Does female masturabation cause hormonal imbalance

Female mastrubating

Does female masturabation cause hormonal imbalance?

Masturbation is the process of self-exploration and self-love. There is nothing wrong or guilty to feel about it. It’s just that most people won’t agree that they masturbate and the rest agree. There are myths about masturbation and its after-effects on health, skin and hair. One of the most believed myths these days is that masturbation can cause hormonal imbalance in women, let’s break that myth down. 

The answer is no, female masturbation doesn’t lead to hormonal imbalance. There’s no problem with it until you do it within a limit. Female masturbation is the process of self-stimulating the vulva and clitoris with fingers and any possible things to get a pleasant feeling and reach climax. And if there is a hormonal imbalance it can cause various health issues.

Does female masturabation cause PCOS?

Female masturbation is still considered a sin and a mental illness in some places and with too few people. Don’t worry, there’s nothing wrong with self-exploration until you don’t harm yourself or anyone around you. The reason behind these misconceptions was a lack of sex education and experience.

These days most people believe that masturbation can cause PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome). PCOS is a condition where ovaries produce a large amount of male sex hormone called androgen. Which can lead to a hard voice, facial hair, and some other characteristics of a man. And the answer is no masturbation doesn’t cause PCOS nor affects fertility, rather it is just an enjoyable event and stress reliever.

What happens to the female body during masturbation?

People of all ages masturbate and for most of them, it's their first sexual experience. Masturbation is often considered a taboo aspect, and it's quite uncommon to discuss as we talk about regular topics and stuff. But masturbation is also quite normal, it is also a bodily process that keeps us happy and satisfied. 

When a woman masturbates several changes occur in her body. She becomes sexually aroused, her internal reactions change, blood flow increases to the genital organs, the vaginal wall becomes lubricated, the clitoris becomes bigger, the uterus opens a bit for penetration, breathing becomes deeper, and also the heartbeat increases. 

what hormone does female masturbation release?

During masturbation and after climax, females release dopamine, endorphins, oxytocin, testosterone, and prolactin.

  1. Dopamine is released, it is a happiness hormone, that makes you feel relaxed and relieved from stress.
  2. Endorphins are pain relief hormones that soothe your brain from anxiety and other external pain you have.
  3. Oxytocin hormone is also called the love hormone, during this time it makes it easier for you to get connected or make some bond with a person of interest easily.
  4. Testosterone is related to stamina, this improves your sex drive and stamina and is the reason behind your sexual fantasies.
  5. Lastly, prolactin is released which directly involves how your mood is and affects the immune system too.

Is mastrubation harmful to female?

Masturbation is normal and healthy irrespective of gender until it’s done within a limit. Masturbation is nothing but you discovering yourself by touching your genitals in the way you get pleased and pleasure. Masturbation is done for various reasons. Some people do it for stress relief, relaxation, to live their fantasies, to explore themselves and sometimes just because it feels good. And some people masturbate regularly, some moderately and very few people don’t masturbate at all. And that’s fine, masturbation has side effects only when the limit is reached. 

However, there are a few myths about female masturbation that masturbation causes infertility, memory loss, heart weakness, blindness, acne & pimples and PCOS but it’s false. Masturbation won’t affect you in any way until you do it to a limit and play nice. Apart from this, there are health benefits of masturbation such as mood elevation, higher pain tolerance, relaxation, satisfaction, better sleep, improved self-esteem, fighting menstrual cramps and more.

Effects of female masturbation

Masturbation has negative sides too. But this only happens when you masturbate excessively and masturbate during an infection or have a condition in the genital areas.

A few of the side effects include:

Take away

In concluding lines we can tell you that masturbation is healthy and normal, and there is nothing to feel guilty or wrong about it. It is the way you find yourself, explore and fulfil your sexual fantasies. In fact, masturbating once in a while can make you relaxed, calm and satisfied. Your sex drive also increases. On the other hand, doing it often can lead to serious health issues. If you have problems near your genitals or something related to the genitals, then consult your doctor immediately.


Does frequent masturbation lead to hormonal imbalance?

No there won’t be hormonal imbalance but frequent masturbation can have side effects such as reduced sensation over the clitoris, back pain, and lowered libido level.

Does female masturbation cause acne?

No masturbation does cause acne or pimples be it man or woman. Hormonal changes might contribute to acne breakout but masturbation has no connection.


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