Is Orange Puree Good for Hair?

orange puree for hair health

Are Oranges High in Vitamin C?

Oranges are a little-known secret in the natural beauty regime. Since oranges are loaded with plenty of healthy vitamin C and folic acid, it’s no surprise that they also contribute to your overall health. If you are looking for natural ways to boost the beauty of your hair, you may be surprised to find that this delicious fruit can make your hair long and shiny.

Oranges for hair can help to relieve an oily scalp as well as reduces dandruff. They also promote the strength of hair and minimise hair loss. The sweet orange essential oil can be used along with the orange juice and orange peels of the orange fruit. Get to know the number of ways you can use it to enhance the growth and appearance of your hair.

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that fights against cancer, sun damage, and the hardening of the arteries. It is essential for healthy cell functions throughout the body. It also enhances blood flow to the scalp, which makes your hair grow and flourish. 

Beauty Benefits of Oranges

Different parts of the fruit can be used for several applications. 

Here are some of the ways to use oranges for hair:

To Promote Shine and Natural Glow

Apart from several benefits, oranges can also give you smooth, lustrous and voluminous hair. It is a great cleansing agent, it cleanses your hair of all the gunk, thus promoting a healthy scalp. This, in turn, enhances the texture of your hair and gives a shiny look.

Combine the juice of one orange with one tsp of honey and a little water. Apply this mix to your freshly washed hair and let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes. When you rinse it out, you will be surprised to see how soft and shiny your hair is.

To Alleviate Dandruff

Dandruff, or a flaky, dry scalp, is a very embarrassing condition. Oranges can be your solution for this. Dry some orange peels in the sun. When they are dry, take them to a powder. Using this powder make a paste by adding enough water. Apply this paste to your scalp and let it sit for around 30 minutes. When you are done, rinse your hair with lukewarm water. You will find that your dandruff has been reduced. 

To Promote Shine and Health

This easy hair mask will boost your hair to grow while reducing breakage. Chop a whole orange with peel and puree it in the blender. Apply this mask to your hair once a week and you’ll be impressed to see the strength and shine it provided to your hair. To enhance the benefits of this mask, wrap your hair in a warm, damp towel for some time while it sits on your hair. This will encourage the mask to penetrate deep into the scalp.

A good hair conditioner

Oranges are a great source of vitamin E and antioxidants that offer deep conditioning properties for your hair. Furthermore, they also help to protect your hair against any kind of harm, thereby using any kind of hair styling tools.

For this, either use fresh orange juice or dried peel powder and mix it with some honey. Apply this mix to your shampooed hair, and wash it off after leaving for 10 minutes. 

Stimulates Hair Growth

The antioxidant benefits of oranges play a vital role in stimulating hair growth. Free radicals can often halt our hair growth. Rich in antioxidants, such as vitamin C and E, orange neutralizes the free radicals and enhances hair growth. Furthermore, the reduced level of collagen in your body is one of the main reasons for the lack of hair growth. Vitamin C, with its collagen-boosting properties, helps to grow healthy hair. Also, vitamin E aids in hair growth by energizing blood circulation in the scalp and also helps in repairing damaged hair follicles. Oranges also contain folic acid, a type of vitamin B, which is essential for the growth of healthy hair.

Control an Oily Scalp

Fresh oranges are not the only thing you can use for soft and shiny hair. You can also use sweet orange essential oil to control oily hair and scalp. To take advantage of the power of the essential oil, mix vinegar or lemon juice with a few drops of oil. This combination of powerful ingredients will make your hair soft and lustrous and reduces the oil on your scalp. Leave the mix on your hair for a few minutes to fully get the benefits.

Brighten Hair

Orange juice can brighten hair naturally, similar to lemon juice. Since orange juice is not much acidic, the effect is finer. Comb orange juice into your hair and sit in the sun for some time. You will see a slow highlighting effect that will look more natural than if you used lemon juice.

Take Away

Using the power of oranges to boost your hair is easy. Make simple hair conditioners and masks using fresh orange juice, dried orange peel, and essential oils. Whatever method you choose, your hair will be soft, strong, and oil-free. Your hair will be very less prone to hair loss and breakage.