Causes, Symptoms & Treatment of Thigh Chafing

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What is thigh chafing?

Thigh chafing is the result of the friction when your thigh rubs against one another and consequently damages the skin at that point. At the point of chafing, there appear blisters like red lesions with a burning sensation. This condition of chaffing is worsened by the environmental humidity or sweating that ignites more irritation at the site of friction. 

There is inner thigh chafing which is also a common skin problem in which the inner part of your thigh rubs against each other and causes rashes at the site of friction. Also, clothes that rub against your skin cause skin irritation or chafing. This causes a lot of discomfort and eventually damages your skin.

This inner thigh chafing can be caused from

  • Walking
  • Working out and
  • even sitting cross-legged. 

Inner thigh chafing causes

Chafing on the thighs is caused due to rubbing of thighs against each other and causing friction. It is very similar to blisters caused by wearing very tight shoes on your feet. Thigh chafing also happens due to:

  • Sweating from everyday activities or doing exercise
  • Wearing shorts, skirts, or even thin leggings
    • Walking or running
    • Heat and humidity
    • Trapped moisture between your skin folds
      • Wearing clothes that don't absorb moisture

      Symptoms of inner thigh chafing

      • Redness
      • Pain or discomfort
      • Burning or itching
      • Skin irritation
      • Rashes
      • Increased sensitivity

      Thigh chafing treatment

      It is quite hard to prevent thigh chafing as they come too quickly. To help prevent such a situation you can consider well-tested and trusted measures like avoiding some clothing types and use of certain medications. However, below are some techniques that help thigh chafing to a level.

      1. Thigh Bands

      These are elastic accessories that are small in size which you can wear around your thighs which will help you in preventing chafing. These proved helpful in dresses like skirts or in some dresses where your thigh rubbed against each other or with the clothes. They can easily fit underpants, shorts, and athletic wear also. You can also wear them even after chaffing to protect them from further damage.

      2. Thigh Chafing Shorts

      For more coverage of the body portion, there are thigh chafing shorts are the best option. They can easily absorb more sweat than the thigh bands. These shorts are better for skin rashes and work well under dresses. The tight-fitting dresses of athletes and certain compression shorts can work wonders in preventing thigh chafing.

      3. Thigh Chafing Balm Or Cream 

      There comes the situation when more than bands for chafing or shorts is being required for the rashes. In such cases chafing balm or creams comes into play. These creams and balms are a basic necessity in cases where there is so much friction already caused and let these rashes and redness harm. These balms and creams contain special lubricants that do not allow to cause any friction thus reducing any further damage to your skin.

      4. Baby Powder

      One of the most common and effective products to prevent thigh chafing is baby powder. To get the most benefit do apply the powder to avoid friction every time you have a shower and as this powder will let your skin be dry throughout the day.

      5. Petroleum Jelly

      Petroleum jelly is another effective product in dealing with thigh chafing which has an effective lubricating effect to barrier any further chafing or friction. This is a well-known method for lubricating your thighs and is also affordable.

      How to prevent thigh chafing?

      Let's have a look at some steps to prevent thigh chafing from occurring: 

      • During your workout wear some spandex bottoms to have some more room for movement.
      • For more breathability wear spandex or polyester blends.
      • When you come from heat or humid weather, dry your skin properly.
      • Apply powder to your inner thigh.
      • Wear clothes which suit your skin and are loose.

      What happens if chafing is left untreated?

      The following things might happen if chafing is left untreated:

      1. Increased discomfort
      2. Skin infections
      3. Delayed healing
      4. Worsening skin damage
      5. Impact on day-to-day activities

      Take Away

      Thigh chafing is quite a painful skin disorder that keeps you away from your daily routine. You can apply any cream, balm or wear some suitable clothing to prevent any further friction or moisture in that area. You can also ease the symptoms by taking some OTC medication. You should visit a trusted and well-known dermatologist if after taking all preventive measures you are unable to calm down your symptoms of thigh chafing.


      What does chafing look like on thighs?

      If you get thigh chafing you can notice red, blister-like lesions, that often cause itching, dryness, burning sensations, and sometimes pain too.

      When should I see a doctor about chafing?

      If the chafing goes beyond mild redness and you feel more itching or burning sensation, then it's high time you need to meet your doctor.

      How long does it take for chafing to heal?

      Usually chapping heals automatically with minimal care and attention, and it takes a couple of days up to a week or two.


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