Decoding the Myths of Shaving & Waxing

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Shaving & Waxing

Unwanted hair growth is something that everybody is dealing with irrespective of age, sex. While the common methods for such hair removal are shaving and waxing. Although they perform the same function of removal of unwanted hair, still they majorly differ in many aspects.

The process of shaving is a known and most commonly used hair removal process that makes use of any shaving appliance that uses a razor for getting the job of hair removal done.

While the process of waxing is a hair removal process that makes use of hot wax to remove the hair follicles effectively with making use of mechanical pressure.

Which is Better Shaving Or Waxing?

The answer to this question that which method of hair removal is better lies in the fact that

  • How much time do you have for it?
  • Which product is available to you at that time?
  • Are you having sensitive skin?
  • Are you aware of your allergies?
  • How refined and smooth do you want the end result to be?

So you can notice that the answer for which one is best to use depends upon several factors.

So here we are discussing various myths and the facts to counter them to make it easy for selecting the best out of both the procedure of waxing and shaving. 

Shaving Myths & Facts

Myth 1: Doing shaving makes your hair rough, thicker, darker, and regrow faster

Fact: For your hair growth it is your genes, your hormones even your eating habits that are responsible for it. While shaving includes cutting hair from the surface while waxing just uprooted the hair so shaving can make your skin appear much thicker and darker.

Myth 2: By applying more pressure on the razor will help you in getting a close shave.

Fact: People believe that by applying pressure on the razor you can get a fine shave. But what happens, in reality, is totally different where you also get so many cuts and nicks in bonus. So what you should do is to use a sharp and rusted razor blade rather than experiment with the applying technique.

Myth 3: If you repeatedly shave on the same part it will give a refined and close shave.

Fact: To encounter this myth, always remember to change the blade of your razor if it is not able to remove your hair in one or at most two swipes. If your blade is blunt no matter how much pressure or how many times you shave only a particular area it will make your skin red, itchy, and may produce rashes over that spot.

Myth 4: You can also shave using soap, cream or foam is not that necessary 

Fact: These shaving gels or creams are entered in the market to make sure to keep the skin that is going to be shaved hydrated and to provide an easy slide of razor blade over the skin. And the soap you are using does not provide any of such  facilities.

Waxing Myths & Facts

Myth 1: Waxing causes hair to regrow faster and thicker.

Fact: For many years it has been a classical myth that by waxing your hair it regrows thicker and much faster and because of this many women prefer shaving over waxing. But actually, this is a complete myth as you do wax for a longer period of time your hairs become weak with every wax and regrow quite slowly.

Myth 2: Waxing hurts a lot. 

Waxing does hurt but with the right technician who is very experienced in his job, the pain is so minimal that you can easily have all the benefits of wax.

Also, remember do not go for waxing when you are on your period as during that time your skin becomes extra sensitive which will be more painful if you prefer waxing during the periods.

Myth 3: Waxing helps you in preventing the formation of ingrown hair.

Those hairs which grow and curl back into your skin after you do waxing are called ingrown hairs.

Irrespective of choosing anything that is shaving or waxing for your hair removal ingrown hairs will always turn up. It is the laser hair removal therapy in which ingrown hairs do not turn up. It is advisable to get well moisturized and avoid using tight clothes.

Myth 4: Waxing will lead  to wrinkles on your skin

Using waxing along with unwanted hairs also removes damaged and dead layers of your skin. This will provide you with new, youthful, and fresh skin underneath.

Always remember to apply some trusted sunscreen every time you go out after you waxed. As your skin is sensitive after the wax and can be easily harmed by the UV rays of the sun.

It is of the fact that waxing only removes dead skin and provides you with new and healthy skin but not wrinkles.

Myth 5: Wait until your hair grows long enough to wax again

This is actually not necessary. You can wax again even if your hairs are as short as rice. It has already been documented that your hair needs to be just one-fourth of the original length to get waxed again. But in the case of your eyebrows, the length should regrow to one-eighth of an inch. You should wax once a month for fair and healthy skin.

Take Away

Whether you opt for waxing or shaving, both are effective methods for hair removal. In shaving the upper part of the hair over the skin gets removed while in waxing hair gets uprooted.

Shaving is easy to do while waxing needs time.

Shaving is more economical while waxing is an expensive method.

So both of these methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. You can choose any of these methods depending upon your requirements, skin sensitivity, pain tolerance, and the time you have.

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