Facial benefits

Facial benefits

Facial benefits

Getting a facial along with a massage is routine for many of us. Facial makes our skin moisturised, brightened, tan-free, and anti-ageing, and has many more benefits. But it all depends on the facial you choose because there are tons of facials with numerous combinations in them, and few of them might be harmful to you too. Millions of people enjoy getting a facial, and it is an addition to their regular skincare routine. Facials can be done both at home and in the parlour. Let’s look out more at facial benefits and how it is done. 

What does facial do to your face?

Our face also gets stressed, due to our regular activities, sleep, pressure on it, dust, pollution and more. So facials usually tend to relax our facial skin and help it become smooth, increased complexion and many more. The facial benefits are as follows:

  1. Boosts collagen production
  2. Moisturises the skin
  3. Keeps the face hydrated
  4. Cleanses the skin
  5. Prevents ageing
  6. Treats acne
  7. Fight skin tan
  8. Decreases fine lines and wrinkles

Is it good to have facial every month?

The best way to have a glowing and spotless face is to have a routine facial. But before getting a facial there are a lot of things one needs to consider. You should be sure about your skincare goals, that is you should know the purpose of the facial. Then you should understand your skin type, which can be oily, dry, or normal skin. If it’s dry skin and you get a facial for dry skin then your skin gets damaged and can be prone to other skin problems. Same for the oily skin too. 

The next thing you need to know is whether you have sensitive skin. If it is sensitive skin, and you have a VitaminC facial, after sun exposure you might get rashes and acne break out. So the duration of the facial also depends on your skin type. The general recommended facial per month is 2-3 times a month. If you have acne breakout it is advisable to have facial every 2 weeks and if you have a regular skincare routine then once a month can be advisable.

Which age is best for facial?

Skincare is recommended from the beginning of birth, right then skin is very sensitive and can be prone to many problems. Optimum care is needed for the skin no matter what. Today, our skin is exposed to harmful chemicals, UV rays, pollution, excessive alkalines from our daily cosmetics and many more. So we need to have a skincare regime throughout our life span. And facials, are a quick therapy to our faces in a short time be it at home or parlour with ingredients that are important for our faces in a short period. Facials are optimum to start at the age of 15-16 because that is when the facial skin begins to change, and acne, blackheads, bumps, pimples and other stuff jump in.

How often should you get a facial if you have acne?

If your skin is acne prone, it is advisable to have a facial, once every two weeks. Having facial every two weeks can clear your skin from dust, chemicals, pollution, UV exposure and more. It also keeps your facial skin, moisturised, hydrated, and radiant, and also acts as a protective layer on top. This can prevent further acne breakouts. Once the skin gets cleared the frequency of the facial can be decreased. 

Facial vs clean up

Both facial and clean-up help keep our facial skin healthy. Clean-up is one step lower when compared to facial. Clean-up can be easily done at home, costs less, takes less time, and includes exfoliating skin, removing blackheads and deep cleansing. Whereas, facial needs experts' suggestion, costs more, take time, and care is given, massage is included, can’t be done at home easily, chemical peels can also be involved, and also includes all the things done in clean up. 

Take Away

It’s high time, you get a facial and add it to your skincare regime today. Because we can’t ignore the cost of not getting a facial. Facials are available in various kinds and are offered by many people. But before getting a facial, do your research, know your skin type and consult your dermatologist.


Is facial healthy for skin?

Yes, facial helps clean and remove the dirt and toxins from the face, it also helps clean blackheads.

Who should not get a facial?

People with sensitive skin, skin disorders, allergies and skin conditions that are sensitive to certain chemicals, or facials.

Is facial harmful for face?

Yes, a facial can be useful and at the same time can be harmful too, because sometimes a facial can be sensitive to our skin, our skin condition during the time is also necessary and a facial sometimes can remove useful oils from the skin and makes it prone to infections, acne and dryness.


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