10 minute Strength Training Exercises Every Woman Must Try

a woman lifting a dumbell

Strength Training Workout

Regardless of athletic skill or age, strength training is a very important thing to have reduced the risk of injury, flexibility, higher performance, and mobility. Irrespective of fitness level, everybody should do strength training. One just has to follow efforts of nine minutes to complete a strength-building workout. 

The nine moves that follow are all strength training workouts that you've probably seen before. These nine exercises work a specific group of muscles when performed individually, but when performed in one-minute intervals, they form a full, whole-body workout

The nine exercises have been divided into three sets three. Set a timer for each set before you begin (or work out near a watch with a second hand). If you're new to working out, start by doing each exercise as hard as you can for one minute, then move on to the next until you finish the first set. After that, take a one-minute pause before continuing on to set 2, where all of the exercises should be completed in one minute. 

At the end of the programme, you'll have completed ten minutes of resistance training with two minutes of rest in between. To get the most out of this workout, do it two to three times a week. Mountain Climbers, Bodyweight Squats, and Push-Ups Perform each of the exercises in this set for one minute, without pausing in between. 

Squat with your own weight 

You squat every time you sit or stand, but don't underestimate the value of this workout. It targets your legs and glutes, the body's most powerful muscular area. Squats can be tough on your knees if done incorrectly. Keep your buttocks pushed out when you squat, as if you were ready to sit in a chair. 

To push yourself up, use the muscles in your hips and thighs; don't squeeze your knees forward as you move. Your knees will only move during the first half of the squat if you're performing it correctly; your hips will complete the movement. Adding plyometric motion to a squat can be done by jumping from the lowest position back into your starting stance. 


Push-ups are a go-to exercise for bodybuilders for a reason. They train the muscles in your shoulders and chest effectively. If traditional push-ups are too difficult, consider doing them with your knees on the floor. You'll be able to lift less weight as a result. Place your feet on a step or a block to increase the intensity of basic push-ups if they are too easy for you. 

Mountain climbers

Climbing mountains is a full-body workout that makes your legs, arms, back, and core stronger. If this exercise is putting too much strain on your wrists, try elevating your upper body by placing your hands on a step to take the weight off your arms. 

What are 4 strength exercises?

  • Plank, Split Squat with Bodyweight, and Single-Leg Hip Raise 

Have a pause of one minute once you’re done with the first set of exercises. You're now ready to move on to set two. 


While your abs are toned, the plank makes your upper body stronger. Planks also strengthen both the abdominal and low back muscles at the same time, which is excellent for persons with low back pain. 

A plank stance can be difficult on your wrists, which is why we recommend taking a plank on your forearm instead. To make it easier, place your knees on the floor while doing a plank to take the weight off your forearms. 

Split Squat (Bodyweight) 

This squat variation focuses on the quadriceps and hamstrings in your legs, as well as the glutes. A plyometric boost is also added by jumping into your starting position from the lowest point in your squat. 

If you're worried about your balance, try this exercise near a wall and lay your hand on it for support. If the plyometric jump makes this workout plan too difficult on your knees, leave it out. 

Set a goal for yourself: To really get your heart beating and gain strength, jump higher. 

Hip Raise with a Single Leg 

This workout is based on yoga and targets the glutes and abs muscles. Keep your foot firmly planted on the floor while performing this exercise. 

Set a goal for yourself: As you execute this exercise, place your steady foot on a step or bench to allow you to raise your hips even higher. 

Toe Touches on a Single Leg 

This is an excellent exercise for toning your lower body. It strengthens your hamstrings while also improving your balance. If you have balance problems, conduct this exercise near a wall that you may lean against for assistance if necessary. 

Challenge Yourself: When you get up, add a little hop to your planted leg to make it more difficult. This changes the activity from isokinetic to plyometric, increasing the difficulty level.

Take Away 

Strength exercise is very important for women for the flexibility and mobility of the body. There are different types of strength training a woman can do and may feel healthy and fresh.