Should I Oil My Hair in Summer?

a woman getting hair oiling therapy in summer

Is It Necessary to Oil Your Hair This Summer?

    Summer is the time for ice-cold beverages and lounging in the sun. However, for many individuals, managing their hair may be a nightmare. Humidity may affect a variety of factors, including hair follicle damage. Many elderly folks have advised using oil to help maintain hair instead of going to the salon. Is this, however, an urban legend or does it genuinely work?

    Surprisingly, oil is needed for protection from sun damage throughout the summer! Natural oils are produced by your hair to prevent frizzing and breakage. Your scalp is prone to dryness in the summer heat, which may contribute to terrible hair days. Applying a topical oil to your hair might help to relieve dryness and nourish it.

    The fatty acids that restore your hair's lost lipids are what make oil so effective. Healthy hair relies heavily on lipids (your hair's natural oils). Its absence might result in split ends. It's not difficult to apply oil to your hair. Using your hands, rub a few drops of oil together and rake through your hair. If your hair is thicker and coarser, you may need more than a couple of drops. It may be left on for up to two hours. Some go so far as to leave it overnight.

    What Is the Best Oil to Use?

    Castor Oil Blend for Frizzy Hair

    Frizziness with a dry, lifeless feel may be caused by exposure to direct sunshine. Castor oil is the go-to remedy for relaxing the scalp, yet it is ineffective on its own. Add camphor and Brahmi to the mix for cooling properties.

    Essential Oil Blend for Brittle Protection

    When the texture of your hair looks to break apart, it might be an indication that it's becoming more brittle as a result of heat and perspiration. Topical essential oils like coconut oil, castor oil, and gingelly oil, when combined with aloe vera and white hibiscus, may help prevent hair loss and damage. It may also give you smoother, shinier follicles, which might alter your summer appearance.

    Avocado Oil 

    Avocado oil is high in elements that promote hair development, including vitamins A, B, D, E, iron, amino acids, and folic acid. Applying oil prevents hair from damaging. Because of its ability to provide moisture, it is an excellent summer pick. 

    Coconut Oil 

    Isn't a new addition to the list; it's been around for a long time in India and is excellent coconut oil for all hair types. It's a multi-purpose oil that promotes hair development, combats dandruff, moisturises the scalp, offers nourishment, and gives hair a lustrous shine.

    Jojoba Oil

    Jojoba oil is beneficial to hair that is dry, damaged, prone to dandruff, and knotted. This is owing to the fact that it is totally absorbed by the scalp and does not leave any residue. It's a non-sticky, non-greasy oil with the same molecular structure as sebum, the natural oil produced by your scalp. Jojoba oil also has antimicrobial qualities and is odourless.

    Almond oil

    If you are experiencing hair loss, almond oil is the finest option for you. The usage of almond oil on a regular basis may aid hair development. It is high in Vitamin E, which is essential for good nutrition. This oil is also a hair cleanser, aiding in the removal of dust particles and contaminants in a single wash.

    Benefits of hair oiling in summer

    There is an extensive list of advantages of utilising oil. It serves as a protective barrier between your hair and the sun. It also strengthens the roots of your hair, which prevents hair loss and breakage. Almond oil, for example, helps wash hair with vitamin E, removing dandruff and avoiding any buildup caused by perspiration on the scalp.

    Is it OK to apply oil on sweaty hair?

    Summer is the time of year when direct sunshine causes your hair to become frizzy, dry, sweaty, and lifeless. The hair is also severely damaged by extreme heat. To avoid this, apply a mixture of essential oils such as coconut oil, jojoba oil, and others to restore the lustre, smoothness, and thickness of your hair. The oils function as a sealer, sealing the cuticles and restoring the natural gloss of your hair. This is because the fatty acids in the oils restore the lipids that have been lost in your hair. Split ends are often caused by lipid loss. Here's a list of 5 oils that will keep your hair looking great this summer.

    Take Away

    Expect the weather to be more miserably humid than ever this summer. Using oil to protect your hair from the summer sun may be really beneficial. You will find yourself enjoying the bright and sunny weather rather than worried about your body if you take frequent showers and follow appropriate skincare routines. This summer, take care of yourself by keeping yourself clean and fresh from head to toe. Switch to Imbue Natural for the finest feminine intimate care products. Every bottle of our brand's various intimate wash solutions for ladies contains natural components. Feel the difference when it comes to caring for yourself and Mother Nature. Today is the day to shop! The best hair oil is Hair Growth Oil is a unique blend of essential oil and made up of a non-sticky formulation made with all-natural herb extracts without harmful chemicals.