Jaggery powder benefits

Jaggery powder benefits

Jaggery powder benefits

Jaggery is extracted from sugarcane and is most commonly found in Asia and Africa. It is usually made from sugarcane juice or palm tree juice. Sugarcane is a staple in India and is often called Gur. Jaggery is a sweetening agent often used in many foods and from the past few decades used mostly instead of regular sugar

Jagger is rich in Vitamins and minerals that our regular sugar lacks. And that’s the reason jaggery is often considered healthy when compared to sugar. However, it is also still a type of sugar that can have few effects of sugar. Now let’s look at some benefits of Jagger powder.

1. Rich source of carbohydrates

Jagger is believed to be the storehouse of healthy carbohydrates. We need the energy to perform any action in our body, and that energy comes from carbohydrates. Jaggery powder consists of complex carbohydrates that are not easily broken down which releases energy slowly for a longer period of time. 

2. Improves digestive system

Jaggery is also rich in fiber content. And fiber content when consumed boosts the digestive process. Jaggery powder is also shown to be effective in treating constipation too. It improves overall gut health over a period of time.

3. Rich source of minerals

Jaggery powder is also known to be a rich source of minerals such as iron, magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus. These minerals are found in abundance as jagger is directly made from sugarcane and is not refined and processed like sugar.

4. A high content of antioxidants

As mentioned above, Jaggery is rich in antioxidants like magnesium and other vital vitamins that are essential for our body. These antioxidants protect our bodies from free radicals. 

5. Acts as a natural purifier

Jagger powder is also known for its purifying properties. As it is rich in antioxidants, it helps purify the blood, digestive tract, and respiratory tract. It eliminates the potential toxins from the body and improves overall immunity. 

Jaggery powder calories


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Is it OK to replace sugar with jaggery?

Yes, it is ok to replace sugar with jaggery. Jaggery has more benefits when compared to sugar, and sugar has more side effects when compared to jaggery. Be it sugar or jaggery consuming them in excess can lead to a negative impact on your body. However, jagger is still considered to be the safest one, due to its health benefits. It is good in its natural state when it's not refined. Today, there are changes and adaptations being done to jaggery also to make it taste sweeter and better, but it is not considered to be the safest.

Jaggery powder vs sugar

Jagger powder and sugar are both sweeteners, and they differ in their nutritional value and their after-effects of consumption. Jaggery powder is made from Sugarcane or Palm juice, which is boiled, concentrated, and then solidified. Jaggery powder is a powder that is packed with essential nutrients. Sugar is also made from sugarcane juice but it is highly refined from sugar crystals, its color, and sweetness. And that’s the reason sugar doesn’t have nutrient value as jagger powder does. So, Jaggery powder is often recommended when compared with sugar.

Jaggery vs sugar for diabetics

People with diabetes should always avoid any form of sweetness be it sugar or jaggery. Because both jaggery powder and sugar are sweeteners and have the ability to rise the blood sugar levels. And if sweetness is required one can opt for artificial sweeteners, which taste sweet and don’t have any sugar content in it. Apart from artificial sweeteners, you can also use natural sweeteners like Stevia or monk fruit. 

Take Away

So, there are quite a few benefits of jaggery powder. And there are certain side effects too. However, it is recommended to consult your health care professional before adding jaggery powder to your food. And also be careful if you have diabetes. 


How much jaggery is equal to sugar?

One and a half times jagger is equivalent to the sweetness of sugar. That is, you need to use 1 and ½ cups of jaggery instead of 1 cup of sugar.

How much jaggery can I eat in a day?

The advisable limit for eating jaggery a day is 10-15 grams. That too if you are trying to lose weight. Consuming in excess can lead to weight gain.

Who should not eat jaggery?

People suffering from diabetes, and people who are allergic or sensitive to sugar need to avoid eating jaggery. And people who are weight loss regime can limit their jaggery intake.


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