Ardha Chakrasana Benefits & Precautions You Must Know

a woman doing yoga | Ardha Chakrasana Benefits for Women

    Ardha chakrasana

    Yoga is beneficial to everyone's physical, emotional, and mental wellness. Bending yoga asanas can also help you recover faster from illness and chronic illnesses. Furthermore, you can benefit from yoga regardless of your degree of competence. 

    Ardha chakrasana is an intermediate asana that can help to prepare the body and mind for deeper backbends and heart-opening postures like chakrasana (wheel pose). The name is derived from the Sanskrit Ardha, meaning “half," chakra, meaning “wheel," and asana, meaning “pose.”

    To enter Ardha chakrasana, the practitioner begins in tadasana (mountain pose). The hands are placed on the lower back, then the body leans back, bending the back and opening the chest.

    Ardha chakrasana is known as half wheel pose in English.

    11 Ardha Chakrasana Benefits  

    An intermediate asana that can aid in preparing the mind and body for postures that are heart-opening and back bending (deeper) is known as Ardha Chakrasana (or called half wheel pose/urdhva dhanurasana). This chakra asana or the wheel is ideal for treating lung problems, back pain, menstrual cramps, and shoulder and neck jerks.

    Here are a few Ardha Chakrasana benefits:

    1. It is an excellent way to lose thigh and abdominal fat. 
    2. Lungs capacity can also be increased by doing this asana regularly
    3. This asana is also beneficial in lowering blood sugar levels. 
    4. It is beneficial to the back and spine muscles in a variety of ways. To treat lower back problems and pain in the back, this asana is very effective and is considered one of the best exercises.
    5. It stretches the belly, stomach, and intestine muscles while toning the shoulders, thighs, and waist. 
    6. This asana is also good for relief from neck pain and shoulder pain
    7. This yoga pose can also help in resolving or treating respiratory issues
    8. This asana also helps in stimulating the abdominal organs like the pancreas
    9. It is an excellent asana for improving heart health. 
    10. Improves digestion
    11. Menstrual pain or problems can be reduced and relieved by this yoga asana. 

    Best time to do Ardha chakrasana: Morning or Evening

    Yoga should be practiced either early in the morning or late in the evening, as each has benefits.

    One becomes more effective at their line of work by practicing in the morning. It makes one feel refreshed and tranquil in the evening by removing the fatigue from the day's exertions.

    An evening yoga program can help you unwind by reducing stress and encouraging relaxation. Therefore, practicing yoga in the evening can be a calming bedtime routine that aids in getting ready for sleep.

    Each person has a different ideal yoga time. Finding a time that works for you and your body is of utmost importance. It's beneficial to pick a time when you can concentrate on yourself and your practice while you're practicing yoga at home when you don't have other people or obligations to take care of.

    Contraindications for Ardha Chakrasana

    One has to keep in mind some of the things. Some contraindications to Ardha Chakrasana include: 

    • If you have a neck, spinal, or hip injury, ulcers, or a hernia, avoid this yoga asana. 
    • If you have high blood pressure, avoid practising this yoga position. 
    • If you experience vertigo, be extra cautious when performing chakrasana. 
    • If you're pregnant, stay away from any yoga poses that strain the fetus. 

    Take Away

    This asana is known for stretching the front and back of the body. When executing Ardha chakrasana, strive to keep the gap between your elbows as small as possible. This will assist you in taking in more oxygen. This asana benefits the front upper torso. You should not do this yoga asana if you have vertigo. You can correct several posture issues by practising Ardha chakrasana on a daily basis. If you have a heart condition, you should avoid doing this asana.

    Frequently asked questions

    1. Does chakrasana reduce belly fat?

    It slims down belly fat and tones the reproductive and digestive systems. Leg and hand muscles are strengthened by it. The lungs take in more oxygen as the chest opens out. The body experiences a reduction in stress and tension, and eyesight improves.

    2. What are the advantages of chakrasana?

    1. Expands the lungs to allow for increased oxygen intake, which is advantageous, especially for those who have asthma.
    2. Helps the body's tension and stress levels to decrease.
    3. Contributes to improving eyesight.
    4. Strengthens the spine's flexibility and strength.

    3. Who should avoid doing chakrasana?

    1. If you have a back issue, avoid doing this yoga pose.
    2. Please refrain from trying if you have heart issues.
    3. Carpal tunnel syndrome, diarrhea, and a headache.
    4. Blood pressure may be high or low.
    5. Avoid doing this if you have any spinal or heart issues.
    6. Avoid it if you have a hernia.


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