What causes large, clogged pores and how to fix it?

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Worried About Clogged Pores? Here is Your Absolute Guide to Fixing them!!

There is no shortage of products on the market today that claim to shrink large pores, but to find the best treatment, it’s important to understand what pores are, how they work, and what can be done to actually reduce the appearance of pores and also unclog them

So we know our pores get clogged. And they get clogged often, And shrinking large pores is one of the most commonly pursued trends out there. But do we know enough about pores to try to fix them?

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What is an open pore?

It’s pretty simple. A pore is a small opening in your skin. And your skin is COVERED in thousands and thousands of pores. Gross? Not really! Most pores fall into one of two categories. A part of our face’s pores is sweat pores. They regulate your body temperature. But the rest are hair follicles! They consist of a tiny hair root and a  sebaceous gland, which is responsible for producing the dreaded (and yet very important) sebum! 

These tiny openings are VERY important in keeping our bodies healthy. Essentially, pores work to transfer sebum from your sebaceous glands to the surface of your skin. Here, the sebum works to moisturize, protect and ‘waterproof’ the largest organ of your body: your skin! They make sure water moving in and out of your skin remains regulated, preventing dehydration and being water-logged. So as much as you hate them for being so visible, pores do a lot for our body. So cut them a little slack!

Why are big pores caused?

Some people have more visible and larger pores on their faces than others, but we all have a LOT of pores! Large pores especially appear around the nose, forehead, and area around our laugh lines. Our age, where we’re at in our hormonal cycle, and our genes all determine how big or small our pores are.

Some people are simply born with a skin type that has large pores. Ageing and weathering also cause our skin to lose elasticity. This can also cause larger or more visible pores on our skin. During hormonal periods, there can be a surge in sebum production, covering our skin in a layer of oil that essentially ‘magnify’ the appearance of our pores.

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There is a list of additional factors, too. The top of that list consists of two things: Sun damage and overwashing. They both dry out your skin, strip your skin of collagen (which keeps skin plump and healthy looking) or trigger excessive oil production. And BAM! You have clogged enlarged pores.

The longer your pores remain clogged and congested, the more likely your pores are to get stretched out and they remain that way!

How do I unclog enlarged pores? 

The pursuit of smoother skin with smaller open pores on the face can be a tricky one. It is important to see what works for you and what doesn’t. While there are hundreds of ‘pore shrinking’ products out there on the market, we hate to break it to you: it isn’t easy. The good news? You can maintain the appearance of your pores by following a few simple tricks and routines. And the right products, of course. And there are very few truly ‘pore shrinking’ products out there for you. We found a good one for you, so read on.

  • You may quickly and temporarily cure your blackheads and whiteheads using nose pore strips. They should only be used once a week, however, since prolonged usage might increase the pores in your nose.
  • The most important thing to reduce the appearance of pores is to keep your skin clean without overwashing and over-drying your complexion. When too much oil is stripped from your skin, the body will only trigger your sebaceous glands to make more sebum to compensate for it. 
  • Invest in good sunscreen. Your skin's collagen damage will be reduced as a result. Why? UV Rays not only cause skin tanning and cancer, but they also actually break down collagen and cause premature ageing. Collagen is what keeps the walls of your pores strong and plump. Without collagen, your pores can sag and look stretched out. In other words, collagen is responsible to prevent large pores.
  • Open pores treatment also includes gentle and regular exfoliation to maintain your pore's tightness. It not only clears dead skin and impurities from your pores, but it also unclogs them and encourages your skin to make more skin cells! And collagen! Exfoliation doesn’t always mean harsh scrubs with grits in them. Don’t shy away from the word ‘chemical’. Chemicals can sometimes be more gentle than physical exfoliants. And they work! Invest in good chemical exfoliants that gently lift away dead skin cells and unclog your pores. 
  • Find the right products; it is important to keep your skin nourished with the right vitamins and hydration. Skin food, if you will.
  • Things like Vitamin C, A and B (Ascorbic Acid, Retinol and Niacinamide) are all GREAT to maintain the overall health of your skin and its pores. 
  • They restore the natural skin barrier, keeping out any impurities that can clog your pores and cause acne and breakouts, while also encouraging collagen production that keeps the pore walls tight and strong!
  • It has all the essential vitamins needed for your skin's health and maintenance all delivered to you in a hydrating, nourishing medium of Aloe Vera. You don't have to spend big bucks on products, as long as you find the right one! And Gloww Serum by Saturn by GHC is by far the most economical and effective product in the Indian market today.


Quick tips to fix open pores:

Follow these tips to fix open pores at home naturally

  • Choosing water-based products. 
  • Washing the face both morning and night. 
  • Choosing gel-based cleansers or open pores face wash.
  • Exfoliating. 
  • Moisturizing daily. 
  • Applying a clay mask. 
  • Always remove makeup at night. 
  • Wearing sunscreen

Take Away

If you invest in the right skincare regime, products and knowledge, keeping your skin looking soft and supple regardless of your skin type is ACHIEVABLE, if not always easy.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Retinol reduce pore size? 

Yes, Retinol can reduce pore size.

2. What shrinks facial pores? 

  • Follow a good skin care regimen
  • Apply sun protection
  • Do a chemical peel
  • Use retinol
  • Try microneedling
  • Consider lasers to shrink pores

3. Can salicylic acid shrink pores?

Yes, salicylic acid can shrink large pores.


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