Best Pre Workout Meal Routine for Working Folks

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Best pre-workout meal routine

It's not a good idea to exercise on an empty stomach, so eating at the correct time is crucial. During a workout, an empty stomach can also distract a person. As carbohydrates can be the primary energy source for anyone, having something with higher carbs can be good. Therefore, carbs that are easy to digest are essential to lower hunger and give energy during the workout. 

Supplements before working out can help

In sports, supplement usage is prevalent. Supplements can help with strength, better performance, and reduces tiredness. Some of the greatest pre-workout meals are supplements which are listed below.

1. Creatine

    A very popular supplement, creatine is a great source of energy. It's been demonstrated to improve muscle mass, muscle fiber size, muscular strength, and muscle power while also postponing tiredness.

    Although taking creatine before an exercise is useful, it seems to be much more effective when taken afterward. It is helpful to take 2–5 grams of creatine monohydrate each day.

    2. Caffeine

      Caffeine boosts performance, increases strength and power, decreases weariness, and accelerates fat burning, among other things. Caffeine is a stimulant that may be found in coffee, tea, and energy drinks, as well as pre-workout vitamins and tablets. It makes little difference how you take it since the impacts on performance are typically the same.

      3. Amino Acids with Branched Chains (BCAAs)

        BCAAs which are essential amino acids are also a good source of energy.

        4. Beta-Alanine

          It is an amino acid and can increase the carnosine amounts in one’s muscles. 

          5. Stay Hydrated

            Water is very important for better body functioning. Dehydration has been associated with severe losses in performance, while good hydration has been proven to maintain and even improve performance.

            Some examples of pre-workout meals

            Here's a list of the best pre-workout meals that are good to consume:

            1. Oatmeal

              If one is on an empty stomach and didn’t have any meal before a few hours of exercise, oatmeal can be a great option. 

              2. Chicken with brown rice

                Due to time restrictions, most people can’t do their workouts in the morning before work or school, hence exercising at night or in the evening. Chicken with brown rice is a terrific option for those people. 

                Brown rice is a rich source of fiber and carbohydrates, while chicken is a slice of lean meat and protein that is easily digested. As a result, this is the best combo pre-workout meal for muscle gain. You'll need about 200 to 300 calories, so combine two pieces of chicken with one medium bowl of brown rice.

                3. Protein Shakes

                  These are quite popular among gym-goers. For the development and growth of bones, skin, and muscles, protein is very important. A protein smoothie can be a great alternative. A protein drink after a workout is good for athletes and individuals who exercise often, but not every couple of hours. Kidney damage is a possible negative effect of protein shakes. Hence, a doctor should be consulted before one takes any protein diet.

                  4. Bananas

                    Bananas have carbs and sugar, which basically have energy for the body. They have a high carbohydrate content. One medium banana, taken 45 minutes to an hour before your exercise, should be enough to keep you going for the duration of your workout. It's like you're giving your body more fuel. However, each individual should be aware of his or her own body and respond to their own demands.

                    5. Honeyed peanut butter sandwich

                      Instead of white bread in the sandwich, one should take multigrain or whole wheat bread. Honey also has high energy with natural sugar that can easily give energy to individuals.

                      6. Yogurt 

                        Curds or dahi include calcium and proteins, as well as a little amount of natural sugar. It's a terrific alternative to drink before a tough exercise since it's gentle on the stomach and digestive system. Mixing yogurt with whole-grain cereal, fruits, or honey may produce a rapid energy boost.

                        What to eat before pre-workout?

                        You can eat the following pre-workout for better results:

                        • Complex carbohydrates
                        • Protein
                        • Healthy fats
                        • Fruits
                        • Water and juices

                        Take Away

                        It's critical to nourish your body with the correct nutrients before a workout in order to enhance your performance and recovery. Carbs aid your body's capacity to utilize glycogen to fuel short- and high-intensity activities, while fat aids in the fueling of prolonged workouts.

                        Hydration can also improve the performance of an individual and is very essential. Three hours to 30 minutes before an exercise consume a pre-workout meal. Choose meals that are easier to digest, particularly if you have a one-hour or shorter exercise ahead of you. This can also help in stomach pain avoidance.


                        What should I eat 30 minutes before a workout?

                        As mentioned above you can eat protein-rich foods, and take fruits for better results.

                        Can I workout on an empty stomach?

                        Yes, and it is suggestable if you are looking out for weight loss.

                        What happens if you workout and don't eat enough?

                        The simple answer is there won’t be any results, as there won’t be any protein left to repair the tissues.


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