8 Amazing Beauty & Health Benefits of Eating Dry Fruits

8 Amazing Beauty & Health Benefits of Eating Dry Fruits

Dry Fruits Benefits 

You all must have heard your elders in your house discussing how dry fruits are beneficial for your overall health and how they can amazingly enhance the flavour and richness of basic gravies in cooking dishes. Many doctors even recommend dry fruits to pregnant women for their good overall health. But, dry fruits are very beneficial for all age groups as they contain various essential vitamins and minerals. 

8 Amazing Beauty & Health Benefits of Eating Dry Fruits

Improves bone health

Dry fruits benefits contain several nutrients which contribute to attaining good bone health. Dry fruits like plums and cashews contain a good amount of calcium which helps in enhancing bone density. They also consist of protein and various micronutrients like phosphorus and boron which can be very helpful for osteoporosis. Almonds and pistachio can also help in the quick healing of fractures and make the bones less prone to injury.

Laxative effect

Dry fruits are loaded with fibre. Fibre acts as roughage in the body and contributes to faecal matter. A good quantity of fibre in your food helps in proper bowel movement. It also helps in cleaning your gut. Dried fruits like raisins, prunes and figs also have a mild laxative effect. You can include a handful of these just before dinner with warm milk to get rid of constipation. Dry fruits benefit females and are also an effective remedy for pregnant ladies who usually suffer from constipation in the later stages of pregnancy.

Weight management

Small quantities of dry fruits are very rich in nutrients. They are packed with fibres and good fats which help in maintaining overall health and fulfil the dietary requirements of the body. They contain proteins which are fulfilling and keep you fuller for long hours. Apart from it, dried fruits have natural sugars which can help you fulfil your sweet cravings as well. 

Boosts immune system

Dry fruits like dates, almonds and walnuts provide your body with essential nutrients which help in strengthening your immune system. Cashews, pine nuts and peanuts are very good sources of zinc, which helps us fight against diseases. Dry apricot, plum, and black raisins are also very good for boosting overall immunity. Dry fruits not only help the immunity against infectious diseases but can also help to prevent other diseases like stroke, high blood pressure and diabetes.

Promotes healthy skin

Dry fruits provide nourishment to your body which can automatically reflect on your skin. Raisins contain polyphenol which is an amazing antioxidant and it helps your skin fight environmental damage. Moreover, it also protects your skin from the harmful effects of free radicals. Dry fruits like plums, prunes and dates help cleanse the gut, making your skin glow from within. Nuts like almonds are good for the skin because they are a rich source of Vitamin E which helps in decreasing pigmentations and keeps the skin supple and hydrated.

Improves heart health

Dry fruits contain a good quantity of insoluble fibre as well which helps in preventing the blockage of coronary. Certain dry fruits like walnuts contain a good amount of Omega-3 which is very good for heart health. Other dry fruits like pistachio may help in lowering bad cholesterol levels. Minerals like magnesium and potassium also help in regulating blood pressure levels which protect the heart from various health risks like strokes in the long run.

Eye health

Dry fruits are great for our eyes as well. They can protect you from that extra strain on your eyes because of long hours on the computer. Dried apricots contain ample amounts of Vitamin A which guard your eyes from environmental damage as well as from several diseases like night blindness.

Improves concentration

Dry fruits provide us with a good amount of zinc which is needed by the body for proper communication between the neurons. Dry fruits that consist of omega-3 are great for your brain cells. Apricots and dates are also good memory boosters as they contain various minerals which improve the health of cells and can provide you with better memory and concentration. 

What time is best to consume dry fruits and nuts?

To get the maximum health benefits of dry fruits it is recommended to have them early in the mornings. The best time to consume dry fruits and nuts is in the morning. They can also be eaten to boost energy at pre-lunch snacks and post-lunch evening snacks to keep your stomach filled.

Breakfast | Morning : 

Either soaked or raw almonds, Figs 

Snacks | Evening :

Pistachios, Pine Nuts, Cashew and Walnuts

Dinner | Night :

Drink warm milk with almonds as it is good for heart health and provides good sleep.

How much dry fruits and nuts should you consume?

Though dry fruits are very healthy, they should be consumed in moderate quantities only every day. If dry fruits and nuts are eaten excessively, they may damage your health leading to severe health risks and this even depends on avoiding consumption of them at night as it is not the suitable time to eat dry fruits and nuts. The sugar content percentage per dry fruit is:

Raisins - 59%

Dates - 64%

Prunes - 38%

Apricots - 53%

Figs - 84%

Take Away

Mixed dry fruits are beneficial in various ways but you must always watch the serving size. A handful of mixed dry fruits is enough for you. You are intaking calories, so if you consume them in excess it might not help you with weight loss. Dry fruits can also be used in several Indian gravies to enhance their taste and texture. They can be served as evening snacks and it would be a nutritious as well as a fulfilling choice.