12 Wonderful Karela Juice Benefits For Women

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Karela juice is a fruit juice prepared from bitter melon, which has a rough skin.

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It has a bitter flavour and, as the name says, some people find it unpleasant.

However, karela juice has grown in popularity due to its many health advantages. These advantages include reduced blood pressure and improved skin health.

Karela juice is also known as bitter melon juice and is good for health. Studies have proven that it has the potential to cure several diseases.

For centuries, karela has been used for various therapeutic and health benefits. In India, it is believed that the consumption of bitter melon can help in treating many ailments such as diarrhea, diabetes, indigestion, cancer, obesity, skin issues and others.

This article will tell you about karela juice, its nutrients, possible health advantages, and how to make it.

11 Benefits of Karela juice for women

Here are some of the benefits of karela juice for women:

1. Beneficial for Diabetics

The bitter gourd contains an insulin-like molecule. Karela and diabetes are frequently used interchangeably; both are often known as "Karela." It helps those with type I and types II diabetes control their blood sugar levels. Diabetics may reduce the number of prescriptions they use if they drink a glass of karela juice every day. It may aid in the management of gestational diabetes.

2. Liver Cleanser

The liver benefits from eating bitter gourd, which also has a detoxifying effect. It increases liver enzymes and is a helpful hangover remedy because it lowers alcohol deposits in the liver. Karela is good for the digestive system and the urinary tract when consumed.

3. Control weight

With its low-calorie content and high-fibre content, karela aids in weight loss. It reduces the number of fat-storing adipose cells in the body and their ability to divide. The antioxidants aid in detoxification and the increased metabolic rate cause weight reduction.

4. Enhances Cardiac Health

The risk of heart attack and other cardiovascular problems are both reduced by consuming bitter gourd. The fibre also helps prevent arterial buildup.

5. Skin and hair benefits

Karela are loaded with anti-oxidants and skin-friendly vitamins A and C. It's an anti-aging and acne-fighting multitasker. Ringworm, psoriasis, and itching are just some of the skin problems that it helps alleviate. Karela juice is effective against dandruff, hair loss, and split ends, and it also adds luster to the hair.

6. Enhances Eyes

Karela's abundance of vitamin A makes it useful for warding against cataracts and improving vision. Even under-eye circles are lightened by it.

To avoid diarrhea and stomach pain, limit your karela usage. Pregnant ladies should avoid karela since it causes uterine contractions.

7. Heals Injuries

Karela has exceptional therapeutic powers. It regulates blood flow and coagulation, allowing for faster wound healing and infection reduction.

8. Blood Cleanser

Karela has a high concentration of anti-oxidants, which aids in the treatment of numerous blood-related issues. Bitter gourd use regularly improves skin, hair, and cancer concerns. This helps the body's circulatory system function better.

9. Boosts the Body's Energy

After ingesting karela daily, the body's endurance and energy levels increase noticeably. Insomnia and other sleep disorders like it may be alleviated and the quality of your sleep can be enhanced.

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10. Can help lower blood sugar levels

Several studies have shown that karela juice may aid with blood sugar management.

Polypeptide-p, charantin, and vicine are the three primary components that have been demonstrated to have glucose-lowering characteristics.

Polypeptide-p is thought to function like insulin, a crucial hormone that helps regulate blood sugar levels by increasing sugar uptake by cells and tissues from the circulation.

11. Beneficial for Digestion

Karela is high in fibre and aids with bowel movement. It soothes the stomach and helps with constipation.

12. Fights cancer

Karela improves immunity and protects against allergies and infections. But maybe the greatest benefit is its ability to eradicate cancer. It stops tumours from forming and slows down cancer cells. Bitter gourd use reduces the risk of breast, colon, and prostate cancer considerably.

How to Make Karela Juice?

  1. Take 2 small karela, water and some other juice like lemon juice. 
  2. Wash the bitter gourd properly and then cut off the tail and head.
  3. Do not peel off the rough edges, just cut it into 4 halves.
  4. Get out of the seeds and then cut them up into bite-sized chunks.
  5. Pour some salt and honey as well and blend all the ingredients.
  6. To separate the juice, pour it through a sieve. Drink immediately.

When to drink karela juice?

It is normally recommended to consume it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach so that it may be readily absorbed by the body. It might make you feel nauseated since it is an emetic. So, to begin, try drinking in lesser amounts.

Can we drink karela juice daily?

Yes, Karela is loaded with nutrients and bioactive substances. It has the potential to aid with excessive blood sugar, inflammation, cancer, and other conditions.

When ingested in moderation, it is healthy for most people, but those with diabetes, on medication, or who are pregnant or nursing should see their healthcare provider.

Karela juice side effects

Side effects of karela juice include:

  • Diarrhea, stomach discomfort, and an upset stomach are examples of gastric illnesses.
  • Those with diabetes should get medical advice before beginning to use karela juice.
  • This juice may also affect your hormones and the endocrine system of your body.
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women should see their doctor before including karela juice into their diet.

Take Away

Karela juice is abundant in nutrients and has been linked to several health advantages, including enhanced skin health and blood sugar management.

It's an acquired taste since it's composed of bitter melon. To soften the flavour of the juice, you may add additional fruits to it at home.

Although it has several adverse effects, when ingested in moderation, it delivers vital nutrients and may assist in maximizing your health.


1. Is karela juice harmful to kidneys?

Karela aids in the elimination of kidney stones by naturally breaking them down. This is owing to its bitter flavour. Karela aids in the natural breakdown of kidney stones and their elimination from the body.

2. How much Karela juice should I drink daily?

Karela juice is safe to eat daily in amounts of up to one glass (or 100 ml of half-diluted juice).

3. Who should not drink karela juice?

Karela seeds may induce serious anemia in those who are deficient in the enzyme glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PD). Those who are G6PD deficient should thus avoid consuming karela.


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