At Home Tricep Workouts to do in Summer


Tricep Workouts 

Have you ever felt jiggly when drawing on a whiteboard during a meeting? Or did you ever wonder who changed your upper arms with a pancake after seeing a recent photo of yourself with short sleeves? 

Every strength training programme includes the development of stronger arms. Any arm exercise that doesn't deliver equal weight to the triceps and biceps isn't done properly. The triceps make up a large portion of the muscular mass in your upper arms, thus completing triceps workouts on a regular basis is essential if you want powerful arms.

After reading this article, you'll know all there is to know about triceps. We'll not only explain what triceps are, but we'll also show you some of the greatest tricep workouts, their advantages, and more. Let's get started!

What exactly are triceps?

Triceps is a Latin term that means "three-headed muscles." Its full name is triceps brachii, which is a contraction of triceps brachii. The triceps are the muscles that go down the back of the upper arm. These are the three muscles:

  • The smallest of the triceps muscles, the lateral head is found on the outside of the arm.
  • The medial head is the midway section of the arm, positioned about the centre.
  • The longest component of the triceps is the long head, which extends down the back of the upper arm.

All of these muscles assist in the following tasks:

  • The triceps assist in elbow extension by moving the forearm aside.
  • They also help to keep your shoulders stable while you're lifting something above.
  • By extending the shoulders, the triceps also assist in moving your arm back.

You'll need a variety of various tricep exercises and a variety of different tricep workouts if you want to target all three muscle heads. And if you're not sure which exercises to undertake, check out the following part. We've also included workouts that you may perform at home to strengthen your triceps.

The Best Tricep Workouts: The Top Three Exercises

Are you ready to begin your triceps workout? We understand, which is why we've compiled a list of the best tricep exercises to target your triceps from every angle. What's even better? You may work on your triceps not just in the gym, but also at home. All you need is a set of weights and a little drive. So don't put it off any longer and choose your favourite tricep workout:

While there are several methods to strengthen your triceps in the gym, here are a few simple exercises that any novice can do at home with a pair of dumbbells.

Tricep extension

The tricep extension is one of the simplest exercises for ensuring that you're exercising the correct muscle — believe us, you'll notice the difference. How to do it:

  • Stands with your feet shoulder-width apart and your arms at your sides.
  • With both hands, grasp the weight and position it behind your head, aiming for the area between your shoulder blades.
  • Lift your arms straight over your head, keeping your elbows from flaring too far outward.
  • Aim for four sets of eight to twelve repetitions.

Kickback of the triceps

This bent over, speed skater-like stance – you can alternatively kneel on a bench with the leg opposite the arm raising – may seem ridiculous, but it's great for the back of your arms, and it's a bit simpler to maintain your elbows straight than a tricep extension.

  • Stand with your feet together, knees slightly bent, and your waist slightly bent forward.
  • Hold your weights with your arms straight down and then pull them upwards like grocery bags, keeping your arms close to your sides.
  • If you have access to a mirror, you should be able to see the back of your arm straight and somewhat higher than your back, as well as feel your upper back and shoulder muscles squish together.
  • Bring your forearms back to your body until your arm is straight, then repeat for four sets of eight to twelve repetitions.

Triple Tricep Dips

Is there anything more spectacular than someone performing tricep dips while running on a park bench? Dips are a more strenuous tricep workout since you're supporting your whole body, so start slowly and gradually increase your reps.

  • Place your hands behind you, shoulder-width apart, on a low – yet extremely secure – chair, table, or bench.
  • With a small bend in your knees, place your feet in front of you.
  • Straighten your arms without locking them, then bend your elbows and drop your body toward the floor until your elbows are at roughly a 90-degree angle. Keep your butt close to the bench at all times!
  • When you get to the 'bottom' of the exercise, straighten your arms and press down on the bench until you reach the 'peak.'
  • Do 15 repetitions and 2-3 sets for a total of 15 reps.

Benefits of tricep workouts

Have you finished reading all of the triceps exercises? Then it's time to read the advantages. The benefits of tricep workouts are as follows::

  • Muscle development and contouring in the upper body
  • Upper-body strength should be improved.
  • Increasing your arm and shoulder range of motion
  • Increasing endurance and flexibility
  • Improving stability and balance

Take Away

Women's triceps fat accumulates over time, and the only way to lose it is to do a targeted workout. Most of the triceps exercises for women described above are easy and effective, and they don't need you to go to the gym. They focus on the triceps, glutes, shoulders, hamstrings, back, quadriceps, and chest in addition to the triceps. They aid in the development of stability and strength, the improvement of posture and flexibility, and the prevention of injuries to the torso. So, perform these workouts at least 2-3 times a week, and alternate between strength and aerobic days. You can also add supplement while doing this tricep exercise which can help in joint flexibility and boosts body strength.