What is multigrain bread?

multigrain bread benefits

    What is multigrain bread?

    Most of us eat sandwiches, and we love them more when it is composed of perfect cheese and ingredients. Apart from that we also do eat broad toast as our morning breakfast routine and as a snack, either normally or with peanut butter or some chocolate syrup. And as children, we use to eat bread with milk, and egg as it is highly nutritious,  and yes it is true. There are numerous varieties of bread, and the most common bread types are milk bread, wheat bread, garlic bread, multigrain bread and etc. Let’s look at what is multigrain bread and why is it getting more popular these days.

    What is multigrain bread?

    As mentioned in the name, multigrain bread is composed of several grains such as barley, mint, wheat, millets, flour, rye, soya, ragi and barley. It may be available with the composition of other grains too. Multigrain is easily available in our everyday supermarkets and is cost-effective too. Multigrain bread is also like normal bread that can be used as a breakfast, french toast, snack and sandwich. Most people with fitness knowledge these days are adding multigrain bread to their everyday routine because of its exceptional advantages to our human body. Let’s know more about it today.

    6 Multigrain bread benefits

    Many fitness bloggers and celebrities have included multigrain bread in their everyday routines. It has numerous health benefits, like

    1. Improves Digestion:

    Fibre is always good for digestion and promotes healthy digestion. As multi-grain is rich in fibre digestion becomes easier and healthier.

    2. Lowers Cholesterol:

    Our body is composed of both bad cholesterol and good cholesterol. Bad cholesterol can lead to severe health issues. While eating multigrain on regular basis can the cholesterol levels in balance.

    3. Balances Blood Sugar:

    It is also found that multigrain bread aids in treating and preventing type 2 diabetes. The fibre content in it reduces the sugar levels and also helps in preventing it.

    4. Weight loss:

    Multigrain bread's fibre content when eaten keeps our stomach full for a longer period of time and also reduces our appetite which ultimately results in weight loss and weight management.

    5. High in Protein:

    A typical multigrain bread of regular size contains 3.5 grams of protein in each slice. Most bodybuilders prefer multigrain bread as their regular snack for its taste and its protein content.

    6. Overall health:

    Apart from the fibre content and protein, multigrain bread also consists of micronutrients such as iron, magnesium, phosphorus and many more, to keep our body healthy and perform at its best. 

    Multigrain bread calories

    Multi-grain bread is low in calories and other nutrients too, look at the nutrient chart of one slice of multi-grain bread for a clear understanding.


    % Value per regular 26gm slice







    Sodium 99g


    Carbohydrates 11g


    Protein 3.5g




    Is multigrain bread good for weight loss?

    Yes, multigrain bread is good for weight loss. And when compared to all the other bread types multigrain bread is more beneficial in weight loss. It is rich in fibre content, so when consumed keeps your digestion on track, and keeps your stomach filled for a longer period of time. Usually, multigrain bread is taken as a breakfast, snack and workout supplement. When it is taken as breakfast or as a snack, it eliminates your hunger pangs, and decreases the thought of eating something else. Which is very beneficial for keeping your weight in balance.

    Multigrain bread vs brown bread

    Both multigrain bread and brown bread are beneficial to health and have their own uses. If you are looking out for weight loss and workout supplements then multigrain is better recommended because of its protein and fibre content. While Brown bread is recommended when you want to have a healthier lifestyle, strong muscles, proper bowel movements, and load your body with high nutrients as it contains nutrients like B vitamins, zinc, copper, magnesium and many more. 

    Take Away

    Bread has been a staple in the world for thousands of years, because of its easy availability and less cost. There are numerous types of bread available these days, but not every bread can be beneficial like multigrain bread does. Multigrain bread has a lower glycemic index when compared to other bread and thats the reason which made it is special today. Do add multigrain bread to your breakfast routine to keep yourself healthy. Do look out for the correct product with the correct composition while buying, because it is made of several grains and you might be allergic to them.


    Can I eat multigrain bread every day?

    Yes, you can eat multigrain bread every day, as it improves your digestive health. Eating multigrain every day can help lower the risk of heart disease too.

    Is multigrain bread better than roti?

    No, roti is better than multigrain, because roti is much healthier than bread, and roti is rich in fibre which is better recommended for weight loss.

    How many slices of bread a day is OK?

    An average of 8 slices of bread is ok to consume, even though you exceed the limit you can do a workout to balance the calories.


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