Benefits of Doing Hot Oil Massage for Hair

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Hot Oil Massage for Hair

When it comes to guarding and nourishing dry and brittle hair, hot oil massage is a popular option.

Made from plant-based oils, like olive, almond, and coconut, hot oil treatments work by locking the hair cuticle. This can help to strengthen and shield your hair.

There are various options for getting a hot oil treatment. You can either opt to go to a salon or, if you’re looking for a much cheaper option, you can try a do-it-yourself (DIY) hot oil treatment at home. You can also purchase a ready-made hot oil product.

However, before you use a hot oil treatment, be clear it’s right for your type of hair, and that you understand the safety risks.

However, ask your doctor or dermatologist if a hot oil treatment is alright to use on your scalp If you possess any skin condition such as psoriasis or eczema.

Benefits of a hot oil treatment

Numerous of the plant oils used in a hot oil treatment have properties that may help shield and moisturize your hair.

Other possible benefits of hot oil treatments include

  • increased hair strength
  • reduced dryness of scalp and hair
  • help with dandruff relief
  • reduced frizz
  • lesser split ends
  • promote healthier hair

Is it safe?

Although hot oil treatments use plant-based components, that doesn’t mean they’re safe for everyone. It’s still possible to have an adverse reaction to the oil, especially if you have delicate skin.

To reduce the danger of a reaction, look for oils that aren’t combined with artificial components, and are 100 per cent natural.

However, try doing a patch test a few days before applying the product, if you’re doubtful whether a hot oil treatment is safe for you. To do a patch test, simply apply a small quantity of the oil (unheated) to the inside of your elbow.

However, then it should be safe to utilize if you don’t develop any rash or itchiness within 24 hours.

However, you may require to test different hair growth oils until you find one that’s best for you If you do react to the oil.

However, use caution and, if using a store-purchased product, if you decide to try a hot oil treatment at home.

Be attentive to the temperature of the oil. Because the oil generally needs to be heated, you risk burning yourself if you don’t let the oil cool down sufficiently before applying it to your hair and scalp. To test the temperature, apply a small quantity of the oil to your wrist before applying it.

Is a hot oil treatment right for your hair?

However, brittle, frizzy, If your hair is dry. By locking the hair cuticle, the oil may help shield your hair from damage. The oil can also moisturize your hair. Hot oil treatments usually work best for natural hair.

However, you may want to use a lesser fatty oil, if your hair or scalp tends to be oily. Jojoba and almond are good choices because they tend to be absorbed fast which in turn helps to prevent an oily residue on your hair and scalp. Coconut oil may work better for very dry hair due to its thick and moisturizing consistency.

DIY hot oil treatment

Before you get started, choose the type of hot oil you want to use. Some popular oils you can include are olive, almond, and jojoba oils, as well as coconut, avocado, and argan oils. Once you have found the oil you want to use, follow these ways for DIY hot oil treatment.

  • First, wash your hair. Hot oil usually works best on clean hair. This allows deep penetration of the oil to the hair cuticle.
  • Once you’ve washed your hair, microwave 3 to 6 tbsp of the oil in a microwave-safe bowl for 10 seconds.
  • Before applying the oil to your damp hair and scalp, test a small quantity of the oil on your wrist to make sure it’s not too hot.
  • To protect your apparel, place a towel over your shoulders. However, you can apply the oil in the shower, if you like.
  • Run a brush through your hair to get clear of any knots.
  • Apply the oil uniformly throughout your hair and massage it into your scalp.
  • Cover your head with a shower cap and leave for up to 20 minutes.
  • After 20 minutes, thoroughly wash out the oil from your hair, and follow up with your usual conditioner.

As with other kinds of hair treatments, such as hair masks, you can use hot oil in your hair once a week. However, you may need to use this treatment every few days, if your hair is really dry.

Ready-made hot oil treatments

However, there are a broad variety of options to opt from, If you’d prefer a ready-made hot oil treatment to use at home. Some come in ready-to-use applicators that you warm, while others allow you to use the quantity you need for your hair.

You can try this hair growth oil for the best results.

Numerous hair salons also offer hot oil treatments. The hairstylist will follow resembling way to the DIY treatment, except you may be placed under a heated lamp to heat up the oil.

Costs for this treatment can vary. It’s best to ask your local salon for pricing. Keep in mind that shampooing and styling are generally charged individually.

Take Away

Hot oil treatments usually work best for natural hair that’s very dry, brittle, or damaged. The head massage for hair growth and treatments can also shield and moisturize your hair.

Although you can take a hot oil treatment from your local hair salon, you can also do your own hot oil treatment at home. The key is to follow all the way in the process and to pay attention to all safety instructions.

However, if it doesn’t help soothe your dry hair or scalp, follow up with your doctor or dermatologist, if you have a reaction to hot oil treatment. They can work with you to identify feasible conditions that may be affecting your hair or scalp.