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Avoid These Unhealthy Drinks

a woman is denying to take a glass of cold drink

Unhealthy Drinks That You Should Avoid

From organic drinks to different smoothies and beverages the world has tremendously grown. When you are a fitness freak, you become very conscious about your health and diet, what food you eat and what drinks you prefer for maintaining your diet. The fitness freak person should avoid sugar-added drinks to keep themselves happy. Sugary drinks are the worst drinks with added sugar content in them. Most people consider soda as one of the most unhealthy drinks and prefer other beverages. Some drinks like alcohol and canned juice can have many negative impacts on a person's health. Some drinks should be avoided as they can cause acne and there are many anti-acne drinks that you can prepare at home.

Here we provide a list of a few unhealthy drinks that should be avoided:

Fruit juices

Generally, fruit juices are considered to be the most nutritious drink or beverage that is high in antioxidants and fibre content. Fruits contain natural sugars in it and also contain vitamins, minerals, and fibre. But pasteurized fruit juice decreases the nutrients contained in it. Sucrose consumption without fibre content can cause metabolic problems, liver injuries, and obesity.

Coffee drinks

Coffee has many health benefits but many coffees have added sugar in it which is not good for the health of the body.  When you are making coffee avoid adding sugary syrups and stirring or whipped toppings. Avoiding drinking sugary coffee is the best for your health. Most people may be aware of the coffee or drinks served in Starbucks are not healthy. Many people think to lose weight you can drink coffee and replace other healthy foods.                                                                                                            


Soda also contains more amount of sugar that is double the recommended intake in a single day. Soda is on the top of the drinks to avoid. All drinks like coke, sprite are all sugar bombs. The sweetness of this drink causes blood sugar to spike and drop. The high sugar content in soda may damage the part of the body, especially the pancreas. Consuming more sugar in your drink causes the ageing of your pancreas. Soda is filled with chemicals and artificial sweeteners and can cause an increased risk of heart diseases.

Orange Juice

Orange is the most popular fruit but shockingly contains a high quantity of sugar that is more than coke. The sugar content in the juice may be toxic to health. So avoiding orange juice from your healthy drink is more important.

Alcoholic beverages

Alcoholic beverages are combinations of added sugar, preservatives. Alcohol can accelerate the dehydration that happens when you drink this alcoholic beverage. Alcohol is unhealthy to drink and must have limited consumption. Alcohol has no nutritional benefits and have also high calories. Our body cannot consume energy due to the high calories in alcohol. Drinking alcohol causes weight gain and can have the worst effect on our liver. Drinking too much alcohol can have adverse effects on our health.

Protein shakes

Protein shakes contain ingredients loaded with sugar, artificial sweeteners, preservatives, and other additives. Sugar is very harmful to the body that may damage the body parts hence eating protein is better than drinking protein. Drinking water is better than protein shakes.

Flavoured water

You might know that drinking water is healthy but adding little flavour may add goodness to the drink. And adding fruit juices to water benefits to boost antioxidants. Always avoid those ingredients in water that contains added sugar or chemicals that may be harmful to the body and health.

Sports drinks

If you are a sportsperson, you may require fuel for sports and may need an electrolyte replacement. For this purpose, sports are planned for athletes to help energized and keep their body hydrated with the help of carbs is sugar content, and other minerals contained in it. Though they have important calories, if you are sensitivities with any ingredients may cause nausea and may cause issues to the body functioning.


Every brand claims that they have no added sugar in their products.  Smoothies are considered a health drink and are overloaded with sugar and can be risky for the health benefits.

Low-fat milk

You might have been told to always choose low-fat and non-fat dairy products instead of full-fat dairy. In some cases, it is said that high-fat dairy products have a lower risk of diabetes and obesity. But some high-fat dairy product is necessary for somebody's functions and also necessary for fat-soluble vitamins. Hence instead of looking for reducing fat consume natural foods and reduce consumption of processed and packaged foods.

Sweetened iced tea

Sweetened iced tea contains added sugar and if the iced tea is pre-sweetened you may not control the added sugar in your drink. Drinking unsweetened tea is better than drinking sweetened drinks. Artificially added sugar in iced tea can cause harmful effects to the body. 

Juice cocktails

Juice cocktails generally have added flavours and small amounts of juice drinks containing ingredients like water, little juice content, sweeteners, corn syrup. These drinks are high in sugar and calories and less in nutrients. And hence water is a better choice than these juice cocktails.

Take Away

Drinking healthy drinks can benefit our body with good health. But having fruit juices, sweetened coffee, alcohol, sugary juices, etc can harm our health due to added sugars and sweeteners. Avoiding such drinks can boost our good health.