the face and underarms. But these two seem to be serious and must talk to a dermatologist for the same.

Excessive sweating

Excessive sweating can have many causes for health issues, especially for women. Excessive sweating is also caused due to medications or some hormonal diseases. The hormonal imbalances in the body may be due to thyroid disorder or diabetes.  This is the major concern for health and must take advice from a doctor for the treatment.

Bumps on the genital area

Bumps on the genital area are the concern or call for gynaecologists as they can also cause sexually transmitted diseases. These small bumps can create or develop cell cancer into the squamous cell. 

Some yellow deposits around the eyes

Some yellow deposits that are mainly around the eyes and eye area are a matter of concern and are usually linked with abnormal lipid profiles. Seeing a dermatologist or eye specialist is very important as it can become a major concern of health for everyone.

Persistent redness on the face

The persistent redness on the face, especially the cheeks or nose area, may be a sign of some internal disease. This internal disease can affect kidneys, liver, joints, etc. 

Some wounds that don’t heal

Some minor cuts or soreness that takes days, weeks or months must be immediately called to the doctor, as the wound that does not heal or takes much longer time can turn to many severe complications. The wound that does not heal can be a sign of cancer or the death of tissues in the body. Hence any unwanted things or symptoms that occur on the body Can easily cause some skin lesions.

Sudden drastic changes in your fingernails

When your fingernails become brittle and flaky and have discolouration that develops ridges in them then it can be a sign of psoriatic arthritis. This condition must be checked by the dermatologist that helps them to address the issues and help them in getting rid of the same issue.

When your fingernails become brittle and flaky and have discolouration that develops ridges then it can be a sign of psoriatic arthritis. 


Hyperpigmentation of skin cells shows dark colour on the skin, these dark colours on the skin may appear blue, green or red rather than the usual natural skin tone. Hyperpigmentation on the skin that has persistent dark pigmentation on skin is a must to see dermatologists.

Take Away

Skin or any changes in the body is of great concern and requires extra care and attention and if any suspicious moles are observed you must always consult a doctor or dermatologist.