Home Remedies for Acne Scars

Sandalwood does wonders and magic to skin and skin related issues.

    Home Remedies for Acne Scars

    As there are no exact acne scar treatments until we treat acne first. Some remedies can lighten your dark spots or acne spots by using these products or methods daily in your skincare regimen. There are also many acne scar removal creams people use for reducing or getting rid of them.

    Some home remedies that help to get rid of acne scars are:

    1. Coconut oil
    2. Aloe vera gel
    3. Honey
    4. Baking soda 
    5. Lemon juice
    6. Shea butter
    7. Sandalwood powder
    8. Multani mitti
    9. Citrus fruits

    The treatments depend on the skin type of the skin and which ingredients will work on which skin type. Many over-the-counter creams, gels, lotions, and ointments are available in the market but you should be sure which one suits you the better that may not lead to further scarring of the skin. Or you should consult a skin expert and go through those ingredients that are best suitable for you.

    • OTC creams and gels can only lessen the darkness of the scars rather than completely disappear them. Some ingredients like salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, retinoids, and some antibiotics kill the bacteria that cause infection to the skin and reduce itching and oiliness on the skin.

    • Apple cider vinegar: apple cider vinegar reduces the appearance of scars by maintaining the pH of your skin. Mix apple cider vinegar in water and mix properly, then apply on scars with a cotton ball.

    • Lemon juice: Lemon is rich in citric acid and thus maintains the pH of the skin which lightens up the scars. Lemon also acts as an antioxidant that repairs the skin from any damage done to the skin by any free radicals. Lemon is usually mixed with water and applied on the scars but overuse of this is not recommended as it can irritate your skin. Also lemon benefits our skin a lot.

    • Baking soda:baking soda when used with water acts as an exfoliant that removes any dead skin cells and blurs the appearance of scars
    • Sandalwood: Sandalwood does wonders and magic to skin and skin-related issues. It is present in everyone's home as the best skincare product to be applied as a face mask that soothes the skin.

    • Multani mitti: Multani mitti is also known as fuller's earth. Oily skin type people consider this as magic for their skin. Applying it twice or thrice a month absorbs the excess oil thus preventing the formation of acne and acne scars.

    Is it safe to take acne scars treatment?

    Apart from natural and home remedies, there are surgical techniques and treatments to cure acne scars and they take potential side effects with them too. They include

    • Soft tissue fillers; where collagen is injected into the skin to make the appearance scar look less. The side effects are skin redness, swelling, itching, rashes, and more.
    • Laser resurfacing; a laser is used on the skin in affected areas but it has potential side effects like skin darkening, pigmentation, acne breakout, etc. 
    • Chemical peel; the top layer of the skin is removed in the affected areas to minimize the scar effects. But if you have deep peel once, you can have it again. The side effects mainly include darkening of the skin colour.
    • Surgery; here the acne scars are cut out and repaired with stitches. Sometimes, the surgery scar leaves a bigger mark than the actual acne scar.
    • Botox treatment; is mainly used in treating fine lines, wrinkles and then acne scars. Side effects include pain, eye redness, headaches, and flu.

    Although there are many ways to treat acne scars, all of them carry some or the other side effect with them. The best suggestible way is to work on natural remedies.

    Do serums works to prevent acne scars?

    The acne and its scars seem impossible for us to treat them. But they do get healed. There are natural remedies, cosmetic treatments and then serums that can be used at the home at relatively less expensive and then treat in some time. It’s no guarantee that they treat and heal your skin completely but then again it's not that serums don’t work on your skin. It's totally about the product you choose and your skin type. 

    While going out choose a serum for your acne scar then look out for these ingredients, Vitamin C, which helps your skin brighten, and alpha hydroxy and beta hydroxy acid to fight acne and treat the scars. But before doing this consult your dermatologist and also do a patch test.

    Best serum for acne scars

    There are a lot many serums in the market that offer to treat acne scars. But in reality, most of them won’t work, and not every product is going to give the best result. It is important the way you choose your product. Look out for the ingredients, consult your dermatologist, verify whether you are positive towards those ingredients, lookout for reviews, see what the serum has to offer and then you are good to go. Right now the best product for treating acne scar removal is an acne removal kit by Saturn by GHC, which consists of anti-acne gel, foaming face wash, and dark spot remover which is the best-recommended product for ones looking to treat acne and acne scars.

    Take Away 

    The main thing about acne scars is that you have to treat your acne first. The above homemade remedies prevent your skin from wrinkles and fine lines and also lighten your acne scar. Vitamin C, antioxidants, Multani mitti, sandalwood, lemon, and aloe vera are all-natural remedies that cure your acne and acne scars.

    Acne scars can be the most stubborn thing one can have, if you have stubborn acne marks that do not go away,  then medical is the option you have. Acne scars are not permanent but can be to one's self-esteem and following good skincare habits is the most important thing. Collagen boosting also is important to prevent skin from scarring and remove fine lines and wrinkles.


    Do acne scars go away naturally?

    Yes, acne scars do go away naturally with time, our skin has the natural property of healing itself. We can also use some natural homemade recipes and DIY methods to remove those scars.

    How long do acne marks take to fade?

    Usually, an acne scar stays on the skin for 3-6 months and sometimes even more based on the intensity of the scar and the damage it caused to the skin.

    Is Coconut Oil good for acne scars?

    Coconut oil on regular usage keeps the skin moist, removes dirt, adds a protective layer, and helps kill bacteria and infection.


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