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Difference Between Face Serum, Oil & Moisturizer

a girl applying face serum using a dropper

Healthy Skin

If you are familiar with an ideal skincare routine that makes your skin all look shiny, healthy, and glowing you must know the importance of using a face oil, facial serum, and moisturizer. Yes, these all three hydrates the skin to the core but their way of doing it is not exactly the same in fact they do it very differently.

Here’s everything we are providing for you to know exactly what face serum, oil and a good moisturizer are, and which skin types they support well.

What Exactly Is Face Serum?

Face serum actually is a water-based liquid solution that has been processed to solve specific concerns of the face.

Face serum has quite a small lighter consistency and also a smaller molecular weight as compared to face cream which means that it can go deeper into the skin than much of the available lotions and creams. 

Almost any kind of available active ingredient can easily be harnessed into a good face serum, making them ideal for fighting a number of day to date skin issues such as acne, sunburn, hyperpigmentation, dullness, dehydration, and fighting any premature signs of aging the skin. Face serum best results when applied to your skin after cleansing and toning but before moisturizer and your sunscreen.

Lightweight serums are generally absorbed quickly, and can be effectively used in the morning and night as a part of skincare routines. To get effectively and positively benefited from any skin issues one must add a face serum into their daily skincare routine.

What Is Face Oil?

Face oils have found their significance in skincare lists from the days of Cleopatra. Face oils are easily extracted from seeds, fruit, and nuts and are packed with essential fatty acids, nutrients, and antioxidants.

It keeps pouring deep down into the skin just by adding a mega-dose of moisture to the uppermost layer.

You can nourish your skin just by adding face oil. It gives you healthy, glowing, and nourished skin but on the contrary, some oils can clog your pores. For example, argan oil has quite a smaller molecular size of its own, which means it will pour into your skin deep down quickly without clogging any pores.

You can either apply face oil just before your moisturizer or mix your face oil with your moisturizer. As oils lock up the moisturizer deep into the skin in the most effective way. 

What Are Moisturizers Upto?

Moisturizers are generally formulated with a combination of oils and water. They are effective in getting rid of skin dryness and hydrating the uppermost layer of the skin. A daily moisturizer is a good choice for those with normal, oily, or a combination of both skins. But in order to treat extreme dryness of the skin, a moisturizer can not effectively treat this out which is where face oils come into the picture. 

A moisturizer is very effective in treating skin dryness by locking moisture into the skin. This is why moisturizer is the first choice in the skin that is still damp.

Key Differences Between Face Serum, Moisturizer, and Face Oil

Face serums contain almost 70% up to 70 active ingredients, which makes them highly effective and result-oriented skin care products. While moisturizers have a low percentage of active ingredients and are formulated to provide your skin with a moderate level of hydration. They are best used as the last and most effective step in the daily skincare routine. Face oils on the other hand are made with specific, skin oriented, and skin-friendly oils that are deeply absorbed by the skin without clogging any pore, and they are meant to provide your skin with a mega-dose of hydration.

When Should You Choose Which?

While any moisturizer that suits your skin type is a must-tick mark in your skincare kit, pick up a serum to best suit your immediate skin needs for example fight fine lines, reduce dullness, tackle the blemishes, fight fine lines, etc. Use a face oil only when your face is extremely dry, or is in dire need of additional moisturization, due to any internal or external factors.

Tips For Using Face Serum And Face Oil

  • Serum Always Goes First. That's The fact

  • Serum should always be the first product that feels your skin after cleansing and exfoliating.  Applying a moisturizer or oil before serum creates a barrier over your skin blocking effective absorption of the serum.

  • Pair them together

  • Face oils and face serum work well together. For example, a vitamin C serum used for dark spots can be mixed with squalene oil for hydration.

  • Layer According To The Consistency

  • When it comes to deciding which serum should be applied first, always start with light. Lighter serums will get easily absorbed, while the heavier serums and face oils are trapped in the ingredients. If both serums have the same consistency, go with the ingredient that you want that your skin gets the most.

  • Pay Utmost Care To The Way Of Applying Them

  • The best way is to apply your face serums and oils by gently and slowly massaging them into your skin as it helps improve blood circulation by boosting oxygen transmission.

  • Face Oil And Face Serum For Everyone

  • As long as you are able to find out the exact need of your skin or the right product for the right skin type everyone can benefit from using and layering oils and serums.  By seeping both of them into your daily skincare routine, you are providing your skin with a targeted ingredient.

    Take Away

    There are chances that some active ingredients in the face serums can cause your skin to be showing sensitivity when it is exposed to ultraviolet rays of the sun. So it’s advisable to layer your products at night. This will allow the active ingredients to work more effectively as your body repairs itself while you sleep.