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7 Benefits of Curd for Skin

Curd for Skin 

Skin is known to be a glowing veil that we humans are blessed with...So making it look bright, healthy, and glowy is something to be taken care of daily. While nowadays busy schedules keep us away from giving it extra TLC (tender loving care) as simply cleansing, toning, and moisturizing the skin barely provides what we need for our glow.

Searching for the most suitable and effective product for your skin is not only very time-consuming, but it is also so expensive nowadays. So it is really a boon for you if you have anything that is very effective for all skin disorders, handy, cheap, finds its presence in the kitchen for long, and suits most of the skin tones.

Yes, you guessed it right, we are talking about curd.

Here in this article, we put together a list of curd face packs for various skin types that can help your skin restore its natural glow, needs less effort, and is inexpensive too. But before we dive in telling you about-face packs let’s have a look at how curd is a natural boon for your skin.

Curd: A Natural Boon

Curd contains many essential nutrients like it is a good source of protein, calcium, and other essential vitamins. Also, it contains vitamin D which is so essential for the health of the skin as well as for the absorption of calcium in the body and also boosts your immunity.

Curd also contains lactic acid which helps in shedding away the dead cells from the skin moisturizing deeply your skin and giving it a never-ending radiance and a soft feel. It also keeps aging away for long and gives a tough fight to wrinkles.

It also helps in reducing the redness of the skin, boosts the glow of your face, and prevents any acne condition from occurring. If you got tanned, the curd is the answer you are looking for.

Include Curd In Your Beauty Routine In These 5 Ways:

A Well Known Moisturiser

If your skin loses the desired moisture content and lacks that soft touch then enriches your skin with the curd to rescue it from dryness due to its higher moisturizing power.

Applying curd mix with honey on your face every day for 10 minutes can get you soft, nourished, and glowing skin. Avoid warm water for washing off this solution.

Slays Pimples and Acne

Pimples and acne are something that needs regular care as it is very annoying when they cover all your face and destroy all glow that it carries earlier. So if you want to get rid of them use curd as a nourishment booster for your skin because it contains powerful elements like lactic acid and zinc known to eliminate stubborn pimples and acne and is also inexpensive to use. It provides long-lasting relief when used regularly.

Instant Relief From Sunburn

When due to exposure to UV light from the sun they make the body cells look dull and damage them which sometimes causes severe sunburn-related blisters and rashes. So you just need to apply curd to get some relief instantly due to the anti-inflammatory properties of the zinc present in it.

Effectively Works On Dark Circles

Battling with dark circles is a fight that no one wishes to be into. If you have a dark circle then curd could be the solution you are looking for. As again lactic acid and zinc play their role and help curb such situations to a great extent. It’s one of the cheapest remedies for it to count on.


Calcium and Vitamin D present in the curd helps improve skin complexion and texture. It is used for centuries for its remedial power for the same cause.

For A Youthful Feel

The powerful combination of antioxidants and vitamin C works as a boon for that rare youthful glow as it effectively reverses the process of ageing.

Tightens Loose Pores

To minimize the awful appearance of those enlarged nasty pores, you need to reach out to your trustworthy and affordable solution of curd or be ready to use an expensive market solution with no guarantee of its effectiveness. Curd is very rich in lactic acid and probiotics, which helps to eliminate bad bacteria and keep the bad bacteria that clog the pores, thus providing you with smaller pores.

Other Benefits Of Curd Includes

  • Greatly helps To exfoliate Your  Skin deeply.
  • Nourishes Your Skin with much essential protein, fats, vitamins, and other minerals.
  • Maintain elasticity of the skin and help in skin whitening.
  • Keeps the skin hydrated.
  • Soothes by having a cooling effect on your skin.

Different Ways To Use Curd

Mixing curd with other naturally available ingredients helps you restore the glow of your skin.

Popular and Common recommendations include:

  • Surd with tomato once a week for all skin types
  • Curd with cucumber once a week for all skin types
  • curd with turmeric once a week for all skin types.
  • curd with honey once a week for normal to dry skin tone.
  • curd with besan once a week for normal to dry skin tone.

Other popular mixers would be:

  • Coffee
  • Aloe vera
  • Rice powder
  • Rosewater

Take Away

Before applying curd or a combination of curd with other ingredients, use a patch test of it on a small area to check for any irritation. If you notice any negative changes on your skin like itchiness, redness, or swelling stop using it immediately.

Other than curd having health benefits it works wonder when included in your diet as a study by American Heart Association (AHA) reveals that those who included yogurt in their diet are less likely to develop high blood pressure as compared to others who don't because yogurt contains magnesium and potassium which promotes a healthy heart. It also aids in the proper digestion of foods as it has live bacteria which makes it a great probiotic.