Does honey make hair white?

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Does honey make hair white?

Honey is a natural sweetening agent used in the kitchen for various recipes. Honey is also considered the gentle man’s sugar, as it doesn’t cause fat and diabetes. Honey contains proteins, vitamins, and Vitamins. It is composed of simple carbohydrates such as glucose, fructose, maltose, sucrose, and other sugars, that absolutely do no harm to the human body. Honey is naturally available and these days it is also prepared artificially. An amazing fact about honey is it never expires, but these days the chemical composition they are adding to it makes it come with an expiry date. 

Honey has been used for various beauty purposes too. These days it has been used mostly on hair for strong and healthy hair. Honey also has numerous benefits when used for face. So let’s get into what honey does to your hair.

What happens if I put honey on my hair?

For thousands of years, honey has been used as a medicinal ingredient to treat various health problems and as a natural sweetener. And it is no surprise that it benefits our hair too. Honey can be put on the hair in four ways, shampoo, conditioner, oil, and as a mask.

When it is applied to the hair and scalp, it moisturizes the dry hair and scalp, brings a shine, softens the hair, reduces hair breakage, reduces frizz, and makes the hair healthy. Honey can be directly put on the hair to achieve this, but as this process takes time, you can use it in a conditioner. But if honey is left for longer periods of time, the hair gets intense healing, and total nourishment, and cleans the head totally.

Benefits of honey on hair

Let us know the top benefits of applying honey to hair.

  1. Hair growth
  2. Redefined and smooth hair texture
  3. Natural shine on the hair
  4. Prevents hair loss
  5. Keeps the scalp and the hair nourished
  6. Acts as a natural conditioner
  7. Makes hair soft and detangled.

Will honey make hair white?

Honey is nature’s gift with no possible effects to very low negative effects that too in rare conditions. Honey is rich in keratin and other vitamins and nutrients such as niacin, iron, zinc, riboflavin, and many more that help hair to get stronger, smoother, and shinier. And no your hair won’t turn white if you apply honey your hair looks shinier and darker after applying honey. So applying honey to your hair doesn’t make it white.

Applying honey on hair side effects

Although honey has these many healing properties, it has side effects too. 

  1. When hone is produced from the nectar rhododendrons it is unsafe and may contain toxins that cause heart problems and blood pressure problems.
  2. Honey is not recommended for children below 12 months as it can cause Botulism
  3. Using in large amounts can cause and increase blood sugar levels leading to type 2 diabetes.
  4. People allergic to pollen can get allergic reactions from honey.
  5. Honey might slow blood clotting, during medication.
  6. Honey should be avoided during the consumption of Dilantin, as they both interact and form and increase the risk of phenytoin.

Take Away

Honey is a natural sweetener and a lot more than that. It has been used for ages, for various problems related to digestion, swelling, stomach, and more. It has no expiry date, due to various companies and their competition, honey is also getting artificial, and they are coming with an expiry date. We fantasize about the light and transparent colours of the honey.

But in reality the darker the honey is the original it is and sweeter it is. The companies selling it made the choice of making it transparent with added chemicals and these chemicals have an expiry date that spoils the honey to be consumed. 


What makes hair white?

The main reason for hair whitening is an ageing and genetic factor. Apart from that our lifestyle, food habits, and the cosmetics we use also affect our hair colour.

Does honey make eyebrows white?

As mentioned before, honey helps the skin get a fair colour but it doesn’t have to do anything with the colour of hair or eyebrow colour.

Can I apply honey on hair everyday?

Honey can be used every day but only as an ingredient in a shampoo, conditioner or hair oil. It can be applied directly to the hair scalp once a week.


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