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Benefits of Using Ice Cubes on Your Face

Benefits of Using Ice Cubes on Your Face 

We deal with environmental pollution, dust, and dirt that damage both our hair and skin. Taking care of this is a very essential part of our life. Skin is the most important part of our body that acts as the protective barrier for our body and the main sensory organ. We get pimples, acne, and breakouts on our faces due to such environmental factors and dusty areas. 

Skin inflammation and breakouts are the main cause of diet, stress, and many other environmental factors such as pollution. To get rid of this at home especially the start of acne or skin inflammation, our grandmothers used to ask us to do some home remedies like applying or rubbing ice cubes on the inflamed areas of our skin. They also advise us to apply ice cube face packs so that we get a cooling sensation on our faces. And so following our grandmothers we have found the most famous and best home remedy for our beautiful flawless skin.

Ice cubes are very beneficial to skin in many different ways, especially in those sweaty summers they help us provide a cooling sensation. Ice cubes not only help in relieving redness, itchiness, and skin inflammation but also help in improving blood circulation on the face and minimizing the large pores on the face, and helping skin to rejuvenate and glow.

Ice cube does miracles to the skin and is better than any expensive skincare product.

Here are some incredible and wonderful benefits of using ice cubes on the face. 

You might be thinking that whether the application of using ice cubes on the face is beneficial or not? Or is it Okay to apply it on the face? Many questions arise in our minds when we start something new to apply especially on our faces as everyone dreams of looking beautiful with natural and flawless beauty. But the answer is Yes! It is very safe to apply an ice cube on the face as it helps in destressing the skin and boosts blood circulation and makes your face glow.

You might have heard about the process of applying ice cubes to the body for health benefits is known as cryotherapy.

Benefits of rubbing ice cubes on the face

As you know purified water or plain water has many benefits related to our body and health, specifically skin as it removes toxins from our body. In the same way, an ice cube is nothing but the compressed form of purified water and hence rubbing it on your face cleanses your face thoroughly and makes it radiant.

  • It Heals and prevents acne

Ice cubes have anti-inflammatory properties that reduce and heal acne formation. It also soothes the skin by cooling and calming it down and minimizing the pore size on the skin of the face. Rubbing ice on the face reduces the excess secretion of sebum on the face thus preventing acne breakouts. But also avoid rubbing ice on the face for a long time.

  • It helps in glowing skin

Everyone wants glowing radiant skin and so invests themselves in expensive skincare products without even thinking whether they are useful to their skin or not. Here is the simple remedy for radiant and glowing is rubbing ice cubes on your face as it helps in blood circulation which results in glowing skin.

  • It Reduces puffy eyes

Lack of sleep and stress on the eyes could be the reason for the puffy eyes, which causes swelling and baggy eyes. The quality of ice cubes to disappear those swollen eyes are magical. you can rub the ice cube from your inner eye corner in an upward direction and towards bro bone in a circular motion, this helps drain the excess fluid from the eye area.

  • It Shrinks the appearance of pores

Oily and combination skin people have a high chance of getting large pore size on their face which is easily visible on your face. Though there are many skincare products that minimize the pore size but along with that rubbing ice is the best home remedy. For these purposes incorporating ice cubes in your skincare routine will be beneficial to your skin in minimizing your pore size as well as cleaning the dirt that is deposited on your face and removing excess oil.

  • It Eliminates dark circles and reduces signs of aging

Using rose water and cucumber with an ice cube helps reduce dark circles that have appeared under the eyes and are the best remedy for dark circles. And also rubbing ice cubes on the face reduces or prevents the sign of aging by improving blood circulation that tightens the skin and helping the skincare product to absorb deep inside your skin to work properly to achieve the target of preventing aging. Ice cube helps in diminishing fine lines and wrinkles from your face thus making your skin appear younger than before.

There are many more benefits that ice cubes can do to the skin like:

  • It calms skin inflammation.
  • It works as a primer
  • It exfoliates the skin 

How to apply ice cubes to the face? 

Applying ice cubes directly on the face is never recommended nor encouraged as it causes jarring on the face. Always take ice cubes in a soft cotton cloth and then gently massage those ice cubes tied in cloth on all the areas of the face for about two to three minutes twice a day in a circular motion.

For an effective ice facial, you can use some ingredients like aloe vera, rose water, and green tea with these ice cubes and rub them on the face that will give your skin a moisturizing, glowing, and soothing effect.

Take Away

Using expensive skincare products will or will not give a better result on your skin, to overcome this, there is an old home remedy that our grandmothers taught us to do is rubbing ice on the skin help soothe skin inflammation and prevents other skin condition when rubbed with the ingredients like aloe vera, rose water and green tea. Always use a soft muslin cloth and tie ice cubes in it and then rub on the face and you will get the expected result but be patient for the glowy look!!