Essential summer skin care guide

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Summer Skincare Tips

Longer hours of daylight and a hot, dry, or humid climate can affect your skin differently than the colder and darker days of winter. Some summer skincare routines may depend on where you live. Steps such as applying sunscreen and avoiding over-showering, are important for everyone.

Summer is typically warmer and sunnier than winter. It’s very natural that your skin has different needs according to different weather. When you’re spending more time in the sun, it’s important to keep in mind about using sunscreen. Find a broad-spectrum SPF 30 and reapply every 2 hours to protect your skin from premature aging and skin cancer.

How to Take Care of Your Skin in Summer?

The summer skincare tips here will help you with summer skin problems and enjoy the sunshine with the health of the skin in mind.

  • Apply sunscreen often
  • Always look for sunscreens that offer:
  • at least SPF 50
  • broad-spectrum protection
  • lip protection

The most important thing is to shield your skin from the sun. If you don’t do that, your skin will age faster and increase the risk of skin cancer. It’s necessary to apply sunscreen every time you are in the sun, including during the winter months. We usually spend more time outside when it’s warmer out.

The daily use of a minimum SPF 15 can reduce a person’s risk of developing melanoma by 50 percent and squamous cell carcinoma by about 40 percent. It also protects against premature aging of the skin.

Always look for “broad-spectrum” on your SPF bottle which means the sunscreen protects skin from both UVA and UVB rays as both types of UV rays contribute to the development of skin cancer. After that, the type of sunscreen you use mainly depends on your personal preference. Make sure to reapply a good sunscreen after every 2 hours.

1. Keep moisturizing

    Generally, the air isn’t too dry in the summer as it is in the winter. Still, it is not suggested to ditch a moisturizer — your skin can still dry out in the summer. It is recommended to find a light moisturizer with an SPF to provide an extra layer of protection. 

    2. Go lighter on the makeup

      On warmer days, wearing heavy makeup can feel like an unnecessary extra layer. And, if you sweat, your makeup will come off very easily. Embrace the season and cut off your makeup routine. Your skin will enjoy the break. Wearing less makeup lets your skin breathe properly. Makeup can also be clogged.

      3. Exfoliate once or twice a week

        Sunscreen is very important to be applied daily, and sweat is the body’s natural way of cooling off. But both can add to your pores. That’s where exfoliation comes in. It helps unclog the pores and reduces blemishes but stops overdoing it. It’s best not to exfoliate if you’re sunburned. Let the skin itself heal without an added irritant.

        While it’s OK to exfoliate more frequently in the summer than in the winter, it is recommended to limit it to once or twice per week.

        4. Self-tan for a healthy glow

          People who are very much more prone to tanning than burning may want to skip the sunscreen — but, even if a tan isn’t painful, it’s still technically sun damage. There’s no such thing as a healthy tan. Skin darkening is the response of the skin to UV radiation causing damage to your skin cells. You can get a sun-kissed look by using a self-tanner.

          5. Wear sun-protective accessories and clothing

            Don’t just browse the beauty aisle when revamping your skincare routine for summer. 

            Summer duds to don include:

            • wide-brimmed hats
            • UV-400 sunglasses
            • dark-colored clothes with woven fabrics or UV absorbers

            Hats can help guard the face and eyes against the sun. Sunglasses help, too. Look for a pair with UV-400 on the label for optimal protection. As for clothes, tightly woven fabrics, like denim, and loose, dark colors offer the best protection from the sun.

            6. Wash your face

              When it’s too hot, you may feel the need to wash your face or take a shower constantly. Experts advise against it. Your body makes natural moisturizing factors that a help to hold water in the skin. When you wash them away, the top of the skin can become dehydrated.

              Instead, stick to showering once per day. Rinse your face with a good cleanser and lukewarm water in the morning and at night. If you find yourself sweating, try using blotting papers. These papers don’t need water but will absorb your face's sweat.

              How Does Summer Affect Your Skin?

              There are both positive and negative effects of summer on your skin, except for Vitamin D, all the other negative effects such as:

              1. Sunburn
              2. Hyperpigmentation
              3. Dehydration
              4. Oily skin
              5. Excessive sweating
              6. Premature aging
              7. Skin irritation
              8. Heat rash

              Homeremedies for glowing skin in summer

              Here are some effective home remedies for glowing skin in summer:

              1. Drink more water
              2. Regular exfoliation
              3. Use cooling face masks
              4. Apply rosewater
              5. Healthy diet
              6. Proper cleansing
              7. Wearing sun protection

              Take Away

              Try a lightweight moisturizer and go light on the makeup, exfoliating no more than twice per week. If you want a healthy glow, go for a self-tanner or tinted moisturizer and powder with SPF. Cover with clothes and accessories, and consider putting some with UPF 50+ in your wardrobe. A summer-friendly beauty routine with proper summer skincare tips will keep your skin happy and healthy all season long.


              What are the best ingredients for summer skin?

              Salicylic acid, Niacinamide, Aloe vera, rosewater, Hyaluronic acid, and retinol are the best ingredients for summer skin.

              What skincare to avoid in summer?

              Avoid cosmetics that contain citrus extracts or oils, especially during hot weather.


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              Stay Informed, and Stay Healthy!

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