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Side Effects of Rubbing Ice Cubes on Face Daily

a woman holding ice cubes near her face

Ice Cubes for Face

Skin gets many advantages with the water content in the body of water used on the body. Frozen water that is ice cubes are used by many as a skincare routine but if used in the right method and properly. Hence the application of ice cubes on the face can be magic for some people while some people face many skin problems. You should very cautious while using ice cubes on the face as the ice cubes are not meant for all, for some they cause serious trouble. There are many benefits as well as side effects of applying ice on the face directly. 

Always remember that both heat and cold burn skin if it is directly exposed to it. Exposure to intense cold may cause skin damage thus naming it as ice burn or frostbite. 

The freezing temperature can destruct skin tissue and cause an ice burn. 

The benefits of using ice cube are it reduces acne, improve blood circulation and lighten up scars. But as the skin are delicate mainly facial skin, applying ice directly on the face can break the capillaries of the skin. 

Side effects of ice cube application of face:

Ice cube application is not meant for all:

Sensitive people are prone to every little thing either be it water, heat, cold, product. Their skin reacts immediately after applying any product. So here we are talking mainly about ice cubes. Ice cube is tough to apply on the face mainly for sensitive skin people. When you apply ice cubes on the face directly your skin can burn by breaking skin capillaries. 

People use ice cubes on their faces immediately after coming out of the sun for long period. This direct application of ice cubes on the face after sun exposure leads to headaches. This is due to damage to skin tissue and capillaries. Just remember that applying ice cubes on the face is great but how long you move it on our face matters that the time duration of applying matters a lot as the facial areas are the sensitive part of the body. 

Applying ice cubes for a long period of time can cause redness, itching, and harm to the skin. Ice burn also known as frostbite can result in dead skin cells thus leading to herpes rashes on the face.

The symptoms of ice burn are blisters, numbness, tingling, itchiness, hard skin, and red, white, dark, and grey skin. People suffering from ice burn face many issues in the skin tissues. Using ice cubes on the face regularly constricts blood vessels that reduce the flow of blood and oxygen to the body thus damaging skin cells, also cold temperature affects the blood clotting proteins. Rubbing ice cubes on the face narrows the facial pores thus slowing down the secretion of sebum by sebaceous glands. 

People having drying skin should not rub ice cubes on their face they already have damaged and broken capillaries and using ice cubes damages the capillaries of the skin. Alternate use of ice cubes is okay for dry skin people but not on a regular basis as it can further damage the skin tissue. Overuse of ice cubes on the face causes dryness and flaky skin which further leads to skin irritation. People suffering from cold, wounds, sinusitis, eczema, etc should avoid using ice cubes on their faces.

The right way to use ice cubes on the face:

  • Take ice cubes wrapped in a thin cloth or handkerchief and apply them to your face. 

You can add any juice or pulp of tomato, aloe vera to this ice cube tray which can give nourishment to the skin in a circular motion.

  • Those having sensitivity should not apply ice cubes directly on their face. Also never rub ice cubes near the eyes as the areas near the eyes are the most sensitive part of the body.
  • Discontinue the use of ice cubes if you feel any burning sensation and discomfort while rubbing it on your face. Consult a dermatologist if any serious problems occur.
  • Always ensure while using the ice pack not to directly touch it with the skin. Always hold it with a towel and then move it near the skin to prevent ice burns or frostbite.
  • Ice burns may cause scarring as many layers and tissues of the skin get affected.

Take Away

Using ice cubes is good as well as it has many side effects but applying ice cubes directly on the face is harmful and can cause ice burn or frostbite. It can also cause skin irritation and damage the capillaries of the skin. The correct method to use ice cubes is to wrap the ice cubes with cloth and massage on your face but use it on alternative days, not on a regular basis especially preventive measures must be taken for sensitive skin people. 

Using ice cubes after coming from the sun may cause headaches for some people. Also, avoid using ice cubes for a long time. Ice cubes should be avoided on a regular basis as it shrinks the pore thus making the sebum/oil secretion process slow down by the sebaceous gland. Ice burn can lead to scars and other skin conditions. Rubbing ice cubes on the face cause itching and redness on the skin.