Top 8 Benefits of Scalp Massages

a woman is enjoying head massage

Scalp Massages

Everyone likes to have lengthy, smooth, and silky hair. To gain such silky and smooth hair, it is very essential to take care of your hair by following a good and proper hair care routine using a good hair product. The root of the hair should be strong to get have lengthy and strong hair. So it is all related to hair oiling and scalp massaging.

Why is scalp massage so important?

As your scalp is made full of nerves that are very close to the skin surface. And hence massaging the scalp relaxes the nervous system of the head. Many people tend to do hair oiling for hair growth that requires hair growth oil with which they consider getting a head massage almost every day to gain length hair. 

Head massage for hair growth is a must and also massaging the scalp will provide the hair roots nourishment that gives out strong and lengthy hair till the end of the tip. Head massage can help lower stress levels by keeping you relaxed cool and calm. Head massage has many benefits to your health.

Here are some benefits on why should you consider getting head  or scalp massage regularly:

  • Scalp massage help relieve stress

As you know having a busy schedule these days and getting stressed is the major problem arising nowadays. Alone stress can give many health problems such as upset digestive system, insomnia, muscle tension, hair loss, etc. However, scalp massage can lower this type of health issue by providing relaxation to the mind. Massaging the scalp or head boosts energy levels and lowers the pain of the body and helps in mental well-being.

  • Scalp Massage helps in reducing Muscle Tension

Massaging the scalp with proper oiling can boost hair growth and hair regrowth if you may have had hair loss issues previously. Gentle scalp massaging lowers the rising blood pressure.

  • Scalp Massage in promoting Hair Growth

Pollution and an unhealthy diet can weaken your immune system as well as hair growth. Hence scalp massage helps the blood circulation on your head from the roots to improve. Blood circulation helps nutrients to absorb on the hair thus strengthening it and promoting better hair growth from the roots. Scalp massage also helps you from getting dry, having dandruff on the scalp, and having some flakiness. Thus to avoid such scalp conditions on skin condition on your head, a head massage is a must.

  • Scalp Massage prevents Migraines and Headaches

Massaging the scalp provides you relief from migraines and headaches. A sharp and shooting pain caused by tension building up in the neck head and upper back defines migraine. Many of us suffer from unbearable pain that is difficult to tolerate. 

Head massage or scalp massage is done by applying pressure to different specific points on the head may help in relieving the migraine pain. Thus it helps in improving blood flow to that part of the head and thus gives a relaxing effect to the brain. Scalp massage reduces the frequency of severe headaches also helping in boosting mood by secreting an increased hormone called serotonin also known as the happy hormone.

  • Scalp massage Helps Boost Memory

Massaging your head relieves you from every type of pain and muscle tension and improves your concentration level. Concentration level is influenced by increasing blood flow to your nervous system which can be achieved by proper head massaging.

  • Scalp massage Helps Lower Blood Pressure

Hypertension or high blood pressure is caused by many serious and can also give birth to many more serious diseases further. However, massage helps in blood circulation to the body as well as to the head and face. It provides a great way to feel calm and rejuvenate yourself. Getting a scalp massage or head massage lowers the stress hormones and lowers blood pressure thereby reducing the chance of heart disease and strokes.

  • Scalp massaging Helps Cure Insomnia

You may know in today's fast-paced life, stress is the most terrible thing everyone is suffering from. The stress level is that high that finally converts into insomnia. Insomnia is sleeplessness caused due to stress. However, a scalp massage can help you relieve stress and may help you sleep better stress-free. By getting a head massage you can get relaxed and sound sleep.

  • Scalp massage Helps Prevent Hair Damage

The dry thin and brittle is much prone to hair damage and hair breakage. So here are the best hair growth tips is that oiling hair and massaging your scalp all over from the roots with good haircare oil prevent your hair from any damage and breakage. This hair thinning or hair breakage is mostly caused due to using some hair styling products, exposure to dust, and pollution that causes sticky and dusty hair which in turn damages the hair. But a proper and good scalp, massage can improve the health of your hair.

Some oils that can help hair growth and are beneficial in massaging the scalp are olive oil, argan oil, coconut oil, and rosemary oil. When massaging the scalp with this oil gives proper blood circulation to the head and promotes hair growth and healthy hair.

Take Away

A head massage or scalp massage provides you with optimum benefits and thus oiling it with the best oil may stimulate hair growth, relieves tension and stress, and most importantly lower blood pressure by relaxing the mind. So hurry up and have a good scalp massage almost every day!!