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How does plank help to reduce belly fat?

How does plank help to reduce belly fat? | woman doing plank

Does plank reduce belly fat?

Fat burning around your belly is quite difficult. As much as you try to do it,  losing the bulging stubborn belly fat remains the number one goal on your priority list of weight loss journey for most people. However, there are specific effective exercises that you can do to burn that stubborn fat around your belly very fast. Among those exercises, a plank is said to be highly effective in shedding away belly fat.

Planks are perfect for burning down your belly fat because they effectively engage multiple muscles simultaneously at a high level, boosting your metabolic rate and benefiting in increasing your core strength. All in all, a plank is said to be an excellent choice to stimulate your whole body quite effectively. Overall by performing plank you can easily shed away stubborn fat that piled up around your waist. So a plank is a good overall exercise for facilitating the infusion of strength in your whole body.

Plank benefits for weight loss

Plank is an overall body exercise that actively engages your whole body in shedding extra calories. Planks make your body sweat heavily when done in the right manner. If you perform plank exercises regularly you can assure yourself that you are on the right track to losing weight much faster than others.

Planks should be done every week, progressively you can increase your time of performing this exercise and switching it alternately with other hardcore exercises. If the plank exercise seems too hard at first, make sure you get enough rest in between doing the sets of this exercise and do not overload or pressurize your body in performing such exercises. You need to remember that every step you take in doing plank will lead you towards your desired weight. The main things that make your weight loss a reality are the right way and frequency of doing the plank.

  • For the very 1st week you need to begin at 20 seconds of doing a plank and gradually increase it to 60 seconds.
  • During the Second Week, slowly increase the time of performing plank from 60 seconds to 90 or 120 seconds.
  • Increase this duration from 120 seconds to about 150 to 180 seconds in the third week.

Calories burn in plank

The amount of calories that you burn while doing planking depends on several pointers. These include your body weight, your muscle-to-fat ratio, and your metabolism rate.

The more repetitions you do in performing planks, the more calories you will definitely burn. If you possess a high muscle-to-fat ratio, you will also be able to burn much more calories during the rest periods between the reps of planks.

Your Weight             Calories Burned

115 lbs.                   2 calories burnt per minute

160 lbs.                   3 to 4 calories burnt per minute

170 lbs. or more    4 to 5 calories burnt per minute

There are several variations of plank that are more challenging than performing the basic plank. These can burn much more calories than the basic method of performing planks as well.

Plank exercise for belly fat

The basic question that strikes the mind of beginners is how much weight can you lose performing the plank challenge? Well, the answer to this question depends upon how well your posture is while you do the planks. Do not ever lift your hips or let them dip while doing the plank exercise as they will divert all the pressure from your core to your back. 

Also, keep in mind to lock your knees and keep your legs straight along in the direction of your body. Nevertheless, if you are a beginner who is trying to do a plank and are struggling with its traditional positions, it’s always recommended to start with your knees by keeping them as the base instead of your feet as the base. After performing a few days of planks practice, you can move on to doing full planks as done by the experience holders.

While doing the plank workout you need to know that it engages multiple muscles in your body during the performance so it is not just like any other traditional exercise that targets your abdominal area. It takes a lot of body balance and resilience. The longer you hold the correct position the more you would be able to lose fat. Also if you are confused about how many planks do you actually need to lose your extra weight? So the answer to this query is that to lose extra belly fat, you need to do this plank workout at least 3 times per week, holding the plank position for about 60 to 120 seconds. Never strain any of your muscles while performing this plank exercise. Adequate rest is also required so that your muscles grow faster as much as you perform this exercise.

How to do planks to flatten the stomach?

Plank exercises require so much body balance when done properly. So here are the steps involved in performing planks properly.

  1. Place yourself straight facedown on the yoga mat.
  2. Raise your torso up to a height so that your elbows come directly under your shoulders and rest your body weight on your forearms.
  3. Tighten up properly your glutes and the inner thighs.
  4. Now bring your toes together properly.
  5. Engage your core muscles by bringing your belly button in and somewhat up.
  6. Now bend your knees and keep your back completely straight.
  7. Maintain your body posture in a straight line by keeping your head slightly forward to your body and your neck must be relaxed as if you were pressing it into an imaginary wall.
  8. Fix your gaze toward the ground.
  9. Hold this position for about 30 to 60 seconds as long as you can maintain a flat back. 

Is plank good for weight loss?

Weight loss is not just an important way to improve one’s proper posture, but it also helps you to prevent various major health conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes. But losing such stubborn fat is a struggle for many people. To ease this fat-shredding process there are many specific exercises that are advised by many health experts in order to enhance the process of weight loss. One such exercise that can do wonders is the good old plank exercise.

A plank helps to burn stubborn fat much more rapidly, largely because the plank exercise is a special kind of exercise that can engage your multiple muscles at once. No wonder, it can benefit the core strength of your body multifold and boosts your metabolic rate to lose more weight in less time. All in all, a plank is an excellent option to stimulate your whole body to give you maximum benefit.

Although the basic regular planks exercise is a great option to start your weight loss journey on the right note, you can multiply many benefits that you earned by doing planks in much less time. By trying these planks exercise or by trying these challenging variations in the planks you can involve more muscle groups which in turn raise your heartbeat, and obviously burn much more calories.

Plank exercise vs push ups for weight loss

Muscles targeted in the plank exercise and push-ups are almost the same with the same strength as the total body weight involved in performing both of these exercises. Both the exercises that are planks and push-ups are done in a similar manner and activate several muscles of your body one at a time. 

The plank works on your core muscles, obliques, rectus abdominis, transverse abdominis, glutes, and serratus anterior. At the same time, standard push-ups exercise to target your chest muscles prominently, or pectorals, deltoids, shoulders, triceps, back of your arms, abdominals muscles, and serratus anterior.

Bottom line

The plank is a very effective abdominal-strengthening exercise. For most people, it burns around 2-5 calories per minute.

Planks increase muscle and enhance metabolism, so they help to sustain more levels of caloric burn during rest. They are a good addition to a well-rounded exercise regime, which also includes cardio workouts.


1. How long should I plank for a flat stomach?

To lose your stubborn belly fat, health experts suggest that you stick to your goal of holding a plank exercise for about 60 seconds to 120 seconds for a minimum of about 3 times.

2. Calories burned in 1-minute plank

The plank is a highly effective core-targeting isometric exercise that burns approximately 2 to 5 calories per minute of doing plank exercise based on your body weight.

3. How much weight can you lose doing the plank challenge?

There are no such measurements that have been clinically provided by any study yet that tell you about weight loss by doing the plank. It is just the calorie measurements that have been provided that are about two to five calories lost by doing one minute of the plank exercise.


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