Best Summer Drinks for Diabetic Patients

a cup of sattu drink | Best Summer Drinks for Diabetic Patients

Type 2 Diabetes

The hot summer season is here with dehydrating weather and soaring temperatures. And then people crave cold and refreshing drinks. While most of these drinks are healthy and rehydrating, the sugar content present in them might not be beneficial for diabetic patients. So this makes it difficult for people suffering from chronic disease to stay well hydrated and have all essential electrolytes up to their required levels. 

Best Summer Drinks for Diabetic People

Here are some best summer coolers that are healthy and with zero sugar content for diabetic patients to stay well hydrated in summers:

Sattu Drink

Sattu is a popular food in Bihar. One of the oldest drinks in India, the Sattu cooler is the best way to stay hydrated for diabetic people. With zero carbohydrates it can be enjoyed just by adding sattu powder to cold water with some black salt and a few drops of lemon juice to give it a tangy flavour.

Bel Sherbet

Bel or wood apple is a rich source of natural fibre, iron, folates and antioxidants. Along with this it also cools your stomach. If you have diabetes, bel sherbet can be very beneficial for you during the hot summers.

Sabja seeds cooler

Sabja seeds are found in Faludas, offer various sweetening options and are a natural diabetes-friendly drink. Take some Sabja seeds and add them to iced tea or coconut water. To get the sweet flavour, you can add honey, rock sugar or jaggery which will keep the blood sugar level in control.

Iced Tea

Black tea is helpful in maintaining blood pressure in the body while boosting insulin sensitivity. These benefits are lost when you add milk to the tea. Hot black tea is also a good option, but warmer drinks are not the preferred choice when the outside temperatures are high. Do monitor the sugar level in your iced tea, depending on your allowed dosage by your doctor. It’s better to opt for sugar-free tea or the best is to have it without sugar. 

Ginger and Lemon Drink

Ginger helps in controlling blood sugar levels, thus making this a great addition to summer drinks for people with diabetes. Just squeeze some lemon into the water and grate some ginger into it and keep yourself hydrated.

Vegetable/Fruit smoothies

Spinach, beetroot, fruit juice of choice and some coconut water blended all together can be a very beneficial and tasty smoothie for you even if you’re non-diabetic. Make sure that the fruit you choose has a low sugar content and reap all its benefits in summer.

Buttermilk (Chhaas)

Chhaas is a widely popular drink in North and South India. A very healthy drink, which is great for the stomach and helps in the digestion process. It also helps you feel refreshed during the hot summers, whether the weather is humid or dry.

Buttermilk is made with yoghurt, cumin powder, mint leaves, and water, it is diabetic friendly and can be enjoyed by anyone. 

Coconut water

If you are diabetic, it’s very vital to know about the amount of sugar in the beverages you consume. And if your drink gives additional health benefits, nothing like it. Coconut water helps reduce blood sugar levels and boosts insulin sensitivity, due to the presence of magnesium.

Iced green tea

Green tea is a great option for diabetics. With zero carbs and zero calories, it doesn’t affect blood sugar levels. In fact, it helps metabolise sugar better, making it a better drink if you’re suffering from this chronic issue.


Jaljeera is the best drink to beat the summer heat. Made with Jaljeera powder, mint, cumin, pepper and ginger, the beverage is also diabetic-friendly as it does not use any sugar.

In addition, it provides several health benefits, such as enhanced digestion, and a metabolism boost. This means even non-diabetics can enjoy this drink, especially during the summer months.

Apple Cider Vinegar

It is a significant blend that helps to control blood sugar levels. Take 20ml of apple cider vinegar and dilute it with 40ml of water and 1 tsp of saccharine. To a glass of water add a splash of apple cider with some lime and cinnamon for a better flavour.

Things to look out for

Many drinks consist of very high levels of sugars and carbohydrates. Food labels and nutritional facts can provide very valuable information about what they contain. Labels should always state the serving size and carb content of any drink.

People with diabetes have different requirements, so there are no fixed dietary rules, but the following tips may help manage blood sugar levels to some extent:

  • Consume a well-balanced diet and manage the intake of carbs from food and drinks.
  • Keep your carbohydrate levels consistent throughout the day and spread evenly.
  • Consume enough carbohydrates to make your body and brain function properly.
  • Monitor blood sugar levels regularly and speak to your doctor if there are any concerns.
  • Each individual should talk to their healthcare provider about their daily nutritional needs.

Take Away

For people with diabetes, healthy dietary choices can impact their way of managing their condition and minimising the risk of complications.

Drinks, as well as food, can lead to spikes in glucose and other problems. By making better choices, people with diabetes can enjoy a good range of foods and drinks.