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How to Increase Collagen & Elastin in Skin Naturally?

Both collagen and elastin are proteins that work perfectly together to provide skin with its unique shape and texture.

What is Collagen?

The most common and strongest protein found in your body is called Collagen. Collagen is present in fat, tendons, and ligaments and provides structural support to the bone. You will have a healthy and youthful appearance when you have a balanced collagen level. Collagen helps in providing a strong cross fit that binds the whole body structure together.

What is Elastin Protein? 

Another kind of protein that is found in the body is known as Elastin protein. Elastin protein is mainly found in those parts of the body that contract like lungs or can be arteries. The main and important elastin function is its ability to resume its original shape.

Both collagen and elastin are proteins that work perfectly together to provide skin with its unique shape and texture. For those who have balanced levels of elastin and collagen, their skin is much more healthy, glowy, and youthful in appearance.

Another important and major feature of collagen is that it pursues a domino effect that is the higher the level of collagen in your body the more it keeps on producing. 

Things that naturally maintain the level of collagen even stimulate its growth are:

  • Aloe vera

  • Aloe vera gel is something that is known for centuries for its skin benefits. Its properties of soothing, healing, and maintaining a natural look of skin are incomparable.  Aloe vera gel is used to help in increasing collagen production that's why it is used in treating and healing wounds and cuts.  Aloe vera is safe in applying directly onto your skin or can be taken orally.

    In both ways, it is going to help you in your specific skin concern. Many studies show that taking an Aloe vera supplement or even applying it directly to your skin can bring immense positive change in your skin tone and bring utmost health to your skin.

  • Vitamin C

  • For the synthesis of hyaluronic acid, vitamin C is used. This hyaluronic acid has been known to speed up your recovery time in case of any injury. It is also used for relieving the symptoms of severe joint pain. To get the full benefit from the fruits that contain hyaluronic acid, you must have an adequate amount of vitamin C. Also some studies view hyaluronic acid as boosting the production of collagen levels in your body. With age, the level of natural  hyaluronic acid decreases. 

    So you must include foods that are rich in amino acid and vitamin C that increase the level of hyaluronic acid. Foods like Brussels, oranges, red peppers, sprouts, broccoli and strawberries.

  • Ginseng

  • Ginseng is known to have a wonderful property of anti-aging. It is easily absorbed into your skin without any side effects like many other pharmaceutical supplements do, and still maintains the original shape. One of the main functions of collagen is to boost collagen production in your body. It not only protects your skin against harmful UV rays but also provides stimulus to the growth of skin cells and helps in making your skin healthy and glowy.

  • Cilantro

  • Cilantro is a herb that is also called coriander leaf used in many recipes. Its other benefits to consider are

    1. Boost collagen production
    2. Power Anti-aging ingredient  
    3. Fights free radicals
    4. Considered a great detoxification agent.
  • Algae

  • Nowadays marine plants are extensively used as an ingredient that you can count on in your skincare routine. Most of the damage to your skin is caused either by environmental factors like pollution or by exposure to harmful UV rays. Algae play an important role in protecting your skin against any oxidation process that can make your skin lose its natural collagen or elasticity. Now in the market, you can find algae in the form of oral supplementation. 

    What You Should Avoid

    If you desire healthy, younger, and glowy skin you should be very cautious in protecting your skin against any sun damage or making it tan in the artificial tanning procedure. 

    Avoid smoking as soon as possible as it can damage and age it prematurely. Always apply a thick layer of sunscreen whenever you step out in the sun and reapply it at alternate hours to prevent any sun damage to your skin and to have healthy and natural youthful skin.

    Side Effects 

    Many studies pointed out that collagen supplements available in the market do have some side effects on your skin and other body parts. To discuss the most common of them are 

    • Overproduction of  calcium
    • Allergic reactions to your skin
    • Joint pain. 

    You must remain very cautious in taking any collagen supplement if you are having an allergic reaction to consuming seafood or any non-veg products.

    Take Away

    In today's time, everyone desires to have radiant and glowy skin that constitutes a major part of their overall youthful appearance. 

    Healthy and radiant skin is a sign of the level of overall health you are carrying. Aging is the sign that everybody must endure, even embrace it with pride as there is exactly no known format which you can follow to reverse the aging signs. So you should care for your skin and nourish it accordingly when it is in its healthy phase rather than when it is encountering skin disorders. So it is necessary to boost your collagen level naturally to make an impact on your skin as well as on your overall health.