Know About the Beauty Miracles of Aloe Vera for face

Know About the Beauty Miracles of Aloe Vera for face

Aloe Vera for Face

Aloe vera is one of the oldest plants with herbal properties that have been used for centuries now. You might have seen this aloe vera tree almost in every house because it is one of the easily growable plants that can grow anywhere with a minimal amount of water and soil. 

It is one of a kind tree that does not have any particular features like leaves, stems, barks or branches. The whole plant itself stems look like large long leaves. With its incredible medicinal properties aloe vera from roots to stems is completely usable for preparing medicines. 

Aloe vera is used in ayurveda to treat skin conditions, and liver illnesses including jaundice as well as non-healing wounds, and burn injuries. Aloe's beneficial aesthetic benefits and wound-healing abilities have been demonstrated in experimental tests. And let us know more benefits in detail.

10 Benefits of applying aloe vera on face

Aloe vera is enriched with minerals and vitamins essentials like vitamins A, C, E and B12. also with its anti-inflammatory properties and medicinal properties, it helps to treat skin conditions like

  1. Acne
  2. Sunburn or Tanned skin
  3. Dry skin
  4. Mouth sores
  5. Skin irritation
  6. Ageing 
  7. Dark spots
  8. Heals wounds and cuts
  9. Eczema 
  10. Psoriasis 

What does aloe vera do for face?

For people who suffer from severe acne, pigmentation dark spots, oily skin, dry skin, blemishes and dark circles this one is for you. Aloe vera which is a natural exfoliator when applied to the face its anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties along with its hydration properties repairs skin by eliminating bacteria and reducing acne blemishes. Also, removes dark spots by unclogging pores and clearing impurities from deep within the skin. 

Is aloe vera good for face?

You can use aloe vera as a cleanser, moisturizer and face scrub. Applying regularly in small amounts helps treat various skin conditions.

If you are suffering from acne, pigmentation, oily skin, dry skin, cold sores, dark spots, blemishes, or any kind of burs just try aloe vera gel.

Applying Aloe Vera on the Face

  1. Cleaning your face with cold water is the first step in applying aloe vera to your face.
  2. Next, gently apply some aloe vera to your face in circular motions using your fingertips and some aloe vera.
  3. Allow the aloe vera to stay on your face for ten to fifteen minutes.
  4. Use cold water to wash your face, then pat it dry.

Aloe vera vs Vitamin C

We know that aloe vera and vitamin c both are highly beneficial for nourishing the skin. From booting collagen to treating acne and fighting inflammation. Let us observe the key differences between aloe vera and vitamin c when applied to the skin.

Vitamin C

  • It is used as a serum which is purely concentrated from vitamin C.
  • Antioxidant presence in it protects the skin from free radicals.
  • Promotes collagen production for renewal of skin
  • Works better in clearing acne scars 
  • Helps fade out fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reduces acne and hyperpigmentation
  • Improves skin elasticity and hydration

Aloe vera

  • It is used as a gel, comes from pure extraction from aloe vera
  • Effective for wound healing and sores
  • Treats constipation and diabetes
  • Fights acne with its natural salicylic acid contents
  • Exfoliates the skin by giving a smoother appearance
  • Treats skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea.
  • Stimulates skin elasticity and firmness
  • Treats dry and cracked feet

Side effects of aloe vera on face

However, aloe vera is a herbal plant with many medicinal properties, some people can see its side effects by experiencing itching, rashing or burning sensations causing skin allergies. If you experience any of those symptoms, stop using aloe vera immediately.

Also, aloe vera is commonly used to treat burns and wounds to cool them. Some may experience more burn sensation. And people who underwent radiation therapy should not use aloe vera gel as it may damage the appearance of the skin.

Take Away

Aloe vera is a succulent plant that has 99% of water in it. This gel is ideally suited for treating all skin conditions and mainly sunburns and acne. However, being a natural moisturizer and exfoliator using aloe vera gel regularly gives you a bright and smooth skin complexion.

If you haven't tried ever just try using it and see the results for yourself.

Frequently asked questions

Can we apply aloe vera on face daily?

Yes, applying a small amount of aloe vera gel daily helps lock in skin moisturiser. And helps soothe tan and sunburns. And if you have acne, or dry skin it helps you even more.

How long should I leave aloe vera on my face?

Usually, 10 to 15 minutes is a normal duration to keep on. But if you apply a thick paste leave it for a few extra minutes so that the absorption properties could sink in completely.

Can I sleep with aloe on my face?

Yes, It is very safe to leave aloe vera gel on your face overnight. Aloe vera gel can take the place of your typical moisturiser so that you can wake up with soft, nourished, and radiant skin. 


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