When and how to use prega news?

When and how to use prega news?

    How to use prega news?

    The Prega News pregnancy test kit is a simple and quick way to confirm whether you are pregnant or not from the comfort of your home. For couples who are trying to conceive for a long time, this Prega News test kit is a perfect way to easily get confirmation of your pregnancy. With this fast 5-minute time duration, this pregnancy test kit from the prega news lets you check easily when you need to know the status of your pregnancy.

    1. In the morning, collect your first urine in a clean cup.
    2. Using a clean dropper add  1-2 drops into the sample well of the prega news test kit.
    3. Wait for at least 5 minutes to read your results.
    4. If only one pink line appears, it is a negative result, and your pregnancy is not confirmed.
    5. If the two pink lines appear then it is a positive result, and your pregnancy is confirmed.
    6. If one dark line and one pink line appear, then this means there was not enough level of HCG detected to give you any result. So you need to retake your test at a later time.
    7. It is very important to take the test before your first urine cycle of the day as it will give you the most accurate result of your pregnancy.

    When to use prega news?

    The pregnancy test must be taken at least a week after you have missed your period to give you the most accurate result of your pregnancy.

    If you do not wish at all to wait for that long, you can take this pregnancy test at least one to two weeks after having sex, as it takes time for your body to produce a detectable amount of HCG level.

    Some of the important signs that make it the perfect time to take down a pregnancy test are:

    1. Missed Period

    This is one of the most reliable and important signs when you suspect that you are having a pregnancy. Women generally have about a 28-day menstrual cycle and if you did not get a period in more than a month's time, you need to consider taking the pregnancy test. However, your periods can sometimes delay because for various reasons.

    2. Cramps

    The implantation of an egg in your body can produce cramps quite similar to menstrual cramps. You may feel the same kind of discomfort and you may think that this is because of your periods only. But, if you don't get your period at the desired time, consider taking a pregnancy test to confirm your status.

    3. Sore Breasts

    During pregnancy time, your breasts may appear to be bigger in size and more tender to touch because of the increased blood flow in that particular area. Your nipples might easily hurt with a simple touch which can also be a sign of your period. So, consider taking the pregnancy test if you don't get periods at the right time or even some days after your due date.

    4. Physical Discomfort

    Along with the discomfort in your breasts area and the cramps, many other symptoms are also there that indicate that you might be pregnant. Some of the physical discomfort signs of early pregnancy can be:

    • Having nausea
    • Having some food aversions
    • Easily exhausted
    • Having frequent urination

    What not to do before taking a pregnancy test?

    You should not drink too much water, or any other liquid, before taking your pregnancy test. Excess amounts of fluid intake can impact the accuracy of the pregnancy test results, so if your urine is somewhat diluted or turns pale yellow, hold off on taking your pregnancy test. As diluted urine tends to have a diluted level of  HCG  which can skew your test results. Take down a pregnancy test when you naturally have the urge to pee. This way, you will easily avoid diluting your HCG level and will not get a false result.

    Is prega news accurate?

    One of the main reasons that most people use this Prega News Pregnancy Test Kit and it has become so popular is because it has an accuracy rate of about 99%, which means that the test is correct except in some rare cases. Most of those 1% cases occur when your test can go wrong during the early time period of pregnancy when your HCG levels are too low such that it can’t determine if you are pregnant or not.

    Prega News Pregnancy Test Kit is rarely wrong in determining the pregnancy and it surely has an accuracy rate of 99%. Hence, if your test comes positive consider it that you are pregnant; otherwise, the result is that you are not pregnant.

    However, if the pregnancy test is done very early in your time of pregnancy, you can sometimes get a negative result even if you are pregnant. This can happen due to the insufficient amount of HCG level present in your urine as the pregnancy is at a very early stage. In such cases, once your test result comes out to be negative, but you strongly feel that you have conceived this time then you should take the test after a few days, and you will surely get a prega new positive result for your pregnancy if your feeling of pregnancy proves right.

    Prega news vs blood test

    Taking a urine pregnancy test which is just as accurate as taking a blood test which is 99%, as long as you wait the recommended period of time to take it. Your HCG levels double every couple of days in the very early stages of your pregnancy period. Urine tests using the prega news can sometimes produce false negative results if your urine is diluted considerably from the overhydration or the pregnancy test is taken too early during the pregnancy period.

    As with the prega home urine tests, it is possible although very rare to end up having the false results both on the negative and positive sides from having a blood pregnancy test.

    Summing up

    The Prega news home pregnancy test kit is the best way to determine the accurate pregnancy most of the time. This can be due to the several points we have discussed above, be it the very easy procedure at your home, a wide range of prega news test kit availability, its accuracy in predicting the pregnancy, affordability, the fast results, and the fewer requirements. All of these points add weight to the fact that you can undoubtedly choose the  Prega news pregnancy test kit to determine your pregnancy results without having second thoughts.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. can i use prega news anytime

    Yes, you can use Prega news anytime you feel that you have missed your periods, gained weight, have instant mood swings, unprotected sex. It doesn’t need to be time specific and the results are never 100% correct.

    2. What is C and T in prega news?

    The C line in the prega news is known as the Control line which is an indicator that the pregnancy test has worked properly, while the T line which is also known as the Test line is the indication of a positive pregnancy test result provided by your test.

    3. How early can Prega News detect pregnancy?

    It takes approximately for about 5 minutes for the prega news pregnancy test kit to confirm your pregnancy result. However, if you do not get either a positive result or a negative result confirmation for your pregnancy, even after the 5 minutes period, then it is advisable to retake the pregnancy test with a fresh test prega news pregnancy test kit.


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