Wonder benefits of using coffee on face

Wonder benefits of using coffee on face | woman holding coffee

5 Benefits of coffee on face

While coffee is mostly used as a popular beverage, it is also gaining a remarkable reputation as an excellent alternative remedy for your skin. This is due to its antio-xidant richness which includes phenols as one of its contents that help fight free radicals which in turn leads to skin damage. There are some of the major benefits of coffee for your face which we point out here for your understanding:

1. Excellent Exfoliator

Coffee is a wonderful facial scrub since it exfoliates your skin well. It gently exfoliates your skin cells and removes impurities from deep down your skin, leaving your skin smooth and refreshed. Moreover, the use of coffee can help you in enhancing the look of cellulite and effectively tighten your skin.

2. Make Your Skin Glow

A coffee mask helps in reducing your skin inflammation and in turn, enhances your blood circulation, which tightens the blood vessels and is able to give your skin a brighter and more radiant glow. It also helps in minimizing the symptoms of fatigue.

3. Prevent Sign Of Skin Ageing

Coffee is high in antio-xidants levels such as phenols, which help in fighting free radicals and protects your skin from any damage. As a result of this wrinkles, fine lines, and loose skin can be avoided easily. In fact, the antio-xidants that are present in coffee can help in fighting acne, increase collagen production, and minimize the problem of hyper-pigmentation.

4. Reduces Dark Circle

Coffee is also famous for its ability to heal, moisturize, and strengthen your skin tone. It is an instant remedy for the problem of puffy eyes and is great for treating dark circles issues.

5. Reduces skin inflammation

Coffee scrubs help in reducing the issue of stretch marks and cellulite in a temporary manner and give your skin a much smoother appearance.

How to use coffee for skin whitening?

Coffee is speedily making its way up the ladder of the most famous skincare ingredients. The reason is that coffee is a rich source of various antio-xidants that benefit your skin in numerous ways. 

Scrubs that are used with coffee grounds have effective anti-inflammatory properties that soothe any skin irritation and are gently able to remove dead skin cells. Using coffee as a skin care product for skin brightening helps a great deal because coffee removes a considerable amount of piled-up skin impurities that help to give you a brighter complexion and also removes layers of dead skin cells. 

How to apply coffee on face?

Coffee is a boon for people having any skin problem as it helps you get fairer, healthier, and more adorable skin by removing dead skin cells. It is full of antio-xidants that make it richer than most skin health products. 

You can apply coffee in multiple ways in the form of face packs, coffee masks, or as facial scrubs. 

There are many ways to make a coffee face mask at the ease of your home. The easiest way is to mix these coffee grounds with a non-comedogenic ingredient which means any ingredient that won’t clog your pores in any way. 

Here’s one recipe to give a try for your skin health:

  • Finely mix together equal parts of the coffee grounds and fresh olive oil.
  • Apply this fine paste on your face in a circular motion with gentle hands.
  • Leave this mask for between 30 to 60 minutes.
  • Finally, rinse off this paste with warm water.
  • You can repeat this thing up to two times a week.

Which coffee powder is best for face?

You must have heard about a very popular coffee by-product which is called the filter coffee powder that can turn itself into an excellent exfoliator for your facial skin. It is highly effective at taking away dead skin cells and helps in tightening the skin. Filter coffee powder is also known to give you a gentle exfoliating experience in your sensitive areas where moderate exfoliation is preferred. 

You can easily get rid of the dark circle problems that occur under your eyes with the use of filter coffee powder. The caffeine present inside the filter coffee powder not only boosts blood circulation but also works to tighten your skin. Filter coffee powder is also found to be very effective in reducing puffy eyes and under-eye bag issues, bringing your lost glow back and making you look glowy, fresh, and ready for enjoying life.

Coffee and honey for skin whitening

Coffee doesn’t just provide you with the required energy level but also boosts your mind and spirit. It can do wonders for your skin health in many ways you are not even aware of. It is an excellent and popular exfoliator, as it can effectively help in removing scars, acne, and deep-rooted impurities that gave birth to clogged pores.

Coffee & honey mask

  • 1 tablespoon of coffee
  • 1 tablespoon of raw honey

Mix both of these ingredients in a small bowl. Then apply this coffee mask all over the face, except for the eye portion. Massage your face gently with it and let it sit for at least 30 minutes. Then rinse off this paste with cold water. As a result of this, your skin will look much brighter and more youthful. This facial mask can make your skin more glamorous and healthy with the help of such great mask ingredients.

The bottom line

Coffee is a great multipurpose product that can offer you a variety of skin health benefits. Still, it’s a great idea to follow up on such a procedure with your dermatologist if you are not able to see the desired result after going for it for the use of several weeks.

Be sure to give your skin any other skin care treatment at least some weeks before you move on to another skin health treatment, no matter if it's coffee-based or not.


1. Does coffee help to whiten skin?

The antio-xidants present in coffee help in reviving dull and tired skin by delivering the required nutrients to your skin pores. Caffeine present in it increases the level of blood circulation to help in brighten up your skin. Coffee adds more shine to your dull complexion and rejuvenates it to the desired level.

2. Is it good to apply coffee to your face?

The presence of antio-xidants, chlorogenic acid, and stimulants may make coffee a good acne facial scrub.

3. How long should I leave the coffee on my face?

Take at least half a cup of coffee and mix it well with a few spoons of milk for a thick consistency. Use this fine paste as a face pack for about  10-20 minutes and wash it off with regular water. This face mask will help you to get rid of dead skin cells effectively, leaving behind much shiny and glowing skin.


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