8 Solid Reasons to Wear Primer Before Applying Makeup

a woman dabbing a beauty blender on her face

What is primer?

A primer is a basic makeup product that helps create a covering between your skin and your makeup. A primer prepares your skin to hold all the makeup together. It smoothens your skin’s surface, evens out the skin tone, covers large pores and lines and prepares your skin such that the makeup has a flawless finish.

You may follow lengthy skincare and makeup routines, but if you’re omitting makeup primers, you’re doing it all wrong. Once you start using a primer, you’ll forget what the makeup meltdown is! Here are 8 reasons to wear primers before makeup. 

Reasons to Wear Primer Before Applying Makeup

Velvety soft skin

Using a primer gives a soft feel to your skin post-application. It patches up the unevenness and provides a smooth layer for the rest of the makeup to follow.

Youthful glow

Even though primers may not promise anti-ageing properties, they do a fantastic job of making your skin appear more youthful as they smoothen fine lines and wrinkles. 

Pores fixer

Primers can really help in sealing your pores. Even if the pores are small, they can be quite noticeable when you use a liquid foundation. A primer will help seal those visible pores and create a smooth layer over them. 

Lightweight formula

Primers are extremely lightweight that make you feel having baby-soft skin. Once you add this to your habit on a daily basis, you will know how light your skin feels with this product.

Makeup that glides on smoothly

Once you make primers a regular habit, it’ll be hard to go without using one. You’ll know how smoothly your makeup products glide on over the soft layer of primer. 

Suits all skin types/colours

Unlike foundations and concealers, primers do not come in different shades. They work on all skin types and skin colours, which makes them a fuss-free product to use.

Easy application

Primers are very easy to apply. They are just like your regular lotions, in fact much lighter and grease-free. They glide as a liquid and dry immediately.

Long-lasting makeup

Primer is the initial step of your makeup routine as it holds your foundations and creams and helps your makeup last longer. It not only creates a perfect base for makeup but also helps it lasts for longer. 

How to use a face primer?

You need to know how to use face primers correctly to get the best results. Follow these few simple steps for proper application:

  • Clean your face: Before beginning, rinse your face with a mild face wash and pat dry. 
  • Take a pea-sized portion: Primers need to be used in small amounts as too much of it will affect your overall look. So take a pea-size quantity of primer and apply it evenly to your face.
  • Message in an outward motion: It is highly advisable for you to start at the middle and massage outwards. Apply the primer to the centre of your check and using your fingertips, gently spread it outwards to ensure you have an even application and it will also give you a healthy face message.
  • Allow it to dry: The primer takes very little time to dry, but you must wait for it. Applying foundation to wet primer will not provide you with the desired results. So let it dry out completely before you proceed to the next step.

Follow these easy steps and apply the makeup primer perfectly every time.

Do primers work for all types of skin?

Yes, primers can work for all types of skin. There are many different kinds of makeup primers. You need to be careful while selecting the correct primer. Clear primers are for even-toned skin. Coloured primers are for various skin blemishes. You also have anti-ageing primers that help combat the early signs of ageing. Let us take a look at the different kinds of makeup primers:

  • Primers for normal skin: If you have normal skin that isn’t too dry or too oily, you will find many options. The primers for normal skin are usually matte finish, though you can get them in a dewy finish too. The normal skin primers are high in SPF and give sun protection too.
  • Primers for oily skin: There are many primers for oily skin too. Oily skin needs a special kind of primer. The pores are larger on oily skin and so you need a primer that has a pore minimising effect. The oily skin primers are almost always available in a matte finish.
  • Primers for dry skin: You have to be very cautious while choosing a primer for dry skin. The ideal primer needs to be rich in moisturiser and give your skin a dewy look. If you don’t apply the correct primer to your dry skin, it will start to flake soon enough.

There is no single product that is available for all skin types. Understand your skin and buy a product accordingly.

Take Away

Now that you have all your queries cleared, go on and get the best makeup primer if you are not using it already. A primer can transform your look and also help you to keep your makeup stay for longer. Get your hands on the best primers and make them an important part of your makeup process.