Tadasana Benefits for Posture and Mental Health

Tadasana Benefits for Posture and Mental Health

Tadasana benefits

Mountain pose, which is also called Tadasana in Sanskrit, is a classic pose that acts as the basis of all standing yoga practices.

Though it seems quite simple to try, Tadasana also has complex benefits to offer.  It can help you in correcting muscle imbalances, helps in improving your posture, and deepen your mental awareness.

Regular yoga practice can positively influence your life and enhance your overall well-being to a great level. It may help you in making your body feel much better by:

  • Helps improving flexibility
  • Helps in relieving your pain
  • Helps to build strength
  • Doing Tadasana Yoga also encourages you in managing:

  • Healthy management of weight
  • Helps in relieving stress 
  • Helps in improving breathing patterns
  • Tadasana is the root of all standing yoga poses. In terms of alignment of tadasana, it’s similar to other yoga poses such as:

  • Adho Mukha Vrksasana also called Handstand
  • Sirsasana also called Headstand
  • Savasana also called Corpse Pose
  • You can return to the Tadasana pose in between doing the standing poses to focus on your balance and alignment.

    Mountain Pose enhances your awareness of the body so you can correct any imbalances and improve your body alignment, which reduces the risk of getting any injury. It’s quite easier to develop a mental awareness and make bodily adjustments when you are doing a simple, static pose like Tadasana Yoga.  You can also have the same attention while doing more advanced asanas.

    Practicing tadasana yoga can offer many benefits for your mood, emotions, and mental well-being. Focusing on your thoughts, breath, and body while practicing the Tadasana which helps in enhancing the mental awareness of the present moment and promotes much more mental clarity to you.

    Tadasana may also help you in improving

    • Your posture and coordination
    • Helps in relieving sciatic pain
    • Also helps to improve your agility
    • Boost boost circulation
    • Helps in toning your core muscles
    • strengthen your legs, hips, and back.

    How to do tadasana step by step?

    Safety, comfort, and awareness regarding the pose are the most vital things to consider when practicing these yoga asanas.

    If you get overwhelmed by various Tadasana alignment principles, select one to two body parts to focus on first. Once you’ve got these body parts aligned, then you can choose new body parts to target.

    Tadasana steps

    1. Stand by touching your big toes and your heels quite apart, so that the outer edges of your feet are parallel to one another.
    2. Distribute the pressure evenly between your little toes, big toes, and heels.
    3. Try to lift your arches and apply pressure to the outer edges of your feet.
    4. Also, keep your knees a little bent.
    5. Engage your quadriceps in it and also lift your kneecaps slightly uplift.
    6. Bring the pelvis into a neutral position while engaging.
    7. Also, try to maintain the natural curve of your lower back.
    8. Now activate your core muscles.
    9. Now elongate your spine and broaden up your chest.
    10. Bring your shoulder blades together and down your back.
    11. You can relax your arms by the sides with the palms facing forward.
    12. Now activate your fingers by spreading your hands.
    13. Keep your belly quite relaxed and now take deep breaths.
    14. Hold this position for about 1 minute.

    Best time to do tadasana

    This tadasana can be practiced at any time of the day without thinking much. It is not at all mandatory or advised by any Yogacharya that this asana must be practiced on an empty stomach. As it is not at all related to an empty stomach in providing its benefit.  But if you are performing it with other yoga asanas, it is advised that you have your meals at least five to six hours before you perform this asana. As you must have the energy to perform such asanas. So you must have the food in your belly to provide you with the required energy. Also, make sure while performing such asana that your bowels must be clean.

    Will Tadasana increase height?

    If you start practicing this pose of tadasana for quite a long time and it is being performed by you in the required frequency in a day and in the right posture with mental ease, you can definitely end up gaining a few extra inches to your height scale. So Yes, this tadasana helps you in increasing your height by a few inches. You can ask your children to do this tadasana for the benefit of increasing your height. 

    Tadasana and Vrikshasana

    There is some basic difference between Tadasana and Vrikshasana which are being given under consideration.

    1) The main aim of Tadasana Yoga is to increase height and flexibility while Vrikshasana teaches you the act of body Balancing.

    2) In Tadasana we need to balance our body above our toes whereas in Vrikshasana we usually balance our body on one leg.

    3) In Tadasana we used to interlock your fingers to get a firm grip whereas in Vrikshasana we usually make salutations.

    4) In Tadasana we need to stretch our whole body whereas in Vrikshasana we focus on a fine balance of our body.

    5) In Tadasana we have the upward direction of our face whereas in Vrikshasana our face is in a straight line.

    6) In Tadasana our body is completely stretched upwards whereas in Vrikshasana our body is in a relaxed position.

    Tadasana contraindications

    If you have never performed this tadasana before, you must practice it with a certain level of caution. Here are some of the precautions you must take while practicing this tadasana.

    • Don’t try to do this tadasana pose if you are suffering from insomnia.
    • If you experience any kind of headache, stop doing this immediately.
    • If you are taking any blood thinning medications or suffer from low blood pressure, avoid doing this tadasana pose without consulting your doctor.

    The bottom line

    While Tadasana is one of the most popular and basic yoga asanas, it provides a challenge for all at all levels of it and also benefits your body with several physical and emotional benefits. Tadasana targets your body and mind at all levels, which helps to create a sense of calmness and inner peace.

    Maintaining a proper alignment and continuous body awareness is a constant process. Standing steady, strong, and centered in the tadasana pose helps you to improve your alignment, posture, and fine balance. This can also benefit you with other yoga poses as well as your daily bodily movements.

    Keep it practicing fresh by continually trying various poses of doing this tadasana.


    1. Can Tadasana increase height after 19?

    Tadasana is one of the most common and effective yoga poses for increasing your height. All other standing asanas are having it as their bases. You can do this asana anywhere, at any point in time, since it is so simple to perform. However, you must perform it once you empty your bowels which is considered the best time to practice.

    2. How many times should I do Tadasana?

    Tadasana must be performed under the guidance of a qualified and experienced yoga practitioner who can advise you well regarding the correct way of doing it and the number of repetitions you must do to get optimally benefitted.

    3. How long should I stay in Tadasana?

    Tadasana can be performed for about 15 to 20 seconds at a stretch. You can also perform this yoga posture up to 10-12 times per day.


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